February 28, 2016: Canadian Jaws – Moosejaws


I don’t wake up until sometime after eight, which is sadly late for me these days. I watch some Futurama on Netflix while, and after, Calie cooks breakfast. We eat at nine. I finish season nine of Futurama around noon.

At twelve thirty my mom picks me up and we head to Texas Roadhouse for lunch with Nana. Since Caroline is sleepy we don’t go anywhere else. I’m home and watching Drawn Together by two fifteen.

A little before four Clay suggests we go play basketball again. We hit the park and play for about an hour, but the sun is in our faces the whole time. When we go home I hang out for a bit before going to Walmart. I get some cream, sugar and a Pepsi. Then I hit best buy to get Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Then it’s back home. I watch a few episodes of Futurama while I play my new game.

I feel like I made the wrong story choice in getting Conquest, but I can get Birthright and the final story cheaper through the game. Game play and story wise I love this game. The graphics outside of battle and cutscenes aren’t good, but I didn’t expect much there.

Around ten thirty I put on the fifth season of The Guild and watch until I get tired. To go to sleep I watch Futurama.


February 27, 2016: The Future is Creepy


The day of the Raleigh adventure colon Pokémon’s twentieth anniversary.

I wake up at seven, get a shower, and start the fourth season of The Guild. I get a text from Charles asking if I’m almost ready to go. He said we were leaving at nine, but he’s already in town. Within fifteen minutes of the text we’re on the road.

We pull into the parking lot of Ultimate comics, realizing it’s the same parking lot as Grand Asian Market, at quarter to ten. UC doesn’t open till ten, so we wait. Life is full if waiting. Did you not know that? What’s wrong with you?

Anyways, the shop is very different than any I’ve been to before. It’s spacious and has a really nice floor plan layout, but in my opinion they aren’t using it to its full potential. As you walk in they have one room that has the counter to the right and a display case full of statues directly to the left. Straight ahead is a room where the new releases and other figures can be found. To the left and back is a hallway that has framed art on the wall and three doors. The first to the left is into the new release room, the next is to a massive storage room and then directly across from that is a room they were using for the liquidation sale. Not an awful store layout, but it felt barren and lacking.

I don’t find much of anything at the sale. I actually gave up after five boxes, but I did grab a Cryptozoicman and a Kazar. After the shop we head over to Grand Asian Market and I get a sprinkle roll for later. Next we hit a Toys ‘R’ Us that’s across the highway. We wander around looking at stuff and I get the free Pokémon cards.

Charles and I grab lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Then we go up to the mall. We hit Barnes and Noble, Disney Store, Lego Store, Best buy and Popalops. I only get candy and a charger cable, Charles gets a record and a couple things from best buy. After that we head back east.

We hit our mall, only because the one in Raleigh didn’t have a hot topic, but our HT didn’t have the exclusive Harley Quinn pop. From there Charles takes me home. I watch some 3rd Rock From the Sun until I get Chinese food. Then Clay, Johnny and I watch Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s exactly what I expected. Not bad, but not great. It does offer some laughs.

After that I try to watch Netflix, but apparently to many people are watching. Instead I stream Drawn Together on Hulu.

February 26, 2016: We Have the Future


I get up and watch two seasons of The Guild before heading to work. Before Mia comes in, I have time to do the Alfredo pasta and take two deliveries. Other than that the day is pretty slow and we manage to get so much done. I have one more delivery before leaving at four.

I head home, stopping only at the kangaroo for a few drinks. For dinner, Robin makes burrito stuff. After eating, Chris, Clay, Robin and I start Gane night with a few rounds of labyrinth.

Greg and Sean show up while we’re trying to learn Dominant species, so we opt to play a few quicker games instead. While Chris and Clay learn two new games, Sean, Greg and I play some Batman Love Letter.

Around that time Kyle shows up, so we play some Fuse next.  It’s a game where you defuse bombs with dice. Not easy. Not particularly fun. Then we switch to Exploding kittens. A very simplistic game where you’re just trying to not get blown up by a kitten.

After Kyle leaves, we find a way to play labyrinth with five players. I finally win a game. Clay comes up with a game where you point at coins and collect them if you are the only one pointing at them. Then you can lose a turn to protect them. Each coin is worth one point, but a full set (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter) is worth ten points. I won another game.

After everyone leaves I push my bed together. To sleep I flip on Netflix. Tonight I watch some Futurama and Cleveland Show.

February 25, 2016: Two Foot Moose


When I wake up and start my day with season four of 3rd Rock From the Sun. I get through six episodes, a cup of coffee, and a shower before it’s close to time to leave. A few minutes before I was going to walk out the door Robin comes in and tells me Chris got a job. I should be happy for him, but this means he’ll be moving away. Who will I argue with now?

Work is dead as fuck. I have no deliveries all day. At four Trent asks if I want to leave, so I bail like I’m on a burning boat. I spend my found time going by British Connection and finding out it’ll be at least a month before she had any Curly Wurlys. From there I head up to Yellow Dog Discs and get my ticket to see mc chris next week.

Then it’s time to head home. I watch four more episodes of 3rd Rock From the Sun and two of Psych. I realize the Guild is on Netflix and is coming down soon. I take the time to at least watch season one. I finish my day off with Cleveland Show.

February 24, 2016: I’m A Professor


When I wake up I start streaming Hulu. I watch the new Flash first. This show just keeps getting better and better. The way they can use characters that have no right to work, but some how manage to be awesome, it’s almost like magic.

Next up is the new iZombie. Very solid episode. It feels like they’ve really gotten a firm grasp on what they want from this show now. I also watch another new Bob’s Burgers before I head out.

Work starts out normal enough, but by eleven thirty the first delivery comes in. And when I get back there’s another. From then it just goes crazy and I’m taking multiple orders different directions. It gets so crazy that Nathan ends up having to get Clayton to get us some help. No sooner do we get a full staff in the store than it dies off. I take one last delivery before calling it a day.

Sean has to cancel for the usual Wednesday plans. I text Charles and let him know my new on the fly plans and he says he’ll meet me. My first stop is Barnes and Noble, but I stop to look at a Honda for sale on the way. Charles shows up about the same time as I do. We head in and browse, I grab a copy of Welcome To Nightvale, and Charles grabs a few blind boxes.

From B&N we walk over to Gamestop. They don’t have any copies of the new Fire Emblem games, so I get nothing, but Charles grabs a few more blind boxes. After he opens them at the truck we part ways. I head over to Memory Lane to grab my books from the last two weeks before heading home.

I walk in to find pizza from work for dinner. I eat some pizza while watching Futurama with Chris. After that I finish off the new Bob’s Burgers and watch two months worth of new Family Guy. To go to sleep I go back to Futurama.

February 23, 2016: I’m Not a Doctor


I get up around seven thirty and watch a bunch of new episodes of Bob’s Burgers. Around nine thirty I head out. My intentions were to stop in at the British Connection and get some Curly Wurlys, but they still aren’t open by the time I get there. Instead I head on to work with no British candy.

Within fifteen minutes of opening I have four deliveries. That sets the beginning of the day off to a weird start, but those are my only deliveries for a while. When I get done with those I’m left with plenty of time for sauces and such as well as grab a potato for lunch.

After work I hit the kangaroo on my way to the house. I grab a few surges and Not your father’s rootbeers. From there I head to the house. Turning onto the road I see Robin and Chris. Robin invites me to join them, so I turn around.

The next stop of the day is shoe carnival for shoes for Johnny. Then we head to ihop for dinner. My country fried steak and seasoned red potatoes are delicious.

From there we head home. I grab one if my rootbeers and sit down to watch TV, but Chris has a new game he thinks I’ll like, so I head up to check it out. It’s Slime Rancher and it looks like the silly cute sort of game is be interested in. I may try it out for my self before it leaves alpha.

After a while I head back downstairs for tv time. I watch the rest of the third season of 3rd Rock From the Sun. I forgot how early Joseph Gordon Levitt had cut his hair. Sad to see such epic hair go. Instead of starting season four, I switch over to Futurama to go to sleep to.

February 20, 2016: The Truth About The Utrom


When I wake up I watch some Psych on Netflix. Always a good way to start my day. Around ten I have to take the rental car back. I’ll miss that thing.

Calie picks me up at enterprise and takes me back to the house. From there I go pick Taylor and her friend Sophia from Jay’s house. We head out to Hampstead via a path through Castle Hayne.

We get to the church place in time to help with last minute decoration and to hang out with Cameron and Parker before everyone shows up.

At two the rest of the family and we all hang out for a good while. We celebrate my mom’s birthday and I think she had a good time. Before we leave, we happen to look at back. Turns out they have a graveyard right beside a playground. In the grave yard they have I giant heart and book on a stump. We spend a bit checking everything out before leaving.

I take Taylor and Sophia to Taylor’s place and head home myself. The rest of my day is just watching Netflix. Literally, I just watch TV and hang out until I go to sleep.

February 22, 2016: Father Blood


As soon as I wake up I grab the laptop and get the new Walking Dead. It’s a great episode, but I feel like they introduced a character in a new way that wasn’t necessary.  That’s not to say it isn’t good, I was just looking forward to the comic book intro.

Next up on my list is the new Comic Book Men. This was a wonderful episode. It shows why the show got created in the first place. You get BQ, TESD and a nice taste of the claymation flick. If you consider yourself an Ant then you need to watch this episode.

After that I watch a few episodes of the Nick Ninja Turtles series before heading to work. As so as I walk into the store there is already a delivery coming out of the oven. Before it’s completely done I get another to the exact same place, so I wait for it before leaving. By the time I get back I have another and it continues for a few more consecutive orders before I get a break to get some dishes and such done. Afterwards I have a couple more deliveries before my day ends.

With my work day done I head to town. Before going home I stop in at Barnes and Noble to see about the 11-22-63 book. I read through the first couple pages and decide to watch the next episode of the miniseries before picking it up. On my way to the truck I call my mom to wish her a happy birthday and chat for a bit. Then I head home to find Smithfield’s for dinner.

When Calie gets home we dive into episode two of 11-22-63. As good as the first part was, this one flows even better. With less set up they are free to just let the story carry on as it will. At this point my decision is cemented on getting the book.

When Clay and Calie go to bed I turn on Netflix. I watch a few episodes of 3rd Rock From the Sun until I get tired. To go to sleep I turn to Family Guy.

February 21, 2016: You Shouldn’t Be Here


I wake up around seven, an hour before my alarm. My day starts with some Psych before I head out. Even though is Sunday I go to work. Clayton needed someone to cover down for him and I needed money. My shift is only three hours, but I have time to get breadstick sauce, pastas and some dishes done between my four deliveries.

After work I head to Castle Hayne to play some disc golf, but they’re having a tournament. Calie let’s me know that they decided on basketball. From there I head back to the neighborhood park.

Basketball actually ends up being fun. I score a few times and my team (Calie, Chris, and Clay) actually win. It was funny to watch David get more competitive as the game went on.

After that we go back to the house. Chris, Clay, David and I try to play GTA2, but the controls are much worse than I remember. For dinner, Chris and I, have Chinese.

Afterwards everyone in the house, minus Chris, watch the first episode of 11-22-63 on Hulu. I’m normally not interested in anything to do with history, but this is a very neat take. I’m thinking about picking up the book.

When that’s over I switch to Netflix and watch a few episodes of Family guy. To go to sleep I turn to The Cleveland Show.

February 18, 2016: Life and Death are a Seamless Continuum


I start my morning with My Name is Earl before work. Clayton needed me to come in early to help him set up, so I leave a little after nine. On the way in a stop at the Speedway  (formerly Hess) for gas and monsters. They’re under construction and have very little in stock so I don’t get monsters.

At work I help get the store ready to go before running over to Dollar general to get monsters. My work day is slow, but that gives me time to get everything done with a little extra to help Clayton. I leave around four thirty and watch more Earl. I go to sleep to the Cleveland Show. Really slow day to start the journal back up with, but I needed to start somewhere.