September 18, 2017: R is for…

Monday morning work day. I start off mowing. From the time I start until lunch I have to fight with a tire that wants to lose air and blades I didn’t even know we bent. After lunch I go and spread dirt and grass seeds where roofers destroyed the ground.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge – Favorite Elemental/Plant/Construct

I’m going Electric Elemental. First of, it’s an Elemental. Secondly, zap.


September 17, 2017: Q is for…

I wake up at eight and start my day. By one I’ve caught up with journals through Monday and even some TV. New Impractical Jokers, American Dad, Rick and Morty, and South Park. The weakest among those being the season opener of South Park. I’m also three episodes deep on Midnight, Texas and loving it.

Later on in the afternoon I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge – Favorite Planar being/Creature

Because I somehow don’t know many I’ll just go with what I do know. Cthulu. He is the dark one and I just always dug him.

September 16, 2017: P is for…

I get up pretty early and go around yard sale hunting without any luck, but it was still interesting to get out. At noon I meet my mom, Nana, and Caroline for lunch at Tokyo 101. Then we walk around Mayfair hiding kindness rocks. It’s fun finding interesting places to hide them. Before parting ways we go to cold stone for ice cream.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge – Favorite Animal/Insect/Arachnid

Saber-tooth tiger/Dire Tiger/Smilodon! This one is just the fact that it’s my favorite animal and it happens to carry over to game.

September 15, 2017: O is for…

Friday. While others go back to weed eating and mowing I go around the plant spraying poison. After break Randy joins me. That’s actually my whole day.

That night is game night and I can’t even begin to remember what all we played. I know we had racing teams and one point and then later we went to space and I screwed myself out of a win.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge- Favorite Ooze/Aberrant Creature

I’ve never dealt with one at all, but Genius Loci seem very interesting. I don’t even know how high of levels characters would need to be to deal with one of these guys. They might be pretty tough.

September 14, 2017: N is for…

Back to work. Back to weed eating. Instead of the normal work, we focus on the berm. We get the back half done.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge- Favorite Undead

I’m actually working on one that is sort of a bastardized lich. Sean and Nathan shouldn’t read past this.

Kost preforms a ritual to become a lich by attaching himself to the energy of Arthindol. Obviously it goes wrong just based on the fact that that’s not how it’s done. Arthindol takes control and, through Kost’s necromantic background, begins to hunting other lichs to”absorb”. He also amasses an army of Nothic and other Undead. Should be fun if any characters who knew him are still around to find him.

September 13, 2017: M is for…

I get to work. I’m told I can go home. By seven thirty I’m back at the house and relaxing. Sometime after noon the rain is gone. I go for two five mile walks.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge – Favorite NPC

This is cheating, but Kenny. Anytime we have an NPC that we talk to that didn’t have a name they become Kenny. He was first a a guardmaster in a town that disappeared. Next he took the form of a drunk regular at a bar we ran for years. Can’t wait to see his next form.