July 30, 2015: Magic and Jokes


I get up around seven thirty and watch The Carbonaro Effect. It’s a magic hidden camera show. I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not, but I’m glad I have it a shot. It’s actually pretty funny and I love how dumb people can make themselves look.

Clayton texts me to have me come in at ten. I finish what I’m watching and get ready to go. When I get there he’s actually out at the bank when I get there. When he gets back we have donuts and I start the day.

I keep going all day, but manage to get everything I need to done. I hang out after work for a while. I decide to get Hardee’s for dinner. Clayton and Charles have me grab them something while I’m there. I grab the food and actually eat mine there.

I head home around five thirty and watch some TV. I start watching Impractical Jokers as they start recording. I watch a few more episodes of The Carbonaro Effect as well. I end up going up to bed around one.


July 29, 2015: Potato Boats


I get up at eight and turn on married with children. I do the daily tournaments in Fossil Fighter Frontier before I head out for the day.

I have a pretty normal day at work. Six deliveries and no overheating car. Sean picks me up at four and we head to Charles’ place to film a lootcrate Unboxing video. It’s actually a decent crate.

After filming we head to Sean’s mom’s for dinner. She makes potato boats. I’ve never had this before, but now that I have I’m hooked. It was so good!

While we eat we watch wheel of fortune and then jeopardy afterwards. At eight we head outside to fix a couple things on his mom’s new car. Then we wait for his sister to come home and not tell us what we’re cooking next week.

Street that we head to Lowe’s Foods before I get dropped back off at the hut. I’m home and in bed before eleven. 

(This journal is the most rushed one yet! Enjoy!)

July 28, 2015: Thermo


I get up at seven thirty and watch Married with Children till Kimmie picks me up. We head to the hut and I check the truck order to make sure everything is there before running over to Dollar General for a Monster. I have the trick put away before ten thirty and start to walk home.

Morgan messages me telling me she will give me a ride home, so I stop at McDonald’s. I play on my 3DS still she gets there. She has me home much quicker than if I had walled.

When I get to the house I watch TV with Chris till about one. About that time I take the truck to the Rocky Point Advance to get the thermostat. While I’m out that way I have to go to Paul’s Place for some dogs and fries.

I eat my lunch in the parking lot and listen to Jay and Silent Bob get old. After I’m done eating I head back home. I watch a quick video on how to change the Thermostat before getting to it. It doesn’t take me very long to finish and fill her up with water. I give her a test drive and all seems well.

With that since I watch TV, Greg paying Smite and read Walking Dead fit the rest of the day. I have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner and am in bed by ten. I fall asleep somewhere around one.

July 27, 2015: Jokers


I get up around seven and watch a lot if stuff on the DVR. Simpsons is first followed by Cutthroat Kitchen. The last thing DVRed is the season premier of Rick and Morty. It’s a good start to get the season going.

I leave for work at ten thirty. I go by Hess first and grab monsters. I’m at the hut by ten forty. I have three deliveries come in all going the same way. As soon as I get back there are two more going the other way. In my way to the first one I notice the civic is over heating, but luckily the delivery is at the next place to pull off the road anyways.

I call Clayton and let him know that I need someone to come in immediately and where I am so the other order can be picked up. I run up to the Country Store and grab a few gallons of water and head back to wait for the car to cool down.

Clayton swings by and grabs the order from me. While I wait I play Fossil Fighter Frontier. About one thirty I feel the car is cook enough and open the radiator to see it actually doesn’t need much water. Turns out the max line on the reservoir is actually at the bottom and it’s supposed to look empty.

I head back to the store and the hear starts to rise again. Hopefully all it needs is a new thermostat. I get myself off the road and clock out before running up to the CVS to get a prescription for Robin, then head home.

I mainly play on my 3DS and watch Chris, Collin, Greg and Sean play Ghost Recon until I make some pancakes for dinner. Clay comes over and plays drums. I go back to watch the guys finally finish the hell that was released and called a game. After they finish we all go downstairs, apparently just as Clay leaves, they eat and I watch stuff on the DVR.

First up is Teen Titans Go. Chris joins me and we watch the first episodes of We Bare Bears. It looks like it’ll be a fun, but silly show. I think I’m going to enjoy it.

I also notice we have TruTV and set the DVR to record Impractical Jokers. I watch the three episodes that record today as they finish recording. I’ve been trying to find this show for a while now.  It’s nice to be able to watch Q’s show.

After the third episode I head up to my room and turn on adult swim. I get on the computer and start working on my podcast list. After I finish and have it set up to post, I crash on the bed. At eleven I flip over to cartoon network west and watch King of the Hill and The Cleveland Show till I fall asleep around one.

July 26, 2015: Who Needs A Title?


I woke up around eight and watch the end of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Over all is bit a great movie, but was still fun. After the movie I watch TV till eleven thirty when I head up the road to meet my mom.

Our first stop for the day is Sam’s Club. There’s nothing like going back to remind you why you were so happy the day you got fired. While we’re there we get up with Taylor. We go pick her up and head to Applebee’s for lunch.

Next we go to Target. Taylor gets stuff to make her roommate a gluten free birthday cake. I get a Splatoon water gun. I also see some cake mix and such that I intend to come back for sometime during the week.

After Target we take Taylor back home before going to Costco. We get in and out. Then it’s back to Hampstead and back to the house. I go back to my rotation from the day before. I play Fossil Fighter Frontier and read The Walking Dead while watching the Smite tournament with Greg.

I finish TPB eighteen before going to bed around ten. I watch Adult Swim until I pass out.

July 25, 2015: Zombies, Dinosaurs and Giant Spiders


Not sure exactly when I got up, let’s call it eleven, but I watched tv for a while. Around noon I made myself a bologna and cheese sandwich on one of the awesome onion buns I got from Sean’s mom. After that I lose track of time.

I go back and forth between Fossil Fighter Frontier and The Walking Dead TPB 18. I have to say, as much as I hate Negan, he’s written so well that he’s a captivating character to read. Add to that Carl making awful choices and it becomes hard to put the book down.

Some how I manage. I’m trying to savor what I have as long as I can. At this point there are only four more trades out. From there I’ll be reading issues as they come out. For those of you that don’t read comics, think of it like waiting for the next season of a show that you just binge watched to start. Note image you only get one episode a month from that point on. That’s where I’m about to be.

Sometime during the day I migrate up to Greg’s room and watch Smite matches with him while continuing my reading and playing.  Around five we head to the kitchen and Greg cooks me up done eggs and I make myself an egg sandwich in the last of the buns. He also makes himself some amazing looking eggs. After we eat, we both head back to his room and check out the WatchMojo top ten skaters video. It’s not a bad list, not sure if I’d put Tony Hawk in the top spot, but I agreed with sine of the others.

Around ten I head back to the living room to watch TV. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas comes on and I set it to record. Instead of getting up and going to bed I choose to stay and watch it. Luckily I set it to record because I feel asleep during the commercial break with twenty minutes to go.

New 3DS XL – First Impressions


This is just my quick thoughts. Only having the newest version of 3DS for about half a day, there isn’t a whole lot to say yet, but I like the fact that it has a way to keep itself from scratching the top screen. That was always something that bothered me about the original small version.

The double cameras for face tracking makes the 3D much better. It hasn’t given me a headache as of yet. The bigger screen is also a big bonus. I thought I was happy with my little screens until I got to mess with Charles’ system a few days ago.

So far I don’t believe I’ll get much, if any, use out of the Z buttons or the joystick nub. I know they were a selling point for some people, but for me they’re more of a nice little bonus.

Overall I’m very happy.