December: Suck Less


So about tht journals for the last month… or lack there of…

The day Robin went in for her surgery, she found a letter about when we had to be out of the house by. It was postmarked for on the third and said we had until the twenty-ninth. Not only was it never thirty days, but when she found itit left us with less than two weeks.

Since then we’ve beeen packing, Robin has gone back to Duke (Turns out nothing was wrong, but better safe than sorry), the alternator in Silverbolt died, the road became an all but impassable mess, and we’ve a hell of a time with moving. Most of our boxxes are in Clay’s attic and garage, we got a Uhaul (for some reason”an” doesn’t feel right there) down the road and filled it with most of the furiture and appliances. We managed to get it back up the road and get evertyhthig into a storage unit with sixless squre footage with room to spare for the washer, drier and a few other things.

Once the move is completed I intend to get back into journaling daily. Hopefully the move will be done today and I can get Silverbolt back on the road this weekend.


December 13, 2015: Clark Griswold


I’m not sure exactly when I woke up, but I don’t get up until eleven. At which time I head to the kitchen and make myself some eggs and coffee. While I eat I watch SNL and the part of the Simpsons that isn’t Sportsball. While I’m watching TV Morgan texts and asks if I can help her and Roy move a washer and drier later. In the meantime Chris has been making peanut butter cookies and keeps coming in asking if I know where things are.

Despite not having a few things and having to find replacements, they actually turn out great. After he’s done baking we do a trash run. When we get back I have him help me push Claudia  (my broken Camry Wagon) up towards the tree line so I can park behind her with Silverbolt. While we’re at it, we go ahead and start filling the hole right behind the spot so that I don’t bottom out every time I leave our get home.

From then until Morgan let’s me know they’re on the way I head into the living room and just watch TV. I get the text around four and head over to the rents to help. When I get there my mom is finishing some last minute laundry with the washer and drier we are moving. We hang out at the house while it finishes and aren’t on our way until after six.

I remember, when I was younger, moving these things was much harder than it was today. I could have carried the drier around by myself if I really needed to.

In the way over we stop at the gas station so I can grab some Monsters. We get to Morgan and Roy’s house a bit after seven and it takes hardly any time to get the appliances inside. Since I’m out that way, I hit Jade Garden for dinner before taking my dad’s truck back to him and heading home. By the time I get home Robin is not only home, but had already gone to bed.

I eat my Chinese in Greg’s room while watching him play Path of Exile with Chris. I leave the room for a bit too go put in a load of laundry and grab my comics. Other than that, I hang out listen to music, watching the game play and reading comics until quarter till eleven.

Before bed I go downstairs to switch my clothes over to the drier, but the powder soap is still not all dissolved off things. I think it’s because I pushed them down in to tight and the soap was between loads, so I fix these things and head up to my room. I watch King of the Hill, Cleveland Show and Family Guy until I fall asleep.

December 12, 2015: John McLane


Instead of letting me sleep in, my brain decides I need to wake up at eight. I lie in bed for an hour before finally relenting and dragging myself downstairs. I watch TV for a bit before seeing when Charles planned to head to town and if he wanted company. He says he’s about to leave and asks if I wanted to meet at McD’s. I let him know I’ll be up there soon.

I get dressed and head out. A short time and long painful ride later I’m getting in his car and we’re heading off. Our first stop is World Market so he can grab some more goodies, then we head to Memory Lane. While Charles picks up his books I browse around. You’d think as often as I go I’d know everything they have by heart, but every once and a while something will catch my attention. Today it was the eight inch TMNT figure set, mainly the Bebop and Rocksteady. They look damn good and if they were to make a Casey Jones I’d have to grab it.

Before we leave Jake let’s us know about a six year anniversary/christmas shindig on the twenty-third. I may have to hit that up after filming that day. Our last stops are Walmart on the way home and then a British specialty shop. 

After that Charles drops me off and I head home. It’s about noon when I get on the computer to play Fallout and I get so immersed that, other than a quick lunch, I lose all track of time. I go around collecting certain magazines and then help Curie out with her desires.

At midnight I notice how late it is. I find a good place to quit for the night and head to my room. King of the Hill is on, so I use that to fall asleep to.

December 11, 2015: Ralphie


I get up at seven and get ready for work. Before leaving for work I watch the new Big Bang Theory. It’s definitely the best episode in a while. In fact it was actually pretty fun. At eight fifteen I leave for work and head to Scotchman first for Monsters.

As easy as the truck was last time, today made up for it. The stacking skills were not with this guy. I had to down stack everything to be able to get anything out away. It takes a bit longer than normal, but that’s okay, the rest of the day is really slow. I take a whole three deliveries and make about ten bucks.

After work I head home and hang out until eight. I watch Greg play Path of Exiles for a bit and then go downstairs and watch TV. At eight Chris, Greg and I pile in the green ranger and hit up Hardee’s on the way to Clay’s.

Game night is supposed to start at nine. Clay gets home a little late so we all (Aaron, Alicia, Chris, David, Greg, Kyle, Sean and myself) hang out on the porch for a bit. Through the night we play Resistance and a One Night game that’s sort of a mix between it and Ultimate Werewolf. We Also split into two groups. One group plays Betrayal at the house on Haunted Hill and my group plays the new Pandemic game where the game evolves. It’s so weird to have a game in which you are required to tear up cards and add stickers deciding that it week be harder or literally impossible to do parts of the original game.

Around one we head home. I head straight to my room. Tonight I fall asleep to King of the Hill.

December 10, 2015: Howard Langston


I get up sometime after eight and head downstairs to watch the new South Park. When it’s over I finish Tuesdays journal and start on Wednesdays while watching Bobby Flay Barbecue Addiction. I also see on Facebook that Robin will probably be having her surgery early in the afternoon. It’s good to see that they are mashing it a priority to get it find asap,but not so dire that they’re rushing it.

Before I can get to much done on the Wednesday journal the door bell rings. The elliptical that Robin ordered has shown up, so I get that in and get ready for for. At ten fifteen I’m out the door and on my way.

Work is a standard boring day. Very few deliveries and not much more than normal to do in store. I’m out at four.

I head home to grab a poster I’d been meaning to get framed before heading into town. Around five I’m parked outside Sean’s. The two of us hit the road shortly after. Our first stop is at Memory Lane where I grab my books for the week.

Next up is Hallmark. I grab some cards and a gift for someone before we head on again. For dinner we go to Bdobo and have an awesome waitress. Someone at another table was asking if they could get a salad instead of rice and without missing a beat she told them “Chinese people don’t eat salad, we eat rice”. She also joked about Sean stopping at one plate. “Your friend, he no tap, but you tap out”. She made it the best trip to the Mongolian grill yet.

After we’re done eating we continue on with our adventure by going to Michael’s. I grab my frame and we head over to the models. Sean points out that they actually have some General Lee models, but when I inspect them I see that they’ve removed the flag. I’m going to sound ignorant here, but I think that’s seriously stupid.

After Michael’s I had nowhere else I needed to go, but we weren’t ready to stop, so we head on to Toys ‘R Us to explore as well as grab a couple little things each. We also see a Star Wars Tech Deck set, but not the individual ones. So from there we head over to Walmart in hopes that they’ll have them. They sadly don’t, but I do find the gift for my mom and Sean finds his gift for me.

By that time it’s around eight so we head back to his place and I head home from there. As soon as I get home I frame the poster only to realize that, even though it matched up against a poster Sean had, my poster wasn’t the standard size. I’ll have to get it mated, but it should still look good.

For the rest of the night I watch the Smiting before heading to my room. I fall asleep to the Cleveland Show.

December 9, 2015: Buddy


I get up early enough to watch the new Flash and iZombie. I also make coffee and let Robin know. Before I leave for work we chat about her aneurysm and her going to see a neurosurgeon.

Work goes mostly as it usually does with the big difference being that I got a group message from Robin about the doctor being worried the aneurysm may be leaking. He sent her for a couple CTs, one with and one without contrast, and let her know she may be going to Duke before the end of the day.

After work Sean picks me up and we go to Charles’ place to film a comicblock unboxing video. Then we stop at Lowe’s to grab salad stuff on the way to his mom’s. For dinner we have Pork chops, mac and cheese, corn, peas and salad while watching Wheel of Fortune. After diner we watch Jeopardy and some magic show until nine.

Around the time we leave I find out that Robin is being taken to Duke by land instead of helicopter, so at least it isn’t so dire as it could be. When Sean drops me off at the store I head in and talk to Clayton till about ten before heading home.

I watch videos in Greg’s room until almost midnight. I fall asleep to either King of the Hill or Cleveland Show.

December 8, 2015: Gizmo


I don’t get up until eight thirty and have to rush to get ready got work on time. That’s becoming far to much of a common occurrence, but I didn’t have anything to watch on the DVR anyways. When I get into the store the truck is all stacked up in a way that is usually very annoying, but this time it actually sped most things up.

For the rest of the work day I have a handful of deliveries as well as a bit of things to do in the store. I do have enough downtime to start reading The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl number two before I leave for the day. After work I hit up the ABC for since raspberry smirnoff and then Scotchman for Monster Ultra Black.

When I get home I get my drink on until time to record the podcast for the night. Of course Chris and Greg start playing smite right around the time Collin brings up something I’m interested in. But other than that everything goes smooth.

After recording I eat some Brunswick stew and watch the guys play smite until I go to bed.

December 7, 2015: Lock, Shock and Barrel


I get up at eight and watch as much of the Sunday night fox DVR’d shows as I can, but with the presidential address I miss half of Simpsons. The Family Guy episode was actually a pretty decent one though. Robot Chicken, Mike Tyson Mysteries and Cutthroat Kitchen are all also very enjoyable.

At ten fifteen I finish getting dressed and head out to work. From open till around two is pretty steady. I have a few deliveries and knock everything but the dishes out by the time I take a delivery around one thirty. On my way back from said delivery I stop at Scotchman for fuel, both for Silverbolt and myself, and before I leave I see what is possibly the worst wreck I’ve ever witnessed in my life. A line of vehicles were spotted at the light and from what I can tell a tow truck wasn’t stopping so fast and a minivan behind it wasn’t stopping at all.

The tow truck hit the truck in front of it causing a chain reaction all the way up. I didn’t see the van until I was turning out of the light. That was the horrific part. The van hit the back of the flat bed in such a way that it went all the way through the engine and into the passenger seat. I can only hope and pray that that seat was vacant.

I go back to the store quite stunned and sit down for a bit to catch up with this and try and get it out of my head. Shortly before three I get myself a quick lunch and set about knocking out my Sunday journal. At three thirty I take my last delivery. As I clock out for the day I see my mom has just placed an order so I stick around talking to Charles until she gets there. I ask what had happened to the plans we had made to take my grandad to Walmart. Turns out he was in and out of the doctors quick and that she and Taylor had done his shopping for him while he was there since they didn’t have any work today.

After my mom leaves I chat some more with Charles. Mostly we talk about his plans for decorating his front room, which I really dig, which only makes me wish for the ability to build my own Nerd/Batcave even more than before.

Around five I head home where I watch TV for a bit before heading to Greg’s room to hang out. When dinner is ready we all head down and watch some of Christmas Vacation before heading back upstairs for smite. Dean joins the usual trio for the night. I read some All New X-Men, Astounding SquirrelGirl and Harley Quinn/Power Girl, none of which disappoint,  while they play.

When Bucky gets off to go to bed I head into Chris’ room and we watch the newest Ash vs the evil dead. It’s another good episode, not super epic, but solid nonetheless. Then it’s time to head to my room where I fall asleep to King of the Hill.

December 6, 2015: Buzz McAllister


I’m awake by seven and can’t go back to sleep no matter how much I’d like to, so I just lie in bed for an hour before getting up and preparing for the day. My mom texts me to let me know she’ll be ready to head into town around noon. In the meantime I chill out on the living room watching SNL and other shows. Shortly after twelve I get a text that she’s about to leave and I head on down to McDonald’s myself.

She arrives not long after I  park and Caroline lights up when she sees me. We ride into town and to Taylor’s place go get her. For the first time ever I go into my little sisters home and meet her new cat that she says is an asshole, but he has me fooled seeing as he’s nothing but sweet while I hold him. From Taylor’s we head over to Mayfair for a Red Robin lunch. We get seated at what may be the worst table and the entire staff seems to all be disgruntled, but hell, my burger was damn good.

Next up we head over to the Shriner’s place (where my Nana gives me the Harley Quinn Christmas hat I asked for for my birthday) for the little Christmas thing they do. It doesn’t seem as festive as when I was a kid, but they did have a magician who was pretty entertaining for the kids and even had a few bits that had adults laughing aswell. After his show they brought in Santa. While there were other kids around Caroline was fine, but after a train ride the other kids had dispersed and when one on one with the old elf she was not having it. So we call it a loss and hope that her distaste for the old bearded jolly man will be something she grows out of.

From there we take Caroline home and spend some time at Morgan’s new place. She shows us around and we chat for a while until it’s time to take Taylor home and continue on. After dropping Taylor off we stop at Barnes and Noble. They have the Suicide Squad Empire mag, but not the Harley Quinn cover. If anyone knows where I can find it is be very grateful.

We stop at J Michaels to grab dinner got my dad before my mom drops me back off at McDonald’s. I grab a nugget ten piece for my own dinner before heading home. I watch Greg play smite with Bucky and Chris as I eat and on into the night until he switches to Fallout and I watch that till around eleven thirty. At that point I head to bed for some King of the Hill and Cleveland Show.

December 5, 2015: Clarence


I have the most chill day ever. I don’t wake up till noon and don’t get up until one. I head downstairs and watch TV for most of the day. I watch Teen Titans Go, The Amazing World of Gumball and SpongeBob mostly as well as some older DVR’d shows I’d been meaning to check out.

Clay comes over around five and around six I head up to Subway to get dinner for everyone. After I eat, I watch from Greg’s room as he plays Smite with Chris and Bucky until about midnight. At that point I go to bed to adult swim as usual. Not an eventful day by any means, but very relaxing.