Things that can be expected in journals posted in September…

In my journals for this month I’ll be adding a few things to try to keep me going.

Hopefully these challenges will make it a bit more interesting and keep me steady with posting. The song challenge may get it’s own daily post. We’ll see.


August 30, 2017: Our Lawyers Are Ghosts

Work is pretty normal, albeit a day behind. By clock out time we’ve gotten as far as we would get on a Tuesday. After work I head home and just sort of zone out until Sean comes to pick me up.

We head over to his mom’s house and grill some pork chops and green beans as well as make some Mac n cheese. To be honest, Sean did everything while I hung out and drew. While we eat we watch Wheel of Fortune. After dinner we watch Jeopardy and Family Feud before heading back to my house.

August 28, 2017: Pickled Memories

Monday was a pretty normal day at work. I went in, slung a weed eater for eight hours and then left. Instead of going straight to the house I met Kyle and Maria at the DMV. You see, I’m buying his old car and we were transferring the title over. We had tried Friday only to realize Maria was also on the title.

It took some time, both waiting and then transferring the title, but by the time we left the Jelly Bean (that’s what they’ve always called it) was in my name. From there we went by the house to drop off the Durango and then to their house to get the little Yaris.

I went home driving my car. My car.

Around six I went out to my parents house and showed my car to my mom. Then back home to wait for the next day.

August 29, 2017: Livin My Life On The Red Carpet

I get up and go to work. It’s raining, so an hour in I get sent home. Before heading to the house I swing by the library to drop some books off.

Back at the house I push through a bunch of sketches I have left for a challenge so that I only have two left. Some are sloppier than others, but I’m actually proud of a few and really proud of the idea I had for six of them.

After that I head out for an hour/3 mile walk. While I’m out I listen to some podcasts and Zombies Run. I relax for a while at the house before going back out and doing it all again. Six miles feels pretty good.

For the rest of the day I just relax. I head to my room around eight.

August 18, 2017: Memories Diced Up Like Apples

I start my day with the sunrise by taking hedgers to the bushes outside the Northgate. I push myself more than I should have, but by break they’re all done. After break, Randy and I take the big sprayer and hit the concrete walls around one of the lagoons and a few other areas with weed killer. We spend the rest of the day spraying.

After work I chill out at home until time for dinner and then game night after that. We (Chris, Clay, Sean and myself) start off with the Pathfinder card game. About the time we get it figured out Kyle arrives. I talk to him a little about plans to buy his car before we all start the next game. That game is Kemet. It’s sort of a worker placement game based on Egyptian mythology. My only goal was to get the sphyx (beast) and the sphyx (location). In doing so I set myself up to be close to a win. So I gave it my all and took advantage of some easy points to finish on top. And then I went home and to bed.

August 15-17, 2017: I Can’t Down My Demons, They Know How To Swim

Tuesday- I head to the back of the plant and weed eat some flower beds and around a ramp. Then I spray poison to kill the weeds off.

Wednesday- I go back to the same area and start weed eating my way up through the plant. I make it halfway through before the end of the day.

Thursday- I mow half the part of the plant that’s left. I also helped with another set up. Around one it started raining or I would have kept mowing.

August 13, 2017: I Know He Knows My Name Probably

On Sunday I went up to Fayetteville with my mom, Nana and Caroline to visit Taylor. We had lunch at dinner restaurant that’s supposed to be pretty good. The food was good, but it took about an hour to get it.

After lunch we went to the mall and roamed around. We found a Build-A-Bear and made one for Caroline it took everything I had to resist the Toothless, Rocket and Eevee. At six we were back on the road home.

August 11, 2017: Tastes Like Radioactive Urine

Reggie has the day off, so I go around all day checking the recycling cans and such. Early in the morning I run into someone who got hired in when I did and we chat for a moment. He’s got me considering moving to night crew in air craft of a position opens up.

After work I head to the comic shop to hang out for a bit and pick up some of my books. Then I head to Walmart before going home and finding out they need me to go to Walmart.

Game night is good this week. We play a few new games that I can’t remember right now as well as Ticket to Ride with the with and dinosaur add on. They can be fun or very annoying. If you aren’t paying attention they can hurt you bad. But like I said, good game night.