April 9, 2016: Corpses Should be Hard to Come By


Not sure what time I actually woke up, but I do know I watched a number of different things on Netflix. Around eleven I head out to meet my mom for lunch. I misunderstood what she had meant and end up sitting in front of La Coasta until almost one. I finish the SMODCAST I had been listening to and switch over to youtube. While I wait I end up listening to the whole Drowning Pool album Sinner. God I missed this music.

Around one my mom arrives and we head in for lunch. Caroline has a new stuffed frog and amusingly her pronunciation of frog comes out fuck. Lunch is great. I haven’t has Pollo Funditto in so long.

After lunch we ride downtown for the Azalea Festival. We make a full round of the street fair and I realize why we haven’t been since I was in the single digits. There are far to many people and not a whole lot that catches my interest. I do find a great company that makes olde style sodas, so there is that.

We head to my Nana’s from there. After a while my mom takes me back to the Green Ranger and I head home to find Sean and Travis in the driveway. They’re changing the brakes in Travis’ car and Clay is putting up some tile in the kitchen. I turn on some Evan’s Blue and reading the back half of the newest Waking Dead trade and the first two issues worth of the first trade of Gotham Academy. I forgot how great of an idea that series really was. I’m going to get in on Next Semester when it starts up.

For dinner we head to Hardee’s. I get a big bag. Easy, cheap, filing dinner. We head back to the house to wait for Sean and Travis to come back, but I’m feeling off and end up being in and out of sleep for the rest of the night.


2 thoughts on “April 9, 2016: Corpses Should be Hard to Come By

  1. Ha! Did you hear your title on “LORE”

    I only found this page because I dongleoided “corpses should be hard to come by” after I heard him say it. I like your thing, keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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