May 29, 2016: New Old Night Vale Opera House


I wake up around seven, seven thirty. Since I agreed to work today, I don’t allow myself to go back to sleep. Instead I re-watch the 2014 Ninja Turtles movie. With time, and knowledge of the bad things, my second viewing is much more enjoyable.

I leave for with at ten, stopping just within Hampstead to get gas and monsters. The shift I was promised was full of deliveries and money made. The shift I worked was anything but what I was promised. I take two deliveries. When Kevin comes in at three I am very ready to head out.

My mom let’s me know that Morgan and Roy are picking Taylor up, so I head straight to the rents house. I spend the rest of the day hanging out and eating with family. It’s a nice change from the beginning of the day. Around eight I take Taylor home.

I get to Clay’s around nine. Chris is back upstairs. Tonight I go to bed watching Cleveland Show.


May 28, 2016: Dark Owl Records


Lazy, lazy, lazy day. I spend the first three quarters of the day on the couch watching Netflix. It isn’t until around five that I make my fish bowl and stay drinking. It doesn’t look good, but it tastes great.

Clay and Calie bought and made an awesome dinner of Steaks, Salmon, baked potatoes, and salads. While they cook and grill, I show David and Alicia how to play Coconuts and we play a few rounds. After diner we play that treasure hunting game that I can’t remember the name of again.

I call it a night around ten or eleven. Tonight I again watch Bob’s Burgers.

May 27, 2016: Bark At The Moon


No new anything this morning, so I first watch the second and third episodes of Wayward Pines. This show is so weird. The poster or promotional image on Hulu promise what could be werewolves. Halfway through the third episode I’m feeling like the promise was a lie, then the Las scene happens. I may get me some werewolves.

Instead of watching more and wanting to skip work, I start streaming Beyond Pod to the TV. I listen to the rest of an Adventure Zone episode I stated yesterday and the first half of the newest Edumacation before it’s time to leave for work.

My shift is lack luster for a Friday. Only a handful of deliveries. I have everything I intend to do in a timely manor. After work I head straight home.

When I get to the house Dean’s girlfriend, Morgan, is there grooming China. I help her hold her still while Robin goes to the store for dinner stuff and cooks. Before she’s done grooming, Dean joins us. We chat on the back porch for a while.

Food and the grooming are done close to the same time. We have burritos and then show those who didn’t play last week how to play Coconuts. Such a simple game in concept, but it’s very hard to get the good at it. When Sean comes over he takes me up to the store to get a drink. By the time we get back Dean and Morgan are gone.

Game night is shorter than normal, because Chris isn’t feeling well. We do get a few rounds of 10″ to kill. By the time we finish Sean is getting the way things works, which is how it was for me the first time too.

Since Calie’s brother is staying over again, Chris sleeps downstairs. In a not very Chris fashion, he doesn’t complain about me sleeping with the TV on. The night ends with Bob’s Burgers.

May 26, 2015: Devil’s Toy Box


Surprisingly I don’t fully wake up when Chris gets up, so I take the chance to sleep in. I wake up at nine and see a text from my mom suggesting a show I had been contemplating anyways. With her saying she thinks I’d like it, I start Wayward Pines. It’s very weird and if you don’t pay attention you could miss something. I like that the cop from iZombie is the sheriff too, even though he’s a dick.

Work proves to be an anxiety filled day for many reasons I’m not going to go into. I’m supposed to be off by four, but instead I end up delivering four more deliveries by five thirty. I would complain, but with only one delivery during the day, I needed it.

I’m home around six and the rest of the day is chill. I just hang out and listen to podcasts  (Hello, from the magic tavern  and Adventure Zone) for a while. We order dinner from Incredible Pizza. I get a steak pie with rustic crust that turns out to be brick oven style and delicious. Johnny gets a large strombolli. It’s literally a large 18″ pizza flooded over and crimped. This place may not be cheap, but it’s worth the price.

After dinner I sit down with Calie, Clay, and Johnny to dive back into 11-22-63. The next episode is really good and a great jumping back on point. When everyone else goes to bed I turn ti Netflix and Bob’s Burgers.

May 25, 2016: Low Fatality Rate Taseings


I wake up around seven. As soon as Clay and Chris leave I put on Hulu and watch the season finale of Flash. There is no way this episode and the launch of Rebirth coincided the way they did by accident. The exact indecent that directly led the events that led to Rebirth is the last minute of the finale. The episode was so good all the way through and then you get to the end and they blow your mind. It’s going to be torture waiting for season three now.

Before leaving for work, I also watch an episode of Key & Peele while finishing yesterday’s journal. Work seems so much slower than it had the day before. I have the same amount of deliveries to do and just as much in store, but it just seems to drag by. I think it’s because of not sleeping till around two or three then coming in an hour early.

After work I meet Sean at Clay’s house. Robin and Johnny are back, so until Sean gets a call from his mom we hang out with Robin and Calie. For dinner we have steaks, cheese fries, and grilled green beans. So delicious. We watch our family dinner night game shows before heading home around nine thirty.

Chris had already brought my bed stuff down, so I just have to push the couch together. I throw on some Bob’s Burgers. Tonight it isn’t to hard for me to fall asleep.

May 24, 2016: Scientists Are Always Fine


Apparently I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and switched over to Futurama, because that’s what I end up waking up to at seven. After a few episodes I switch over to Hulu and watch the new Gotham. Interesting episode, not as strong as some more recent ones though.

The more I watch Gotham, the more I realize I want two other shows that are very different. I want the G.C.P.D. that Gotham was promised as and also a Bloodhaven Prep show that follows Bruce. Actually you could go with a Gotham Academy show. Follow the characters of the comic and maybe have flashbacks to Bruce’s time at the school. Just some things I’d like to see.

After Gotham, I watch episodes of Key & Peele until time to leave for work. Five episodes later I’m out the door and on my way. Work isn’t nearly as busy as Monday. I only take three deliveries and have a normal amount of inside work to do, but at least I didn’t get stiffed on any of my runs.

On my way home I get a text from my mom asking if I want to meet her for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I try and make sure Chris wouldn’t mind me using the truck to go, but he doesn’t respond. Instead I take the truck home and get the Durango.

Dinner is nice. We talk a bit about weekend plans and such. Halfway through Nana joins us. A good night really. When I get home Chris and Clay aren’t even home yet, so chris wouldn’t have had an issue. When they get to the house I confirm with him about the future of no response meaning he isn’t home and therefore doesn’t care.

I hang out at the house watching a little bit of everything on Netflix until about nine thirty. That’s when I head over to Memory lane for the Rebirth Launch party. Jake breaks out Batman Love Letter and I play with a bunch of rotating people  (including Charles and Nathan) for an hour or so, then I go over to the dollar boxes with Nathan. By the end of the night Charles and I have pointed many things out to him and even talked him into starting a box.

At midnight we get Rebirth #1. Before leaving I read just part one and am blown away. Between this and The CW, I’m hooked on Flash. I may pick it up starting with the new issue 1.

From the shop I head back home. I get my bed stuff together and put on Netflix. Tonight I watch Bob’s Burgers until around three before falling asleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

May 23, 2016: Power Rangering Back


I start my day at seven o’clock. First up is new Family Guy. It’s alright, I think that’s about the best I can say about the show with most episodes recently. Just alright. Next up is two new episodes of Bob’s Burgers. They’re both really good. I love that Family Guy made a joke that they’re carrying Bob’s Burgers, when really it feels like it’s the other way around.

The last new episode is Simpsons. Again, just alright, but better than Family Guy. After that Hulu decides I need to watch Key & Peele from the beginning again. I don’t disagree with it. While I watch the first two episodes I also do my best to catch up on journals. While writing I decide to keep it real and put my real feelings out there.

I leave for work at ten and my shift begins as a normal Monday. I get in and find that there is little that needs to be done. After running over to Dollar General for Monsters, I start the day in earnest by filling up the sanitizer buckets and getting the trash ready to go out. That’s when he day gets interesting. Well as interesting as a small town pizza delivery day job can get.

All at once three deliveries come in. Before I can get out the door with the first three, two more come in. I take the first set and come back for the next. No more on the screen so I take the two that are waiting. When I get back there are two more. After that there are no others. I take the down time to get lunch. When I get back in the store with my burrito I see another delivery had come in and is almost out of the oven.

While on the road I scarf down my burrito. Back at the store I have time to put the dishes away and get two of three trash cans out. Then I take two more deliveries back to back. With those done I make some pizza sauce, wash all the dishes. When Trent comes in I take out the last of the trash.

Trent had to leave and I wind up taking another delivery. When all is said and done I end up heading out around five thirty. I had intended to go see my sister and niece, but being that I’m getting off later than expected, I end up heading home.

Chris and I order calzones for dinner from Incredible Pizza. They’re actually really good, but I guess they’re hard to do bad. The rest of the day and night is spent watching Netflix. First up I watch four more episodes of Grounded for Life. Then I put on Bob’s Burgers.

After two episodes I switch over to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I wind up falling asleep to it.

Holy Damn


May 19th was the one year mark. I feel awful that I missed it, though I’m not sure how I would have really celebrated. It is awesome to know I didn’t just give up on this after a week. Sure I’ve hit some rough patches where I don’t post for a bit (sadly the anniversary fell into one of those patches), but that’s life. Sometimes you just aren’t at your best and you don’t want to put that out there. All that matters, at least to me, is that I find your way through the haze and push forward.

Damn, I’m just rambling here. Oh well. One year down! On to the next year, may it only be better.

May 12-21, 2016: Revenant


Anxiety and a lack of drive has caused me to not have the desire to keep up with these. During this time nothing very exciting happened really. My mom and I had lunch and took Caroline to Power of Play. It was fun but it made me more anxious than I feel like it should have. There were some pretty crappy little kids there that were making me want to hit a kid. To many of them kept rushing around Caroline and one little girl in particular was just awful. She literally said “I want her to play with me and she isn’t playing with me and it’s making me upset. I don’t even know why I invited her”. The girl in question? She had down syndrome and just wanted to do her own thing. I don’t like kids, they’re evil and haven’t learned how to be people yet.

On another note, Eric at Memory Lane gave me the promotional poster they got for I Hate Fairyland. Little things like that do help to lift my spirits and it was a bright spot in what I’m going to call a funk.

Meet 22, 2016: Burton Indecent


I wake up at nine and prepare for another day of crashing on the couch. I feel a little better than I had the day before. Sometime around ten Clay announces that he and Calie are going kayaking/stand-up paddle boarding soon and asks if I want to go. I think about declining, but I push past my mind and get up to get ready to go.

We leave around eleven and head over to Calie’s sisters to get the stand-up paddle boards, a gas station and then to Smith Creek Park. It’s probably the nicest park I’ve seen in a while. A little playground, paths to run and an awesome view of the lake. Would be a nice place to just chill out and write.

We carry everything down to the water and I start off with the paddle board. Turns out I have very bad balance. I do manage to stand up though. I’m on my feet for about a minute and acutely standing up for thirty seconds max. Down I go.

I swim back to the dock, paddle in hand. The water is much colder than I expected. Clay and Calie wrangle the board and get it back to the dock. Clay let’s me take the kayak and he gets on the board. Unlike me, he has really good balance. He makes it look natural to be standing on water.

We go all the way out to the far side of the lake and Clay investigates the far point. I was expecting a creek to come off of the lake, but there isn’t. Not sure why they call it Smith Creek Park when it’s actually a lake, but I love the place. All that is left at that point is to head back to the dock. It feels like it takes less time to get back than it did going out.

Around twelve thirty we’re on our way home. I get a shower and then eat the leftover bratwurst burgers from last night for lunch. I again spend the rest of my day watching TV and reading comics, but today my exhaustion comes from actually doing something. I need more adventures like today in my life and more spontaneity.

For dinner Calie makes her own version of Pollo Rosa Maria and it’s delicious. She also gets salad dressing for me and leaves lettuce for me so I can also have a salad. She always goes out of her way to do awesome things for everyone. I really appreciate it.

The rest of my night is spent watching Netflix. I watch a few episodes of Grounded for Life first. I had forgotten how much I loved this show when it first came on. Next up is Clerks. I will never get tired of that movie.

Finally around eleven I put on Bob’s Burgers to fall asleep to. Two hours later I do just that.