October 28, 2015: Werewolf of Fever Swamp


Wednesday I get up and again have no chance to watch TV before work. Instead I make coffee and wish Robin a happy birthday and chat for a bit before I head out. I sit outside the store for a good hour or so listening to TESD Overkill before heading in.

I spend maybe twenty minutes in the store the entire day. Turns out that not only is it rainy, but it’s also a half day at the schools. That combo turns into sixteen deliveries.

After work I hit Lowe’s to buy stuff to cook dinner at home for Robin’s birthday. Back home I make open face cheese burgers and my own take on poutine. After dinner I catch up on about all the DVR’d things I’ve missed this week. Top of the pile would be the new Flash (though Gotham actually put forth a great episode this week) which introduces the new half of Firestorm. Unlike Supergirl, the flash does a really good job displaying powers in a visually stimulating way.

After a few hours of DVR I head to my room. As I lie in bed I watch comedy central and adult swim.


October 27, 2015: Werewolf Skin


I got up early enough to watch some DVR’d stuff, but Angel is sleeping in the living room so instead I just get ready and head up to the store. I’m early enough that I sit in the lot listening to TESD Overkill till Maricela shows up.

I knock the truck things out with no problem and quickly get the days things done. I don’t have very many deliveries, but I’m also not going crazy from boredom.

I get off at four and run by the house to get something from Robin for Calie. I head into town to drop it off and get KFC on the way home. After I eat I get ready for the nights podcast episode.

We record around eight with Spoopy movies being a base topic. An hour and change later we’re done and I’m in bed watching adult swim.

October 26, 2015: Monster Blood II


I start Monday by getting up and watching the Walking Dead. That episode ended so rough, so much so that it had spoilers all over Facebook before I even went to work.

At work the day is very slow. I have a whole three deliveries, but at least one is a ten dollar tip.

After work I head home and watch some TV till everyone is ready to go out to dinner for Robin’s birthday. Chris, Robin and I pile into the the little blue beast and head to Halligan’s. Angel, Calie, Clay, Courtney, Kyle, Maria and Tiffany join us.

While there Chris, Kyle and I play some pocket tanks. I also talk with Kyle and Maria about the new Walking Dead and reasons why the the spoilers didn’t really happen (at least I can hold out hope) and my theory of how it will go from there. While at the restaurant Gotham comes on and even without sound it keeps catching my attention, but I’ll have to wait to catch it on the DVR later.

After diner we all head home and I watch the premier of Supergirl. Now I’m a huge comic fan, but even I found this first take on the show weak and cheesy. The fights more then anything seem poorly done. I’m a big fan of giving things a chance to get better, so I’ll at least watch the next episode or two.

After that I just head up to my room and fall asleep to some adult swim.

October 25, 2015: The Girl Who Cried Monster


Sunday I got up around ten and watched Hocus Pocus off the DVR followed by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as it records. Around twelve thirty I head out to meet up with my mom at McDonald’s. She has Caroline with her and when she picks me up we head to get Taylor.

From Taylor’s we go to Applebee’s for lunch where I get the four cheese mac again. After lunch we shop for my grandfather at Walmart then head to his place. We hang out at his apartment for a while and it turns out that today is a day that Caroline loves me.

After we leave his place we take Taylor home and head over to Nana’s for a bit to get my old rocking horse for Caroline and from there we head back to Hampstead. After my mom drops me back off at the car I head home and chill on the couch.

Courtney gets me sesame chicken for dinner and I eat it as I watch most of the Sunday night DVR list. I leave the walking dead and anything that comes on after ten for the morning and head to my room. I watch some comedy central and adult swim till I go to sleep.

October 24, 2015: The Haunted Mask


On Saturday I get up around ten and watch sine tv before heading into town. I only intend to get my revolver for my costume, but I stop in at the mall first. While there I run into sometime I knew from an old job and we hang out for a while catching up.

While at the mall I give into my hunger and head over to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. After that I go to the Halloween stores and browse through everything again. I end with the college road Halloween and more. I walk out with my revolver and head home.

As soon as I get home Chris is getting ready to run up to subway for diner. Seeing as I only got an appetizer for lunch, and it was a few hours before, I ride with him.

Back home with my sub I spend the rest of my day catching up on DVR’d Simpsons until seven. Clay and Sean come over around seven and, along with Chris, Greg and Robin, we have ourselves a little karaoke and Batman party.

Sometime around midnight in feeling like I’ve got to much liqueur and chicken in my stomach, so I go up to my room.  I lie down and watch adult swim till I’m out.

October 23, 2015: Attack of the Mutant


Friday was another slow day at work. Go in, put the truck away and leave by four. I head home and watch TV. Chris and I leave around five thirty and head to Hardee’s for diner.

After eating we go to Clay’s fit game night. Sean joins us and the four of us play Red Planet first. It’s a fun game, but so easy to troll of you don’t want to win. Next we try Spyfall. It has the possibility to be a fun game, but it’s not very easy to start off with. Our last game of the night is some revamped Batman Love Letter. Clay had mad this game so much better that we play for a long time.

Around midnight Chris and I head home. I head to my room and crash out to some cartoons.

October 21, 2015: Monster Blood


The morning and work go quickly and most uneventful as normal. It’s after work that my day begins. Sean picks me up at the hut and we head on over to Charles’. Up for filming today Charles has his spoils from our weekend in Charlotte.

We film what night be the longest haul video of all time, especially because Charles may be the only one I’ve ever seen do them. After shooting we hang out till we hear from Sean’s mom.

From Charles’ apartment we head up to Lowe’s to start shopping for the nights dinner. Claire joins us and we check out and follow her to the boat lot. Sean in I jump in her car and ride to her house.

The two of us get to work making dinner. We make cheddar chicken again, but add bacon to the mix this time. It turns out to be one of the most amazing things we’ve cooked. While we eat we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Shortly after that Claire kicks us out and takes us back to the RX8.

Sean and I skip Lowe’s this week and head straight to the civic. I go home and watch some TV downstairs before retiring to my bed for adult swim and sleep.

October 20, 2015: Say Cheese And Die


I get up at eight thirty and rush to get ready and to the store on time. I’m there right at nine, but don’t have a shift leader till a quarter after. At that point I knock out the truck and go about the day. I only have five deliveries and my replacement is late.

After work I go home and talk to Robin and Chris. They send me back out for Taco Bell. While I’m out I hit Lowe’s for drinks for Greg and me. Back home with the food Chris and I watch We Bare Bears. Angel comes over and about the time the episode ended she gets a call. Her house was on fire. Everyone (who’s awake) rushes down.

My road is full of rubberneckers and just plain nosey people. While we are there Clay comes up. He was coming to check out the washing machine, but for the time being he joins us. We talk about this and that and at one point Chris asks about a job as an IT guy at Calie’s school and I chime in that I want a job as a janitor. It was a joke for a second, but it dawns on me that I actually wouldn’t mind the job and would like the better pay. This leads me to start up Scrubs again.

After a while we are just standing there as the firefighters break windows (the fire long since being extinguished) and it’s getting cold. So Clay, Chris and I head to the house. Clay checks the washing machine and it’s leaking. Before he heads home he shows is the cards he had made for a game. They look legit.

After he leaves I watch the new Flash and iZombie before heading to bed. I watch American Dad til I’m out.


October 19, 2015: Donner Party Of One


Back to the real world. I get up at eight and check out the DVR. It recorded nothing from Sunday, so I watch everything else from over the last few days while I look on Hulu for anything I missed. I manage to find all the Fox shows, but for The Walking Dead and Comic Book Men I have to set the DVR to record the Saturday reshowings. I’ll probably just find them online to get my fix.

I have my coffee and head out to get to the store right on time. Store wise the day goes well. I knock everything out with ease. Delivery wise it’s not the best day ever, but I’ve had worse. I make myself a pentagram pizza to take home.

Once home I watch TV and eat my pizza before hitting Hulu for Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons. I also watch the new Gotham (with an actually cool take on a Z list villain) and Big Bang Theory before heading up to bed. I finish my night with some adult swim.