February 12, 2017: Annual Crime Day

I sleep in till ten today. After I finally wake up I get an invite to lunch with my mom via text and my day is set. She picks me up around noon and we go get Taylor before meeting my Nana at K&W.

After lunch we go to my Nana’s and hang out for a while. While I’m there I try and get back into Pokémon Sun, but I may have spent to much time trying to go back and catch everything to get back to the story now. I’ll get there though. 

From Nana’s we head over to one of my mom’s friends house to get a bunny for Caroline. Before we leave she names him Maui. Next is Walmart to get the things that will be needed for a bunny until a hutch is built. Then it’s back to the house. I make sausages and potatoes for dinner then I just watch TV till going to bed and watching more tv. 


February 13, 2017: Surgically Applied Working Gills

I’m up at seven. I head into the living room to find Chris, Johnny, and Robin all up. Johnny is watching the news, so I wait till he leaves for the day so I can watch the new episode of Bob’s Burgers. At eight I head off for another Monday at work. 

I don’t have a very extensive list of things to do at work today, so of course the water heater has to start leaking to make the day interesting. By two thirty I’ve gotten everything but the dishes done and I’m left waiting for a plumber to come in so I could possibly finish up the rest of the dishes before heading out. Shortly after that I get my first and only delivery of the day. By the time I leave for the day there is still no sign of a plumber. 
From work I head to the comic shop and grab my books. I hang out with Eric and Jason until Jason heads out. I stay till close and Eric and I end up having real talk about depression. It really feels good to talk about things and know other people get exactly what you mean. 

At seven I head home and dinner is ready. I eat, watch TV, do some laundry and then head to bed around ten. 

February 7-11, 2017: Axe Dad

Key points from each day of this week. Tuesday I had dinner at Red Robin with my mom. Wednesday Sean and I made the deconstructed chicken casserole at his mom’s house. Thursday was a busy day at work. 

Friday was also busy, plus Bucky and Travis came down for game night. Saturday Collin came back to town to visit from Washington, so we went downtown to hang out at the Opera Room. Good week mostly. 

February 6, 2017: Garbage Golem

I get up at seven leaving myself only an hour till I need to leave for work. While Johnny is watching the news I write a couple journals. Around eight Chris leaves to get Greg from work as I need to leave myself. So while I wait I make a cup of coffee and start my Sunday journal. By eight twenty I’m on my way and listening to stone Welcome to Night Vale. Before going into work I start the new Tell ’em Steve-Dave .

Work is another pretty slow day. It was mostly uneventful other than one of my front teeth coming out. Oh the joys of being me. Between a receding gum line and struggling with depression and not liking myself or taking care of myself for a good part of my life I have very bad teeth. After work I just sort of went home and sulked for the rest of the day. 

February 5, 2017: Death Robot Loves You 

Today is broken into two things. Dungeons & Dragons and the Superbowl.

At ten thirty I head out and pick Taylor up to play. On the way back we hit Walmart for snacks. 

Today the crew manages to finish the dungeon they had been in when we last played and from there, with some coaxing from me (actually much more coaxing than I should I done as the dungeon master) they talk to some people around town and find some new side quests. Before leaving town the buy a wagon and since supplies. Along the way to the next part of the main quest they accomplish they goal of two of the side quests before we have to call it quits for the day. 

After we play Nathan heads to work and Taylor gets picked up. Sean sticks around to have lunch. After he leaves it’s just chilling out till Robin and Johnny come out to watch the game. I actually end up watching a fair amount of the game myself between reading some comics.  The very end of the game kind of caught me by surprise. Even being someone who doesn’t watch sportsball I find myself drawn into the last quarter. But with that another day ends. 

February 4, 2017: Suck Our Memories 

Most of Saturday was just a lazy day. I watch TV until ten thirty at which point I left to have lunch with Taylor. She met me at Tokyo Deli around eleven thirty. Over lunch I walked her through things that she’d missed in D&D as well as worked out a way to get her back to the group. 

After lunch we part ways and I head to Walmart to get stuff for tomorrow breakfast as well as stuff for Chris to make Krispy treats. By the middle of the afternoon we have Cinnamon Pebble Krispy Treats and they are damn good. 

January 31 – February 3, 2017: Street Drugs

During the week I work, obviously. I have one day that’s kind of busy, but otherwise it’s another slow week. 

I watch the rest of the new episodes of Steven Universe, which were great. They had a few options to end the problem of gems coming to earth, but that could have just ended the series. 

The new episodes of Adventure time were really good, but I feel like I’ve missed some big stuff somewhere. How did Fern come to be? Where did Finn get the metal arm? 

For game night Sean, Clay, Chris, and i played three new games. The first was League of legends: Mechs vs. Minions, which was only new to me. It’s a really fun game and the play can end up very random. I still would want an Annie Figure though. She could ride on Tibbers! It could work! 

The next game was Escape the Room. Really an easy game, but our wheel was misaligned and made us think it was harder to begin with. Be sure to check the holes on your wheel of you get this game. Other than that it was fun even though it was really simple. Putting everything away was more of a challenge than the game. 

The last game of the night was Block Party. For this game you get two cards of four different value decks that range from five to eight points each. To play you pick a teammate each round. One will be the builder while the other is the architect who explains to the builder which blocks to use and how. For each round you also have a rules card that will change how you’re able to build. 

To get points at all you have to follow the rules cards. First team to complete the build flips a timer and the other teams have 30 seconds to finish from there. If you complete your build you get the value of the card you built plus the points for the rule card. 

January 30, 2017: Wiffcraft

I start my day early with the first episode of Riverdale. It’s a new CW show that is based on the Archie comics. But from the opening on it becomes obvious that it is a much more adult Archie. In the first episode alone someone dies, you see that Archie and a teacher had a fling over the summer, Moose propositions Betty’s gay friend for sex, and you learn that Archie and Jughead had a fallout at some point. The last thing obviously isn’t as scandalous as the rest, but it’s still pretty odd. 

At nine I’m at work and it’s just another slow January day. Honestly it is only worth mentioning because of the fact that it takes up most of my day. 

After work I head home. Sean comes over and he, Greg, and myself go to Hardee’s for dinner. Back at the house we watch the new Steven Universe episodes before watching Jeopardy. After that Sean heads home and shortly thereafter I head off to bed where I watch Adult Swim till I fall asleep.