March 30, 2016: Future Space Reign


I watch an episode of Psych when I wake up, just to get my brain up and going. Before going off for the day I have coffee and watch the first two eps of Supergirl. Why is she okay in my book, but her cousin isn’t? Hell, I dig the dog more than him. Guess it’s just a bias I have and may never get past.

I’m off to work by nine thirty. The day goes as many a slow day does. When I get out for the day is when things change. Instead of my normal Wednesday antics I give Taylor a ride home and head to the house where I get Chinese for dinner.

Clay and Calie show up about the time in finishing my dinner. I join them outside for a fire. Fires are always a good way to spend some time.

When I go in, Chris and I watch a few more episodes of Venture Brothers until I start to fall asleep. I wake up long enough to turn the TV to Netflix and watch some American Dad.


March 29, 2016: Pigmalian


I get up at sevenish and watch Futurama until I get awake enough to move around. At about eight I get up, let China out and make myself some coffee. The rest of my morning is spent catching up on Comic Book Men.

I leave for work a little before ten and stop at Speedway for drinks and gas. I’m early enough to work that I finish yesterday’s journal and catch up on the ones for Saturday and Sunday while in the lot.

As far as things go inside the store I don’t have a huge amount to do for the day. Turns out that’s a good thing because the first few hours are a mass of deliveries. Overall it’s a good work day though.

By five fifteen I’m back out at the Castle Hayne Disc Golf course. By five thirty we’re on the course. I may hit every tree I can and throw into the woods more often than I’d like to admit, but I really do enjoy just getting out in nature and throwing a disc.

On my way home I stop by Zaxby’s for dinner. The guy on mic asked if I wanted Zax sauce, I said teriyaki and he said okay. That made me believe we had a verbal contract that he wouldn’t send me on my way with a good awful sauce. However it seems I was wrong and those chicken tenders aren’t as good with ketchup.

Chris and I watch the first two episodes of Venture Brothers. Turns out I had never seen the pilot. Now I know where the fuzzy suits came from. When Chris goes to bed I switch to a couple episodes of Archer and then Futurama for bed.

March 28, 2016: Pens Have A Way of Exploding


(That may not be based on anything recent, but I really dig it. Hope the artist responsible does something based on Carl now.)

As soon as I wake up I start catching up on the Walking Dead. If it had been seven instead of eight I would have been fully caught up, but as it stands, I now have to worry about more spoilers all day. The two episodes I do watch ate very good though. It already has me trying to plot out what characters they have now they will play roles later on. I’m also curious how much they’ll draw out a big story arc that’s coming and actually deserves all the screen time in the world.

At work it’s a much slower day than I would expect from the first day of spring break, but you can never really predict Hampstead. I do extra in store to get ahead of what could possibly end up being a busy week. Around two I run over to Dollar general for a drink and wind up putting together a little basket of cheap easter candy for myself.

After work I head to Castle Hayne for some disc golf. No one else is able to come out, but it does give me time to just chill out and listen to TESD before heading home. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Back home I watch the newest Walking Dead. What a way to end an episode. I don’t believe they’d kill the particular character, but they’re gonna be messed up after that for sure.

After the walking dead, I catch up on American Dad and the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles. That crossover episode with the 90’s turtles made me very happy. I forgot that Mikey sounded tougher than any of the other classic turtles.

Afterwards I switch to Netflix and watch Futurama. Before I fall asleep I’ve already made it back to the movies.

March 27, 2016: Snoochie Boochies Lil Easter Noochies


I give up in sleep around eight. For two and a half hours I watch more Futurama. Around ten thirty I head to Walmart for some pain killers and just wander through the store for a while. During the day my teeth seem to be fine, but I get some of the pills in me to kill the dull background aching.

I’m at K&W by eleven fifteen and hang out in the lot listening to podcasts. At quarter till I head inside where Morgan and Roy have just shown up. My mom, dad, Taylor and Caroline come in around five til and we go through the line ahead of Nana and Parker. Our Easter lunch goes as smoothly as can be expected with the location and just how many people we have together.

After lunch Nana has me take Parker home. Since it’s on the way, we stop in at the Cameron Art Museum to see my cousin (Parker’s brother) Cameron. While we wait for him to have a minute to be able to get away we go through and look at the art. It’s unnerving how quiet it is.

Seeing Cameron is nice, but he only gets a few minutes before he had to rush back to the kitchen. From there I take Parker out to Carolina Beach and head back home. I watch Netflix and Hulu for the rest of the day. Calie makes a delicious pulled chicken dinner with a scratch made BBQ sauce. I sleep much better.

March 26, 2016: Boys and Eagles


I wind up sleeping in till eleven. When u wake up I start my day by watching the last episode of Daredevil. That was wonderful. Great ways to lead into season three and for another series.

Following that I head out on a journey around Wilmington for a few hours. I hit toys r us where I find they’re bringing tech decks back. It’s very tempting, but I don’t end up getting one. Next is Cape Fear Games to get a new disc. Before heading back to the house I stop by Walmart and get a drink.

I start up the newest episode of The Flash.  Around halfway through I get a text from Sean asking where I am. He then comes over and we go back out to Toys ‘R’ Us after I finish the new Flash. He’s going for a tech deck, but finds a corvette Lego set instead. Then we go back to the house.

Bucky and Greg come over and they, along with Chris and Sean, watch some weird Japanese vampire yakuza apocalypse movie. During the movie I order a pizza for dinner and read comics. I end up with one and a half pizzas and a half a two liter of Pepsi for free because of a delivery mix up.

The newest Star Lord is a very fun book. You get to see where Peter decides being an astronaut isn’t for him, but neither is being a pirate. Great book. The third Super Zero is very good too. If you haven’t read this book and are looking for something interesting to get into, go for this. Very different and cool.

Towards the end of the movie Clay tells me to download an app for a board game. The game is World of Yo-Ho. It utilizes your phone as your game piece and keeps track of everything. You move your phone around the board and do various piratey things. Such and enjoyable game.

After that everyone heads out and I hit the couch. I turn on Futurama and try to sleep. Due to tooth pain I manage to fall asleep, but end up waking up every hour. Shitty.

March 25, 2016: Deveined Nutmeg


Wake up at seven and watch another episode of Futurama while my brain fights to function. Then I get up, make a cup of coffee and watch two episodes of Daredevil and an episode of Family Guy before heading out for the day. On my way to work I stop in at Speedway and grab some drinks.

Work starts off stupid busy, but slows down to allow for me to get everything done. On one delivery I stopped by my parents house to pick up a package for Morgan. While there my dad brings up that they have positions opening at GE. It’s been a few years since I’ve driven a forklift, but it should be rather easy to get back into if I get the job.

After work I take the package over to Morgan’s. While I’m there we talk about the Kurt Cobain death and about David Bowie while listening to music from Black Star. Great music, but more dark than poppy and fun. If you haven’t checked the album out yet, I can highly recommend it.

I then head home to wait for Clay to get there and go to dinner. Bucky beats Clay to the house and we go to bdobo where Kyle meets us. After dinner Kyle and I hit Lowe’s for candy and drinks while Bucky takes Chris and Clay to get taco bell for Johnny.

When we get back to the house Sean is waiting and Greg joins us shortly.  We play Escape from the Aliens in Outerspace first. After Sean had been eaten by aliens he takes Greg to work and we’re still playing when he gets back. He then gets a call that they don’t need Greg at work and heads back out to get him. We finish shortly before they get back.

Our second and final game of the night is Scoville. You grow, harvest, sell and make chilli with peppers. I took a break to go to the bathroom and when I got back they told me I didn’t have what I asked for them to work me towards, so I just start playing half-heartedly. Turns out that’s what I needed to win.

At that point is after one. Everyone heads out and I crash on the couch. I fall asleep to Futurama two hours later.

March 24, 2016: Part Two


(Have I used that picture before? I don’t remember.)

Up at the usual time. I watch a little bit of Netflix before the day begins for real. I work from eleven to four thirty. It’s a slow day with only three deliveries spread almost perfectly through the day. Sometime in the afternoon I see post after post about just how bad Batman V Superman really is. I feel vindicated.

After work I head to Memory Lane where I get my new books and talk to Jake and Jason for a while. Jake busts some creative writing knowledge on us about how in class you’re given stories and shown how to make them better. He says in the case of the Marvel cinematic universe, he doesn’t see places he’d make changes. They’re exactly what they’re meant to be, nothing world changing, just fun stories that follow the archetype they’re set in. He things brings up one thing that would have made Superman better. Have Zod realize he can’t win, so he turns his attention to hurting Kal El by killing people. Supes would keep pushing to move the fight and ultimately end up killing Zod. It tears him up and he makes a decision to do everything he can to never kill again. Boom, better movie.

From the shop I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with Clay. For the first time ever, someone recognizes my hat and actually knows a thing or two about Harley Quinn. It was very nice to have a conversation about a character I love so dearly with a complete stranger. My wings were good too.

After diner we head home. I’m done for the day. I lie down on the couch and watch Futurama until sleep overtakes my mind.

March 23, 2016: Antiques Pen


I’m up at seven and watching 3rd Rock From the Sun all morning. At nine thirty I head out for work and stop in at Speedway for Monster. By ten I’m outside work trying to convince myself I don’t want to go back home and sleep more.

The work day itself was nothing special. I did my stuff and took some deliveries and then left. Sean picked me up from work and we went to Charles’ place.

First up for the days filming is a Hot Toys Batman 66 movie Batman. Great figure (statue?) and I think Charles did a good job reviewing it. Next is another Moss Creek Batmobile. Not the most striking of the Batmobiles, but a good quality product none the less.

The third and final video is Blind Box Wednesday. Charles only has two, so instead of doing my own video we join together. Ill upload the video next week, but I’m happy to say I got my Ele Finnick.

After we wrap up filming, Sean and I run over to his mom’s to set up the DVR before meeting his mom at Taco Bell for dinner. Car and dinner conversation makes me want to start a food truck more than ever. When we’re done eating is back to his mom’s to hang out and watch TV (mainly Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy) before heading back to the Silver Beast.

From there I head back home. When I wall in the door the first thing I see is a Comicblock. I didn’t expect any more and it’s so old that I just open in there. Turns out to be a good thing because other than the shirt, it wasn’t a great box. I watch some family guy until Netflix starts acting up. Then I stream Brickle Berry from Hulu. I fall asleep sometime around one.

March 22, 2016: Vampiric Infection


My alarm wakes me before even Calie gets up. I start an episode of family guy and roll back over for a bit. I wake up in earnest after Calie had left. Fully awake I watch another episode of Daredevil, an episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun and two episodes of Psych.

I stop at the Speedway for monsters on my way to work and arrive at the hut a few minutes before eleven. I’m so far ahead on everything that I normally do that I spend more of my day folding boxes than anything else. Delivery wise the day is steady enough to not be as boring as yesterday.

Shortly before five I’m of work and on my way to town. My first stop is Independence Mall to hit up Hot Topic. They don’t have the zootopia blind boxes, but they do have the Agent Carter pop that Charles wants and Invader Zim Blind bags that I grab. On my way out of the mall I stop in Spencer’s and almost everything they have that’s Harley Quinn related is new 52 based except for a huge coffee mug I may go back for.

After the mall I head across the road to Books A Million and grab some DC Blind Bags. Then I great over to MovieStop to meet with Charles. While I wait for him I run into Gamestop and find the Zootopia Boxes. I grab the lightest two and head over to MovieStop.

By this point I’ve gone crazy with Blind Bs, so I don’t get anything here. From there the two of us hit Walmart to wander around. I get a drink before we leave. I spot Robin in the parking lot and run over to talk to her. Turns out I may have six more months than I thought before I can get a new phone.

From there I head home. For dinner we have subs. I watch Family guy until I go to sleep.

March 21, 2016: Evil for Evils Own Sake


I wake up to my seven o’clock alarm and watch two episodes of Futurama and check Facebook (where I see that the Kurt Cobain DEATH case has been reopened) before dragging myself out of bed. I watch two episodes of Daredevil before I have to leave for work.

My shift is one of the most boring in a long time. Until the four I had only had one delivery and had gotten stiffed. At four another delivery order came in and the guy who received it pranked me. He acted as if someone had been sending him fake orders all day. On a normal day this would have been funnier, but when I had made no money, it had me worried. He didn’t let me worry to long and did tip me, so that’s good.

When I got back to the shop there was one more order coming out of the oven. So my bad day at least let me leave with ten bucks. From work I went to the house. When Calie got home she was ready for dinner so we headed out for Tongy’s. I really like the place. It’s a nice environment and my burger was delicious. I think I’ll make it a point to hang out there every other week or so.

Back home I watch Family Guy on the couch. While I’m watching I also look up the Kurt Cobain article from the morning. Turns out it was more click bait than anything. Pictures of the shotgun have been released, but the case hasn’t actually been reopened. I fall asleep on the couch watching more family guy.