July 3-9, 2017: Maybe We Like Mass Hysteria

On Monday and Tuesday I don’t do a whole lot of anything. Mostly I just catch up with a few of my comics. By a few I mean about fifteen or so. On Wednesday, it’s back to work for three ten hour days. After work Wednesday Sean and I go to taco bell with his mom before going to her house to watch tv. 

Thursday is another long work day that I just sort of crash once I get home. By Friday we’re all but done with the weeks work. We finish with a few hours to spare even. After work I go home with intentions to go to game night, but I’m far more tired than I realized and just go to bed after dinner. 

Saturday starts off by going to pick n pull with Clay. My intention was to get the headlight and grille for the ranger. Clay talks me into getting everything we can, so we leave with the bumper, hood, headlight and the piece that’s behind the headlights and grille. After we get back I head to lunch and a movie with my mom with intentions to switch out the parts with Clay afterwards, but he and Johnny do it while we’re gone. 

Sunday I try a few times to get the right bulbs I need for the truck, but somehow I end up with every bulb but the one I need. I also head downtown to Memory Lane to hang out and get my books. I realize I owe little enough on my layaway of a Harley Quinn statue, so I go ahead and take her home with me. Then back at the house I cook sausage and potatoes for dinner. 


Lilith Dark


So I just found this today. It’s a new miniseries being released by a new company (Alterna comics) that is putting books out in an old school format. Opening this book to find newspaper printed pages took me back to some of the first comics I ever read. Not only is it nostalgic, but it also puts the books at a lower price point. Story wise it was even better than the cover made me hope.

Essentially, without spoiling anything, it’s about a little girl who is a hero and fights beasties. Truly a very fun read and worth seeking out. 

Not every shop is carrying Alterna yet, so set out on a quest of your own for one of their titles!