June 29, 2016: Dildo Demons


When I wake up, I put on an episode of Power Rangers. Once I’m awake enough to get up and start my day I out on The Amazing World of Gumball and watch the lady five episodes until I’m caught up. Then I move on to start catching up on We Bare Bears.

I’m at work by ten. After putting the truck away and getting ready for the actual work day things get busy. I barley have time to breathe between deliveries for a while, let alone do anything else. Luckily Nathan helps me out with pastas and such. When I do get a break in between runs, I take the trash out and then get dishes started towards the end of the day.

After work I head to the house where Sean picks me up. We go to his mom’s and have hot dogs, cheese fries and beans for dinner. Always a good classic. After dinner we watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Skin Wars. During the latter two I finish Dark Night. It was a tough read at points knowing that it was a true story, but very much worth reading.

Around nine thirty or so we head back to Clay’s house. I put on another Aziz stand-up special before going to bed.


June 28, 2016: Sex Demon Possessed


Just before seven I wake up and rewatch the American Dad episode I feel asleep to. Then it’s time to watch new stuff. First up, new American Dad. As always, good episode and because of it I decide to see if there have been any new episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyways. Next up, the guest episode of Whose Line of the year. The guest is Alonso Ribeiro. Good to see Carlton again.

Following that I watch a bunch of Amazing World of Gumball. Before I leave for work at ten, I finish Sinergy 3. When I get to work by ten thirty, I sit in the car and read the fourth issue and at the end I make a sad discovery. Turns out this series is my “My Name is Earl” of comics. At the end of issue four, instead of a to be continued I find a to be concluded.

Work is different. I don’t have any deliveries until about one and I don’t have a ton to do in store. I deal with trash and dishes first. Then at one I get two deliveries going the opposite directions, but just barley. When I get back there are three more deliveries on screen, all of which are just off of the same road. By two thirty I’m back at the store and the deliveries stop.

I knock out the pastas and inside stuff is straight. My next delivery comes at four thirty, the time I should be leaving, but as usual there isn’t a replacement driver scheduled. So I take I’ve least delivery and get back shortly before Charles comes in. We chat briefly and then I’m off.

I head up to Memory Lane and find Nathan already there. We hang out and chat with Eric and Jake. Today I pick up Dark Night, put Civil War II 1 and 2 in my box and start a layaway for a Mad Love figure and graphic novel set. If you haven’t heard about “Dark Night: A true Batman story” then you should check it out. It’s a story about the night Paul Dini (Writer of a lot of cartoon stuff including Batman the animated series. Father of Harley Quinn) was attacked and left for dead. It gives you a build up of his life to that point and then how he was able to move on afterwards. It’s a very deep story.

At seven I head to the house. Robin made chicken fried chicken for dinner, so I chow down on that and watch the last two episodes of American Dad on Netflix. After American Dad I watch an episode of Archer and then an Aziz Ansari special. To go to sleep I put on Boondocks.

June 27, 2016: Starlight


The seven o’clock alarm goes off and I hit play on the episode of American Dad I fell asleep during. Close to the end of the episode I get up, fix a cup of coffee, and set up to stream some stuff. Before leaving for work I watch four episodes of Simpsons season one and four episodes from the newest season of the Amazing World of Gumball. Just¬† after ten I’m out the door and on my way to work.

At work I do all the things. Take our trash, wash dishes, make pizza sauce, breadstick sauce, and both types of pastas. At the start if the day I read the first issue of Sinergy and I’m hooked. The story is awesome and the art is amazing. Between loads of dishes I also read issue two and start three. I take three deliveries. That fact is made worse by me not leaving till after five. Before I leave I chat with Charles for a bit.

From work, I go to the new disc golf course at the Kiwanis park joined by Nathan. It’s his first time playing and it turns out this isn’t the course to start on, or even the course to ever play again. It’s just a clear cut field with parts cut lower for the holes. If your disc goes if course it ends up being much harder to find than any other course I’ve seen. To make matters worse there are only five holes, but by the time you get to through the fourth hole you’re actually glad there isn’t much more.

From there he follows me out to the Castle Hayne course. The first nine holes take longer than they normally do because we’re behind a group of for guys who are just goofing around and drinking. We are about to leave after the tenth hole since it’s going to be getting pretty dark soon, but the group let’s us go ahead of them. Being able to set our own pace we decide to keep going. Around the fifteenth or sixteenth hole the bugs and light ate getting worse and we almost lace again, but we’re so close to the end that we keep going. On the eighteenth hole both of our discs curve far out to the right and we almost lose them, but luck is with us. All in all it was a fun and exciting twenty-three holes.

From there we part ways. I head up to KFC to grab dinner and head home. I watch American Dad as I easy and then as I go to sleep.

June 26, 2016: 626


When I wake up, I first think I missed my alarm and have a moment of dread. Then once I realize it’s only seven and that the alarm set for the wrong day, I try and watch some Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears, but the network isn’t working right for me. Somehow I am able to get South Park to stream from my phone.

While I’m watching South Park I also finish the second trade of Gotham Academy. I like the way they work villains into the story. It never feels forced out over the top. They just work one in every major arc and it feels fluid.

I leave a little after ten for work. Could have been a worse day. I took four deliveries and did everything in the store. While at work Nana texted me asking if I wanted to come over for dinner, so I head to her house when I get off.

For dinner she made pot roast, Lima beans and corn on the cob. It was delicious. I hang out until around seven, but I have to go home so I can do since laundry before bed.

While I wait for the washing machine and then the drier to finish, I watch some Netflix. After the laundry is dry, I grab my comforter out and hit the couch. I go to sleep to American Dad.

June 25, 2016: Different Things Mean Different Things


I wake up to my phone going off. When I get my eyes and brain on the same page, I see that my Nana called and my mom texted me telling me why she was calling. I call her back and she asks if I want to ride up to Fayetteville with her. With no other plans for the day I day yes. She picks me up around ten and we’re on our way.

On the ride up I read the newest Rocket and Groot and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I also re-read I Hate Fairyland 6. Well, that and chat obviously.

When we get to Fayetteville we stop at Red Robin for lunch. Always good. Then it’s over to the Garner MTN to pick up the gun she had bought over three months ago.

After that we head to a local comic shop I found. The shop was The Dragon’s Lair. It made me much more appreciative of my local shop. The store was maybe twenty feet square. If you had five people in the place at once it would feel crowded. They also had a display shelf of stuff that I couldn’t tell if it was someone’s collection or stuff that was for sell.

From there we head back to Wilmington. On the way back I pay around on my 3DS and read some of Gotham Academy. I get dropped off around four thirty.

Back home I rewatch The Fartist. I really dig it. For dinner, Chris makes breakfast. Then I watch a few episodes of the first season of the Simpsons.

When it comes time for bed I try and watch Netflix, but it says to many people are watching. Instead I watch a couple episodes of Key & Peele.

June 24, 2016: Hogsface


This morning I sleep through my first alarm, so I don’t get up until eight. When I do wake up, I fix a cup of coffee and get started with Adventure Time watching. I even have time for an episode of We Bare Bears before heading off for work.

Today is a bit busier, but because of how dead yesterday was I don’t have very much to do aside from deliveries. Around quarter till five I head out. My first stop is Walmart for beef, taco stiff and soda. While I’m there Chris aka me to get him doughnuts, so my next stop is Krispy Kreme. Then I go around the corner and grab a sippy cup for Sean as a joke.

Back home Robin helps me get since of the stuff in and then starts dinner. Sean and Kyle come over and we chow down. Game night officially starts with everyone else upstairs trying to find something to play.

After a while, Kyle comes downstairs and says they need me upstairs. The reason they need me upstairs is so that we can play Rocket League for an hour. It was fun, but we had a ton of lag for some reason and we were only playing on Lan.

After a while we head downstairs and play Colt Express with one of the expansions. We could have done without the expansion seeing as we didn’t utilize it. It is a neat idea to add a stage coach and horses though.

The second, and final, game of the night is Kemble’s Cascade. I get super tired out of nowhere and am not really feeling the game, which is a shame since I actually like it. Kyle has to leave about halfway through, so we call it a night. I crash out watching American Dad.

June 23, 2016: Pandanomicon


As soon as I wake up I check Hulu for anything new. So first on my viewing list for the day is Wayward Pines. It’s always weird when a show becomes something completely different in the second season. I think I liked season one better, but that’s not to say this season isn’t good, just not AS good.

After Wayward Pines I watch some Adventure Time. After eight episodes, a playlist of Marceline songs, a playlist of Steven Universe Songs, and the the last two issues of the I Hate Fairyland trade I’m on my way to starting the day in earnest.

Work sucks. I have two deliveries all day. Between delivery fees and tips I only make five dollars and a dollar of that came from my friend Steven coming in to get food. By three thirty I have everything done. It’s so slow that Nathan doesn’t need to borrow the I Hate Fairyland trade.

As soon as Mia comes in I head out. I head to the house and wait for Charles to come pick me up for a adventure. When he picks me up we go to Books-A-Million, Cape Fear Games (where I look into a Pathfinder players handbook and get a couple dice), Memory Lane (where I get my books for the week), Gamestop, and MovieStop. Then it’s back to the house.

Johnny is scrolling through the “continue watching” section of Netflix. Turns out he had no idea where the random stuff came from any more than I do, I had thought it was him. For dinner we have some meatloaf, mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes. We watch Futurama while we eat and I continue while I read a few comics.

Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything 4 was pretty good though it says to be concluded instead of continued at the end. I had thought it was going to be six issues. Flash 1 wasn’t as good as Flash Rebirth, but they are using it to build the new story. Harley Quinn was more random than anything. I think they’re tying up loose ends with the last two issues, but it seems random.

Around ten I watch an episode of the Cleveland Show and Archer. Then I switch to American Dad for bed.

June 22, 2016: The Thistle Man


Up at seven, I start my day with Adventure Time. I have so many episodes to catch up on. Between episodes I decide to check out Wynonna Earp, a show I’ve seen advertised on the back of some comics. Not sure which came first, the comic or the show, but it seems to be a mix of things I like. It’s sort of Supernatural meets modern day western. Only thing that scares me is that it’s made by Syfy.

I go back to Adventure Time for a couple more episodes before getting ready for the day. Apparently while I was upstairs I missed a text from Clayton asking me to come in at ten. I get the text at ten.

By ten thirty I’m at work putting the truck away. As soon as we open deliveries start coming in. Is not until three that I end up with time to do anything else. Over all it’s a pretty steady day.

After work I head to the house where Sean picks me up and we head to his mom’s. On the car ride over I read X-Men 92 #4. Apparently Storm is okay with using evil as long as it gets her goals accomplished. Messed up yo.

When we get to the house I read Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #3 while the fries cook. Makes sense that the end of the midpoint would be where everything gets extra crazy.

For dinner we have chicken salad sandwiches and cheese fries. Super delicious. While we eat, we also watch Wheel of Fortune. After dinner we watch Jeopardy and Family Feud. During the commercials, Feud and part of the ride home I read a good portion of the I Hate Fairyland trade. Always good to read.

Back home I start off my night with Brian Posehn: The Fartist. It’s so good. I have some great laughs. For bed tines I watch American Dad.¬†

June 21, 2016: The Howling Man


When I wake up I finish the episode of American Dad that’s playing on Netflix before getting up to put the newest episode on. While I’m up I make a cup of coffee. Good episode, good coffee. Next I watch Preacher. I feel like I’m going to end up reading the comics so that I have a better idea of what’s going on. So far I think Cassidy is my favorite character, but that could be because of Misfits and the fact that he’s a self loathing drug addicted vampire. Two episodes later and I’m caught up on the show and off to work.

I pull into the lot at work, after getting my daily monsters, at ten after ten. With so much time to kill, I finish off Flashpoint Paradox. It’s so damn good. As great as the movie was, the comic is much better. There are also parts that I see were lifted for the episode of the Flash that Kevin Smith directed.

My work shift isn’t that bad. Only problem is that we have a pop of five deliveries that all come in during the stretch of an hour, three of them with fifteen minutes of each other. Other than that it’s standard practice.

Nathan let’s me borrow Batman: Venom. I start reading it during a lull after I’ve got everything done and have no deliveries. Then five o’clock comes and I’m out the door. I head straight to Memory Lane. Today I pick up Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything 3, X-Men 92 4, and a Harley Quinn Kawaii Cube that is just so derpy I can’t resist it. Mainly though I just came to hang out.

At seven I head out. Since no one can be at Tongy’s at seven thirty, I head to the house and hang out. Around eight is back out and to Tongy’s for dinner. Tonight I try the shrimp tacos and they’re really good. The karaoke however, is not.

Back at home I finish off Batman: Venom while watching a Jim Gaffigan stand-up special. It’s a really good story and shows how Bane would end up with the Venom in the first place. After that I put on American Dad and go to bed.

June 20, 2016: Fanged and Impossibly Quick


Today I have another lazy morning. Nothing is coming to mind as to anything to watch, so I keep watching Futurama until nine. Then it hits me that I have more Preacher to check out. I only have time for one episode before I leave for work.

Work sucks. I don’t have much to do at all, but finding out we not only lost a shift leader over the weekend, but also a driver just kills any motivation I had. I really liked them both and finding out the way they each left is pretty upsetting. Plus the driver was my relief for the day, so I end up at the store until six o’clock.

After work I had two options I had been contemplating, but as late as I got off, I just went home. Walking in the door I find Chris watching Futurama, so I join him. During the time he’s downstairs I also read two issues of X-Men ’92 and order a pizza. I think I’m hooked on this X-Men book now. It’s kind of a grown up take on the 90’s cartoon and I dig it. The pizza is really good too.

After I eat, it’s back to the couch. When the last episode of Futurama I was watching ends I switch over to American Dad. And that’s where the story of the first day of summer ends for me.