October 24, 2016: Danger Slinky 

I sleep much later than usual due to a tooth ache during the night. Before work I watch a little Netflix. Work is slow as can be. I have two deliveries all day. 

After work I go home and just relax. I read a few more comics. I also cook some perogies and watch some Buffy. 


October 23, 2016: Adventure Sense 

Very relaxed day. I read some comics abs watched some TV. Then I go have lunch and go to a Halloween thing with my mom, Taylor and Caroline. Afterwards it’s back to the house for more of the same. Super chill. 

Then I watched the Walking Dead season premiere. This is going to have some spoilers, but I have feels. They take a minute to get in to the scene everyone’s been waiting for and when it happens they show Abraham get the bat. At this point I let my guard down and they got me. 

When Daryl jumps up and hits Negan I knew something bad was coming. To punish them for Daryl, Negan goes back at it with the bat and it’s straight out of the comic. Glenn is my favorite and because of Daryl he’s gone now. So bloody, but I’m glad they at least kept something true to the comics… I guess? 

October 22, 2016: Risk My Life

From the time I wake up until two in the afternoon is all out nerd time. I finish the last of Luke Cage, watch some other random Netflix stuff and read through a lot of my comic book backlog. 

Luke Cage is really good, it’s not my favorite thing Marvel has done, but I’ve also never read much about Powerman. It’s going to sound messed up, but I’m a little disappointed they didn’t take Musty’s arm. 

At two I head out for a two hour bike ride. I get seventeen miles in as well as some Pretend Wizards and Bored With Life. 

When I get back home I lounge on the couch and go back to Netflix. It isn’t long before I’m out. After a long bike ride, an hour long nap felt pretty good. 

For dinner we have Chinese. I’m up till one or so watching TV. Good day. Good night. 

October 18-21, 2016: Has Hinges

Tuesday – Start the day with an early bike ride. Work is another slow day. After work I hit the comic shop. Then it’s back home to watch TV. 

Wednesday – I skip the morning ride thinking about going for a long ride after work. As far as work itself I have another slow day. After work I help with the deck instead of the bike ride. 

Thursday – Early bike ride. A bit more business at work. Afterwards I ride my bike from the house over to ogden park. I get twelve miles in before it starts getting dark and I head home. The final mile count is just over thirteen miles in an hour and a half. 

Friday – No pre-work bike ride. Steadyish day of work. No post-work bike ride. Mini game night where we play Roll Player. Pretty fun little game about making a character. After that we go to Kyle’s to help unload stuff then back to the house. Between my stomach and tooth, game night is over for me. 

October 17, 2016: I’m the Backup

I start this Monday with some Ninja Turtles followed by a bike ride around the hood. Once I’m back home I watch the first episode of season three of the Flash. I love the idea of Flashpoint, but for the show it feels really weird. 

Work is really slow. Kids are back in school and business died. After work I get another ride in. 

October 8&9, 2016: Circus Murder

Saturday Matthew came in. Most of the day was spent hanging out with friends and watching the windy rainy mess. Later in the day we played board games. The power cut out around seven. So what’s the best idea? 

Burgers were made during the hurricane. They were some damn good burgs. I feel asleep watching Netflix on my tablet. 

Sunday was more of the same as the day before, just less storm. I went on some bike rides. One was with Sean. Overall, just a fun stormy weekend. 

October 10-14, 2016: Boss Cop

Pretty busy work week. After the storm school is out all week and it keeps me going all week long. My before and after work stuff is pretty normal. I go on bike rides. Some alone, some with Sean and one with Clay. On Tuesday I go hang out at the comic shop. Wednesday Sean and I go to his mom’s and have dinner at Highway 55. Alex Trebek calls me a loser. And then we have a really nice game night Friday.