December 13, 2015: Clark Griswold


I’m not sure exactly when I woke up, but I don’t get up until eleven. At which time I head to the kitchen and make myself some eggs and coffee. While I eat I watch SNL and the part of the Simpsons that isn’t Sportsball. While I’m watching TV Morgan texts and asks if I can help her and Roy move a washer and drier later. In the meantime Chris has been making peanut butter cookies and keeps coming in asking if I know where things are.

Despite not having a few things and having to find replacements, they actually turn out great. After he’s done baking we do a trash run. When we get back I have him help me push Claudia  (my broken Camry Wagon) up towards the tree line so I can park behind her with Silverbolt. While we’re at it, we go ahead and start filling the hole right behind the spot so that I don’t bottom out every time I leave our get home.

From then until Morgan let’s me know they’re on the way I head into the living room and just watch TV. I get the text around four and head over to the rents to help. When I get there my mom is finishing some last minute laundry with the washer and drier we are moving. We hang out at the house while it finishes and aren’t on our way until after six.

I remember, when I was younger, moving these things was much harder than it was today. I could have carried the drier around by myself if I really needed to.

In the way over we stop at the gas station so I can grab some Monsters. We get to Morgan and Roy’s house a bit after seven and it takes hardly any time to get the appliances inside. Since I’m out that way, I hit Jade Garden for dinner before taking my dad’s truck back to him and heading home. By the time I get home Robin is not only home, but had already gone to bed.

I eat my Chinese in Greg’s room while watching him play Path of Exile with Chris. I leave the room for a bit too go put in a load of laundry and grab my comics. Other than that, I hang out listen to music, watching the game play and reading comics until quarter till eleven.

Before bed I go downstairs to switch my clothes over to the drier, but the powder soap is still not all dissolved off things. I think it’s because I pushed them down in to tight and the soap was between loads, so I fix these things and head up to my room. I watch King of the Hill, Cleveland Show and Family Guy until I fall asleep.


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