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August 30, 2015: I’m An Astronaut Killing Machine.


I get up around ten and get ready for the day and my mom picks me up around eleven. We go to Jimbo’s for breakfast before getting a shopping list from my grandad. We back track back to the porter’s neck Walmart to get everything he needs. While there I see a Little People Bambi mini playset. It’s Bambi and Thumper on an icy pond that spins them around. I snag it for Caroline.

After getting everything from Walmart we take the bypass to get to my grandfather’s place downtown. We spend some time visiting with him. With nothing else we need to do in town, my mom gets me home before three.

I watch Akame Ga Kill and Beat Bobby Flay. Both are good episodes. With nothing else on the DVR I watch Guy’s Grocery Games on TV. They’re doing the celebrity chef event and I get to watch Jet Tila compete, but unfortunately he didn’t win.

At some point we head subway to get dinner and as we eat we watch more food network. For the rest if the night I watch Whose Line and adult swim. I’m in my room and asleep before midnight.

August 29, 2015: Unteachable


I wake around nine and no one else is up yet. So I lounge in the couch for some DVR’d goodness. Among the things I watch is Geeks who Drink. It’s a show that combines things I love so it’s pretty cool in my book.

Around eleven or twelve Robin gets up and cooks breakfast. I chat with her for a while then catch up on the last two days journals while I eat.

I grab the truck keys and go check if I made a simple mistake when trying to start the civic. Sadly I did not, but I notice it’s not that it sounds like it’s misfiring so much as it sounds like a murlock. I head back home with sadness in my heart.

I read a few comics, play some Lego Jurassic World and watch TV for the good part of the rest of the day. A little before seven Robin, Johnny and I leave for Clay and Calie’s. I stop at Walmart in Porter’s neck for drinks and candy. About the time I’m drawing near Harley Calie texts me saying she wants a bottle of wine, so I head to the market street Walmart and grab that. Then I finish the trip to their house.

Calie made taco stuff for dinner and it’s awesome. We all eat and talk about the house and what Clay’s done to it and such. After eating we play some Tsuro and Batman Love Letter for a while.

On the way home I stop back by the porter’s neck Walmart for no reason at all. Once home Greg and Chris ask me where the taco stuff was. I feel bad because I thought Robin and Johnny had grabbed it and they thought I had grabbed it.

I’m in my room a little after ten. As per usual I watch adult swim till I fall asleep.

August 28, 2015:Turned to a Life of Crime


The day started off like many Fridays before it. I woke up at seven (after resetting my alarm a couple times), get up at seven thirty, and watch DVR’d shows tool time to leave. I watch Amazing World of Gumball and Impractical Jokers before leaving for work at eight thirty.

I sit in the parking lot reading comics and listening to podcasts until nine. Since no one had shown up yet I run to DG for drinks. As I’m walking in the door I see Clayton. I grab my drinks, get my stuff out of the truck and grad in. Clayton them sends me back over to Dollar General for some tp.

I put the truck away, take the trash out and knock out some pizza sauce early. Good thing too because I get a couple bursts of three deliveries at a time. Notable deliveries include one to my dad and one where I had to take an order of wings to someone who says she had gotten the wrong kind. I had dropped the wings myself and knew I had dropped the right ones, but they had already promised her new wings.

Around three Clayton sent me to the Burrito Shak for lunch for him, Keidra and myself. After lunch I finish putting away the dry dishes and Keidra finishes the pastas I had started earlier. I leave work around four and head home. From there Chris and I head to Clay’s. I text Sean and he joins us. We all head out for dinner and Kyle gets to join us for the first time. We have Arby’s. I get a couple of the new little sliders and they are awesome.

We convoy up to Food Lion for drinks and snacks before heading back to Clay’s house. We have Game night upstairs again because Calie is having her own game night downstairs. She really does hate me.

The first game we play is K2. It is literally a game about climbing a mountain, and it’s surprisingly a fun game despite the concept seeming boring. After that we play a game that I forgot the name of. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once I did I enjoyed it. Sadly is never be able to explain it right. We play a bit of Tsuro before Chris and I call it quits and head to the house.

When we get home we quickly clean the kitchen and I’m in bed by one. I remember turning the TV on, but don’t remember actually watching anything. I was it fast.

August 27, 2015: We’re Going to Take Back Our Free-Dome


I get up at nine and start my day with Married with Children. At ten fifteen I leave for work. The day is stay enough to make me happy.

From work I head into town for fifty cent corn dog day. I stop in at Memory Lane, grab Harley Quinn 18 and head over to movie stop. I sit in the parking lot and write Wednesdays journal in it’s entirety.

With the journal done I head into Movie stop. I know I haven’t been there in a while, but when did they become a hybrid of Hottopic and Suncoast? At this point they have more memorabilia than they do movies.

From there I head over to Sonic to not be joined by anyone. Apparently everyone is to good for Dustin and sonic. Nevertheless I enjoy my Corndogs, tatertots and raspberry coke. I grab a few more corndogs before heading home and giving some to Chris.

Chris and I watch some We Bare Bears and Regular Show. I head to the bedroom at ten. Watch adult swim east and west. Fall asleep around two.

August 26, 2015: Sarge, he says he’s a zombie.


I get up at nine and go watch Married with Children. At ten fifteen I leave for the store. I change out all the spark plugs, go to start the car, and it doesn’t turn over. Instead it sounds like it’s misfiring. Forlorn I head to the front of the store to go in. I do my daily tasks and have very few deliveries.

At some point I run over to the Burrito Shak for lunch. It was delicious as usual. I’m off and on my way home shortly after four. A little after for thirty Sean picks me up and we’re off to Charles’ place to do some videos. Charles does a haul video and a DVD review. I do a comicblock review video to makeup for the Unboxing video that should have never been.

After recording Charles shows us a short that he had reviewed and baffled us with. It was really good and once we saw it we understood what he was saying much better.

From Charles’ apartment we headed up to Sean’s mom’s. She isn’t there yet, so we stay cooking about the tone Wheel of Fortune comes on and pause Jeopardy when it comes on so we can watch while we eat. For dinner we have shake and bake pork chops, mac n cheese and baked beans. It’s crazy delicious.

After food and Trivia we flip to spike and watch cops. Just like last week we lose track of time and end up leaving at ten. Sean takes me back to the house and I crash in the living room to watch the nights DVR offerings. After a new Carbonaro Effect, Tosh.0 and Cutthroat Kitchen I head up to my room. I flip on adult swim at midnight and fall asleep around one.

Jared Leto/Joker/Jason Todd Two


This song is very well done and fun, so I felt it worth sharing. While I’m at it I figured this would be a good place to add more to the Joker/Jason Todd/Jared Leto theory. By this point I’m sure many have seen the comparison of the Robin suit compared to the tattoos. It’s looking more likely that either the theory is true or they are very good at leading the audience in this direction. If the latter is the case, then to what end? 

What would they be hiding by trying to make people belive that Leto is actually pay Jason? Both directions could be very interesting.

August 25, 2015: Trek or Wars?


I get up around seven thirty and watch Married with Children until it’s time to leave. I hit the hut and put the truck away before grabbing the air filter out of the civic and heading out. I hit advance for a new filter, plugs and wires. The wires I want are lost somewhere in the store, so I opt out of them for the time being. As I leave it’s starting to rain.

To pass a bit of time I run to town to get my comics and since lunch. I drive back to the store and eat outside while listening to Tell ’em Steve-Dave. After eating I change it the air filter and go to change the spark plugs only to realize I need a 3/8 wrench and extender, which I don’t have. I head home where I realize I’ve locked the keys to the civic within in.

I text Clay to see if he has a spare, which he does. I meet him at Two Guys in Porter’s neck. From there I hit up Walmart to get a new cable for my phone before heading home due to rain. Futurama is on, so I watch it for a good while before being sent out for Hardee’s. After eating I read since Walking Dead, My Boring Ass Life and Ninja Turtles.

I head to my room around ten and watch cartoon network while pay Lego Jurassic World. Around midnight I turn the game off and just watch Adult Swim until I fall asleep.