September 29, 2015: Don’t Eat The Shell You Idiot


I get up at seven thirty and watch DVR’d Big Bang Theory and Whose Line Is It Anyways before leaving for work. I’m in the store by seven after nine. The truck isn’t to bad, but the day is really slow. I don’t have a delivery until three thirty.

On the way back from that delivery I pick Charles up and get back to find two more deliveries. The first is ready, so I take it and Mia is taking the other by the time I get back. I get off the road and clock out. For some reason I hang out at the store till five.

When I get home I gave myself a few Not Your Father’s Rootbeers. I get a text from Sean telling me to get on Skype. Collin is still able to do an episode, so I quickly raff through a few news articles I had pinned. We record a very good episode, which is good because it’s our last for a month or so.

I order a pie from work and head down stairs. I watch TV before and after it gets to the house. I go to bed at eleven and fall asleep sometime later to adult swim.


September 28, 2015: I Might Be Over Reacting


I get up at eight thirty and watch Fear The Walking Dead, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Rick and Morty before heading off for work. I have a pretty slow day, even have time to frogger a delivery across the highway. 

I pick Charles up on my last delivery so he doesn’t have to walk to the store in the rain. At four I head straight home. I’m only there for a bit before Johnny gets a call about how Courtney is stuck in the road in front of her house. I get the keys to the Ranger from Chris and Greg, Johnny and I head down the road.

We first try and push the car, but she’s so stuck the wheel isn’t even turning. Johnny jump starts the red Durango and hooks it up to her car to pull her out. Greg and I head up to Lowe’s from there. I get stuff to make tacos and we head home.

I cook dinner and watch Gotham while I eat. This guy would play a good Joker if only they weren’t trying to give him a full origin.  At eleven I go to bed and watch adult swim till I sleep.

September 27, 2015: You’re Just A Nutty Ol’ Cannibal


I sleep in till elevenish and see a text from my mom. She’s on her way to town. I decide to meet her and Taylor at IHOP for breakfast lunch. I hurry to get ready and quickly make my way to town.

We chat over breakfast. Taylor goes to pick someone up after we finish up and I park the civic at costco. From there I ride with my mom to the hospital. We spend a bit of time there before heading out.

Mom calls granddaddy to get his shopping list and we head up to the porter’s neck Walmart to shop for him. Then we take his groceries to him and chill there for a while. Our next stop is Jade Garden for since Chinese food before my mom drops me off at costco. I go straight home from there.

At the house I watch the DVR’d season finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while eating my food. About an hour later Johnny gets home with kfc. He brought me a famous bowl and somehow I have room. I watch the Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and Last Man on Earth as they record. Then I’m off to bed. I watch Impractical Jokers on TruTV till I’m out.

September 26, 2015: Good Cupcakes


I wake up sometime around nine thirty and get a text from my mom a few minutes after that. I get and get ready for the day. I borrow the truck from Chris and head to Monkey Junction to get my cousin and take him to the hospital to see his mom. We stop at Burger King for a quick lunch on the way.

I hang around with them for a while before taking Parker home. After dropping him off I run to Walmart to blow the bathroom up. Then I stop by my Nana’s to get her a gallon of her water and take it back to the hospital. While there I have dinner at the Kona Coast Cafe.

From the hospital I head home and watch TV some playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I go lie down in my bed and do the same till about eleven. Then I switch over to comedy central until I fall asleep.

September 25, 2015: G.E.E.K.


(Artist is Jbirdparker on Instagram)

I get up early as usual for a Friday and get the day started. Work goes pretty normal and I’m out around four thirty. I head straight to gamestop from work to pick up Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. While there I grab a couple packs of the Amibo cards as well as a Fallout Blind Box figure.

The figure is the Deathclaw (a gamestop exclusive), but I manage to get two packs that both have two of the same cards. Hopefully there will be a trading system between players soon.  From there I head over to Clay’s. I start the game and then help put up a hand rail before we head to Arby’s for dinner.

After eating I go down town for Jay’s art opening. I really dig his style, but  seeing as I’m not an art expert I don’t have the right words to explain it. I hand out with him and Taylor for a while. On my way out he gives me an awesome Yoda print I’m going to find a frame for.

At about nine thirty I head back to Clay’s for game night. We play Dueler Discs until midnight, which is when we head out. I stop in Walmart in the way home and grab some Not Your Father’s Rootbeer. As soon as I get home I head up to my room and fall asleep to adult swim.

September 24, 2015: I don’t Know You From A Can Of Paint


The day starts and goes as it normally does. I have a few deliveries and keep everything caught up. I leave at four thirty. I was going to take Charles to town with me, but he tells me that Clayton is letting him use his truck to work.

No sooner than I get to Memory Lane than I get I text asking when I’m going. I let him know I’m already in town and he tells me about how the area coach yelled at him for just coming in. I get the only two books that came out for me this week and head over to meet Clay for dinner.

We have ourselves some buffalo wild wings and chat chat for a while. After dinner I text Charles to see what’s up. He’s done with the dough and they aren’t letting him drive. I head back to the shop and pick him up. We go back into town and stop at Halloween and more first. I see a hat that I can get if I don’t win the one on eBay.

From there we hit up Target and then Walmart on the way back to Hampstead. I drop Charles off and go home. At the house I go straight to my room and fall asleep to TruTV.

September 23, 2015: Whoooaaa… We’re Not Dead Anymore


I get up at nine, watch a little DVR action and get ready for work. At ten fifteen I leave and head on up to the shop. After grabbing since liquid refreshments I’m ready to stay my day.

I only have two deliveries all day. I also see that Emily is covering down for Mia. I text her up and tell her that she can come in early for more hours if she wants.

For lunch I get myself a burrito. Then by three I have everything done, which is cool because Emily comes in at three thirty. I text Sean and let him know I’m off before heading over to Charles’ place. He helps me find a hat for my Carl costume before Sean shows up. We record a double unboxing video of nerdblock and the welcomeblock Charles got for signing back up.

After filming Sean and I ride over to his mom’s. Britney is home and keeps us company while we cook what I can only describe as a deconstructed chicken casserole. We make some corn and mac and cheese to go with it. It’s done a little after his mom gets home and we sit down to eat while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

After diner we watch some Mythbusters till nine thirty. From there we go to Lowe’s. I grab some Halloween cotton candy and a 32oz smirnoff. Sean drops me of at the the car and I head home.

I go up to Greg’s room and watch the last thirty of Brides maids woke I drink my malt beverage. I share the cotton candy with him and we both are instantly shocked. Turns out it was sour green apple flavor. It was delicious, but surprising.

After that I head to bed. I watch adult swim till I fall asleep.