December 11, 2015: Ralphie


I get up at seven and get ready for work. Before leaving for work I watch the new Big Bang Theory. It’s definitely the best episode in a while. In fact it was actually pretty fun. At eight fifteen I leave for work and head to Scotchman first for Monsters.

As easy as the truck was last time, today made up for it. The stacking skills were not with this guy. I had to down stack everything to be able to get anything out away. It takes a bit longer than normal, but that’s okay, the rest of the day is really slow. I take a whole three deliveries and make about ten bucks.

After work I head home and hang out until eight. I watch Greg play Path of Exiles for a bit and then go downstairs and watch TV. At eight Chris, Greg and I pile in the green ranger and hit up Hardee’s on the way to Clay’s.

Game night is supposed to start at nine. Clay gets home a little late so we all (Aaron, Alicia, Chris, David, Greg, Kyle, Sean and myself) hang out on the porch for a bit. Through the night we play Resistance and a One Night game that’s sort of a mix between it and Ultimate Werewolf. We Also split into two groups. One group plays Betrayal at the house on Haunted Hill and my group plays the new Pandemic game where the game evolves. It’s so weird to have a game in which you are required to tear up cards and add stickers deciding that it week be harder or literally impossible to do parts of the original game.

Around one we head home. I head straight to my room. Tonight I fall asleep to King of the Hill.


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