December 12, 2015: John McLane


Instead of letting me sleep in, my brain decides I need to wake up at eight. I lie in bed for an hour before finally relenting and dragging myself downstairs. I watch TV for a bit before seeing when Charles planned to head to town and if he wanted company. He says he’s about to leave and asks if I wanted to meet at McD’s. I let him know I’ll be up there soon.

I get dressed and head out. A short time and long painful ride later I’m getting in his car and we’re heading off. Our first stop is World Market so he can grab some more goodies, then we head to Memory Lane. While Charles picks up his books I browse around. You’d think as often as I go I’d know everything they have by heart, but every once and a while something will catch my attention. Today it was the eight inch TMNT figure set, mainly the Bebop and Rocksteady. They look damn good and if they were to make a Casey Jones I’d have to grab it.

Before we leave Jake let’s us know about a six year anniversary/christmas shindig on the twenty-third. I may have to hit that up after filming that day. Our last stops are Walmart on the way home and then a British specialty shop. 

After that Charles drops me off and I head home. It’s about noon when I get on the computer to play Fallout and I get so immersed that, other than a quick lunch, I lose all track of time. I go around collecting certain magazines and then help Curie out with her desires.

At midnight I notice how late it is. I find a good place to quit for the night and head to my room. King of the Hill is on, so I use that to fall asleep to.


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