January 22, 2016: Dog Park


I get up around seven and watch a little Netflix before heading out at eight thirty. I decide to check out Welcome to Nightvale and fall in love. Everything about it is very me. It’s just random and bizarre enough that I can’t stop listening. I can’t recommend it enough if you like weird stuff.

The truck goes smoothly and Clayton and I have an early lunch before the area coach comes in. Once she does I have an early burst of deliveries that die out around one and it never picks back up.

By three pretty much everything is done and from that point on I feel like me bring there is pointless. By four there are two more drivers, but I don’t leave until four thirty. I don’t hate the extra hours, but it got kind of boring.

I grab some drinks and candy from Walmart on my way home. Chris, Clay and I are joined by Greg and Sean for game night. Overall it’s a good game night. It ends with Batman Love Letter which is always great. I fall asleep watching Netflix.


January 30, 2016: Cereal Killer


I’m up at six thirty. I don’t need to be up, but I am. I spend my morning folding clothes and watching the Cleveland Show. By eight I’m out he door and on my way to Hampstead. I stop at McDonald’s for breakfast and get to my mom’s as she’s about to head out. Before she goes she gives me grandaddies sharpening stone and two of his knives. I opt to go straight to the cemetery while she heads to the store.

The ceremony is short and small. It’s something I think he would have wanted. I don’t think I’ll ever not miss him.

Afterwards Taylor, Jay and I go to Memory Lane for the sidewalk sale. When I pull up Charles is still there. I get a bag for me and one for Taylor. I get a bunch of Marvel Now Wolverine  (1-8) and X-men  (2-4) along with some older stuff. I also grab two Lil Sonja’s for Taylor as well as let her finish filing my bag since she had already over packed her bag.

From the shop Taylor and Jay head downtown for lunch and I stop in at Paper Crane for some Garlic Chicken that I take to the house. I eat half and give the rest to Chris. While eating we talk about Ark and how he’d like us to be able to play together. He starts looking to see if he can find it cheap. Humble had it for eighteen bucks. We give Clay the money and he uses his PayPal to buy it.

Now I officially own it myself. The rest of the day and night is spent playing. I may take the time to write Lyle stories for my character sometime in the near future. I really do dig this game and for once playing with others doesn’t take away from it for me.

Around ten I log off and lie down. I spend the night watching the Cleveland Show until I fall asleep.

January 29, 2016: I Want to be the Murderer


I wake up at six thirty and flip on since Netflix. I get a couple episodes of Psych in before jetting off to work. The truck is simple enough and the day goes a lot like Thursday. I have two big bursts of deliveries with a short lull in between in which I have myself a shak’d potato.

After work I head to Walmart for drinks and then home. Robin cooked tacos for dinner. For some reasons my feels start getting to me and I head out for ice cream. I grab myself a couple of the little kids Dino sundaes and a banana split for Clay from Bruster’s. When I get back to the house Chris, Clay, Johnny, Robin and Sean are playing Batman Love Letter. I jump in and we go at least ten more rounds.

Alicia and David show up in time for the last round. After that Johnny and Robin head off to bed and Calie heads out to a brewery or bar nearby. The rest of us start playing Jet Set. It’s similar to Ticket To Ride so I should enjoy it, but for some reason I’m just not feeling it. Kyle cones in during the middle of the game but refuses to take my spot.  Even though my heart wasn’t in the game I still managed to win.

Next up we play Betrayal – Murder in Hong Kong. It’s fun as it was last time. David really enjoys making up crazy stories that involve every card someone has. I end up being the murderer two times.

After that everyone heads out for the night. I hit the couch and watch some family guy. I have an early morning ahead of me.

January 28, 2016: I Was Supposed To Be That Goat


I wake up at quarter to seven and can’t go back to sleep. Instead I watch a few hours of Psych. In between episodes I extend my application to Brunswick and Pender counties.

I leave for work at ten twenty something and am early for the first shift in a while. The work day starts off steady and died off between two and four. It allowed for me to get sauces and such caught up before getting five deliveries at once.

After work I grab a brownie and head up to Tosha’s to trade it for a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf. From there I head straight up to Jake’s and get the few books in my box for the week. Jake gives me a Pop! Harley Quinn pin that had been sent to the shop. Before I leave Ben tells me about the sidewalk sale in Saturday. On my way out Jake stops me to see how I’m doing. Things like this are what show me that these guys and this shop are about far more than commerce, it’s about the community and friends.

When I get home there are some open face cheeseburgers for dinner. After eating we play Don’t Starve Together for a while. Around ten or so I call it quits and retire to the couch to watch Family Guy on Netflix till I fall asleep.

January 27, 2016: Talking About Nuclear Weapons


I wake up as Calie leaves and instead of trying to go back to sleep I turn the TV on and stay my morning with Clerks. When Clay and Johnny leave I get up and get a cup of coffee. I play a bit of Ark while I finish the movie.

Before I start on journals I text Calie to get a site she had told me to apply on. While I’m writing out journals for the last few days, I watch My Name is Earl. After I’m caught up with my journals I get back on the computer and apply for janitor positions in New Hanover county. When that’s submitted I talk to Robin for a bit before noticing that it’s ten till eleven.

I hurry to work but get there late. For my first day back it isn’t to bad. I have four deliveries throughout the day. Other than that I really only need to make some pastas, take out the trash and keep up with the dishes.

At five Sean picks me up and we hard over to Charles’ place. He has a Gamestop Funko box from black Friday to unbox. It’s pretty lackluster. Next up I unbox the free Lootcrate that Sean has. The theme is invasion and the contents are the best I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll post the video up here as soon as Sean uploads it.

When we’re done with the Unboxing videos we head over to Sean’s mom’s. We cook curry for dinner. I was worried it wasn’t going to be good based on the sheer amount of food vs the one box of golden curry, but it turns out pretty good.

Wheel of Fortune was a petty lame episode. It was a high school best friends episode and all the puzzles were based on such. Jeopardy however was a pretty standard episode. Only problem there was that a contestant filled in the blanks of a question instead of saying he word and they didn’t give it to him.

Sean and I head out at nine. We stop at Lowe’s before he takes me to the car. I had intended to go to Walmart, but ended up stopping at the gas station instead. I’m home around ten. I watch a few episodes of the Cleveland Show before switching to Family Guy to fall asleep to.

January 26, 2016: Stole a Badge From a Police Officer


I sleep in again last everyone leaving. Because I’m using Chris’ laptop, and Chris has Ark, I have access to Ark. Chris has to authorize me to be able to play on my steam account, but after that it’s smooth sailing. I’ve never realized how much I like survival games.

I slowly get he hang of the mechanics and leading what things I need to build. Before to long I’ve built myself a little a little house and am comfortably clearing the nearby land. I kill a few dinosaurs (and get killed by a few) and cook the meat. Overall I think this is a game I need to get.

At since point Greg comes over. I split leftover spaghetti with him. Somehow it’s better now than it was when it was fresh. We hang out for a while and I keep playing Ark.

Around three Mike comes over and Chris, Greg and I ride up to Walmart with him. I find some purple basketball shorts, but decide to get them later. Mike grabs them saying he needs shorts. He gets new work clothes and I get a Dr. Pepper. After Walmart we head over to J. Michael’s for lunch.

After lunch Mike takes us back to the house and gives me the shorts. I thank him and tell him to come back for game night. He leaves saying maybe. It’d be great if he did, but he’s always to tired by the end of the week.

I log back into ark, but soon I find out that if Chris is on steam I can’t play his games. Instead I download and play Undertale until dinner. I really want to play without fighting anything. It’s probably going to be very difficult.

For dinner Robin makes biscuits and gravy. While eating I switch on My Name is Earl. After dinner Chris, Clay and I go back to Don’t Starve Together. Tonight were joined by Johnny. We’re all doing well until winter starts and a fire wolf destroys our camp. Chris starts to get it built back up, but gets attacked by Deerclops. Looks like we’ll be starting over from scratch next time.

After games Clay comes downstairs and the two of us watch a couple episodes of Misfits before he goes to bed. At that point I switch to Bob’s Burgers and watch till I fall asleep.

January 25, 2016: Spittin Cyanide


I sleep in since I didn’t sleep very well. When I wake up I start the day with some Welcome To Nightvale. I sit around the house talking to Robin and Chris until about eleven. At that point I go get a drink from Walmart before heading up to Fort Fisher.

My grandad was always interested in the Civil War and had taken me to a few battlegrounds. Since it was close, Fort Fisher was visited the most often. It felt right to go out and just sit and think. I’m really going to miss that man.

I’m back at the house around three. Chris let’s me bring his laptop downstairs to play games. I spend a while in the wastelands of Fallout 4. On days like these it’s nice to be able to just explore a game.

Sometime around six Calie, Clay, Johnny, Robin and I head to Halligan’s for half price burgers. The food is great, but we ended up with a server who spent more time talking to other employees and dining his own drink than checking on ours. He made what could have been a nice dinner into something angering.

When we finally get back to the house Clay and I join Chris and Bucky in Don’t Starve Together. Someone had made Annie  (from league of legends) a playable character, so that’s who I played. While playing I listen to more Nightvale. I play for a couple hours until I start lagging.

After games I grab my bed stuff and retire to the couch. I watch a few episodes of My Name is Earl until I start getting tired. At that point I switch over to Bob’s burgers till I fall asleep.

January 24, 2016: Terminal Summer Camp


I wake up at seven and try to go back to sleep for an hour. By eight I give up and go up and turn the TV on. I start off my day with an episode of X Files before switching over to American Dad and finish off what Netflix has available. After that I watch a couple episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

Before I leave for the day I also watch an episode of Rugrats on Hulu. At noon I head over to Taylor’s house to have her get ready and listen to Welcome to Nightvale on the way. We hang out and chat until almost one. At that point we head to Mayfair with my mom and Caroline.

For lunch we have lunch at Red Robin. I got the new Southern Charm burger, which is like an upscale version of the whisky river bbq burger and quite delicious. We follow up lunch with Coldstone. Then we stop at Bojangles for a surprise lunch for my grandfather. What happened next was something I’ve been dreading for a long time.

My mom had been trying to call my grandad all day and when we arrived he wasn’t answering the door call system. Someone coming out let us in based on our worry that something was wrong. After he didn’t answer the door my mom had to call the police for a wellness check. At that point she sent Taylor and me to Morgan’s to take Caroline home.

At three we found out that my grandfather was no longer with us. Only three days ago I had been talking to Sean about an idea I had to get a laptop and some recording equipment to sit down with my grandad (among others) and just recording conversations and having him tell me stories from his life. I’ll never get that chance now. I waited to long and lost my chance to have his voice and stories. If you have anything you want to do with anyone in your life, but don’t have the time, make the time.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by and stand still at the same time. I desperately wanted to get drunk and numb, but ABC is closed on Sunday. It’s probably for the best. Instead I went home and ordered Chinese food. I didn’t the rest of my night with friends and watching TV. I fell asleep earlier than usual while watching family guy on Netflix. RIP Granddaddy.

January 21, 2016: Nightvale


From the time I wake up until I head out to work I watch Psych on Netflix. On the way to work I stop in at Walmart for drinks. Work is another busy day of back to back deliveries.

While listening to an early 2014 episode of Tell ’em Steve-Dave I take note of BQ mentioning a podcast called Welcome to Nightvale. It’s a need cast from a town where bizarre things happen. The concept sounds interesting to me so I plan to check it out.

After work I stop in at Memory lane to pick up my weekly books. I hang out and chat with Ben and Jason for a while before heading home. I watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia while I wait for Sean to get back into town. I get through an episode and a half before he comes over.

We head to Mayfair and hit Barnes and Noble. I get the newest Mercy Thompson book and a MMPR blind box. I didn’t even see the price on the figure or I wouldn’t have got it, but it turns I got the black ranger that’s going for fifty-five bucks on eBay. After B&N we head over to Which wich for dinner before heading back to the house.

I watch the rest of Always Sunny that Netflix has to offer. For the rest of the night I watch Bob’s Burgers and American Dad. I fall asleep to the latter.

January 23, 2016: Don’t Starve


I wake up around nine. I spend most of the morning watching Netflix, reading comics and eating breakfast that Calie cooked for everyone. Sometime after noon Clay asks if I want to play don’t starve. He sets me up on Calie’s laptop and sends the game to my steam.

Holy hell! This game looked pretty difficult, but when you add three more players and no extras of any kind it gets ridiculous. We make it fourteen days before stopping for a while. When we go down stairs Calie had made some spaghetti with sausages. It was quite delicious.

Clay and I watch two episodes of Misfits before Chris is ready to go to best buy. The three of us pile into Clay’s truck and head up the road. Chris gets a new hard drive and I get my street passes. Then we head back home where I watch some more stiff on Netflix while Chris gets his computer set back up.

When he’s done I go back upstairs and play more don’t starve. Chris set it up to have more food, but we also ended up with a lot more monsters. I don’t make it as long this time. I died more times than I’d like to admit and the constant rain kept me from staying sane. After gaming I head downstairs and watch American Dad until I fall asleep.