August 27, 2016: Meditation Zone 

Today I sleep in. I wake up sometime between eight and nine. When Clay gets up I ask if he minds me taking his bike out for a ride. He doesn’t, do I toss it in the back of the Ranger. 

Forty minutes after I start my ride it ends. Pokéstops have been hit, Charmanders have been caught and I have gone five and a half miles. Good morning ride for a day that will be spent mostly sitting around a table. 

From the park I head over to Cape Fear Games to get a couple dice. Then I go to Target to wander around. I thought about getting snacks, but I end up leaving with just heavy whipping cream. That’s when I head back to the house. For lunch I have leftovers. 

Around two thirty people start to show up. First David, Mike is next and then Sean comes in around three. Clay has other things that he has to do, so O is on auto pilot for most of the day. 

Our adventure for the day takes us away from the swamp and into the forest. We all level up fighting some warthogs. In the forest we find some ruins and as we get closer a few bags start flying at us. Wherever the bags hit golems are formed of that material. At first there are three. O takes one down mostly by himself and one follows Ye as he goes to sneak around to where Rochelle saw the bags thrown from. 

Ye rounds the corner on a young man who had been throwing the bags just after Rochelle had seen him from the other side of the ruins. At rapier point, Ye forces the young man to get rid of the Golems. After interrogating him we find out his name is Joseph, he bought the bags, Ye knocks him out, and Ricke accidentally destroys everything he owns by opening his bag. Joseph seems like a scared young treasure hunter, so I actually feel bad for him. 

Most of the group needs to rest, do Joseph says he’s going to keep exploring. Rochelle says she’s going with him. As much as I’d like to rest, I don’t think it’s safe for him to be alone with her and I go along aswell. Joe find a big stone door in the ground. Rochelle tries to get me too go back for the others. Since I don’t trust her I refuse and trek her she could go back instead. 

An hour later the rest of the group joins us and O opens the door. Joe refuses to go in, so he gets tied to a tree. Into the dungeon we go. The guest pathway us trapped, but it seems to have broken with age. From there we find a room with buttons on the walls. Finding the correct buttons and pushing them we find a much larger room with a pedestal on a raised area in the middle of the room and four dragon statues around the room. 

Somehow while I’m looking at one of the statues someone else activated a trap and released four slimes. Everyone who used bladed weapons were destroying  said weapons as they went. I instead was smacking one of the slimes around with my quarter staff. It takes a while but the slimes ate dealt with. 

Ricke goes and opens a door to find giant spiders. He quickly closes the door and backs away. Turns out the door didn’t really matter, because soon we are beset upon by more spiders coming from the ceiling. They take us a while to defeat, mainly because we all keep missing. When finally the last spider lies dead we make sure it’s clear before taking a rest over night. 
In the morning we check the last door but it’s to far gone to enter. We try and pull the pedestal thing over with my type, but somehow Ricke, Rochelle and O end up pulling my rope in half. Then O simply goes up and pushes the thing over. Under it we find a chest. Inside that chest we find the Dragon’s Fang that brought us here. Before leaving everyone takes a closer look at the statues and behind the one I had been looking at O and Rochelle find a hidden room with a ton of gems and gold. In the spider room we also find dead men with gear we desperately need. 

Coming out of the dungeon we see our horse and Joseph both missing, but we don’t have long to speculate on how he got free. Out of the brush comes a gaurd and then many more all around us. They demand we drop our weapons and hand over the fang. It would seem the “goddess” knows what we’re doing. 

After pathfinder I retire to my couch bed. Tonight I watch Netflix. 


August 26, 2016: Alternative History 

Another day of getting up,watching TV, and enjoying coffee before going to work. The work day starts really busy, but by three its slowed down enough for me to finish my stuff and head out. 

On my way home I grab some alcohol for tomorrow. Then I head to the house. I watch TV until game night starts. 

Tonight it’s just Chris, Sean, and myself until eight or so when Kyle shows up. We play many rounds of Batman Love Letter and then start  labyrinth. Kyle shows up half way through, but we had eclectic such and Chris had been doubling up to do his turns. 

When Clay gets home we play Fury of Dracula. It’s like they took Scotland yard and threw a whole bunch of extra stuff at it. Fun game, but it ended up dragging on far longer than I expected. It’s also how we end the night. 

August 24, 2016: No Scope Surgery XXX

From the time I wake up until the time I leave for work I watch Married with Children. On my way in, I stop for gas and monsters. Today is another day with the new shift leader and it goes just as smoothly. The worst part of the day was putting away the truck. 

After work I head home and meet Sean there. We ride up to his mom’s for dinner. Chicken salad sammiches and cheese fries. Deliciousness. After dinner we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Both are reruns that, even watching only once a week, we’ve already seen. Then it’s a couple episodes of Family Feud before watching Impractical Jokers until eleven. 

On the way back to the house, Sean takes me by Walmart. I grab a bunch of Crystal Pepsi and then we head to Clay’s. Tonight I put on adult swim. I fall asleep sometime before one. 

August 23, 2016: World’s Nicest Rap Battler

Basic Tuesday. Watch TV and go to work. I did have worries going in to my shift. We have a new shift leader and she was hired by an area coach that isn’t with the company anymore. Luckily I don’t not only have any issues, but she helps a lot with my tasks while I’m on the road. 

After work I head to Memory Lane and hang out until close. While there I talk with Eric about plans for next week as well as pickingup a copy of Kick Ass. I haven’t read it since the movie came out and never owned a copy myself. 

From the comic shop I head over to Bonefish Grill. I’ve been craving fish and this is the only place I can think of for what I want. Walking in and being greeted I realize I’m out of place. Everyone is dressed very nice while I’m in some cargo shorts, my Harley Quinn snap back, and Jay and Silent Bob/Batman and Robin t-shirt. Didn’t bother me though, I just want some good food. 

I get the Ahi tuna steak with garlic whipped potatoes and steamed broccoli. Everything is delicious. While I eat I also listen to more pretend wizards. Good dinner for one. 

After that I head home. Tonight I watch adult swim. I’m awake until around midnight. A day I thought could have been awful turned out to be a great day. 

August 22, 2016: Freestyle Bad Boy

At seven I wake up and Family Guy is still playing. By the end of the episode I’m up and getting coffee. Before work I watch the new Ninja Turtles, new Steven Universe, and a handful of third season episodes of the Simpsons. During the Simpsons I write a few journal entries from the end of last week and get myself some more coffee. 
I’m on my way to work by ten. It’s a slow day until the very end. I don’t end up getting out until five thirty, but before deliveries actually started coming in I managed to get everything on my list done and then some. 

After work I hit up Walmart to see if they have any tech decks I like it that Sean may like. I also grab some candy before heading home. 

For dinner we order pizza from green line. Steak and garlic pizza is one of the best pizzas. While eating I put on Bizarre Foods America. Apparently people actually eat guinea pigs and hunt for fish with bows. Weird world. 

After dinner I watch cartoon network. I start with King of the Hill and continue watching till I fall asleep. 

August 21, 2016: Head to Head Yo-yoing

Not long after I wake up I go to breakfast with Calie, Clay, Lindzy, and Mark. Mark rides with me and on the way the truck shuts off again. He says it seems like the mass air flow sensor to him. At least someone else has been there to know what it does. 

Breakfast is at Ogden breakfast. The food is great for me. While there I talk to Clay about the truck and he finds since cleaner at Home Depot. After breakfast we all go out to Smith Creek Park. They hit the water and I make laps on Clay’s bike. I intended to go swimming after a few laps, but we end up leaving after the fourth lap. 

Five and a half miles, seven Charmanders, and a handful of eggs. I’d call that a decent day of Pokémon Go. From the park we head to the house. I try watching sling for a while, but the quality isn’t coming through very well today. 

Later on I watch the first episode of Salem. It really seems like my kind of show. It’s about the Salem witch trials, but with actual witches involved. One day I plan on actually going to Salem. Clay goes to Home Depot shortly after I start the episode and is back before it’s over. 

He got the cleaner and I head outside to help him put the boats, boards and bone away. After everything is put away I pop the hood and we take the Mass Air Flow Sensor out. It looks brand new, as dies the air filter. We clean it anyways, but there a chance the computer is just going out. 

While I watch Salem, Calie makes an awesome dinner. Grilled chicken salad. The chicken is delicious and she just sort of threw together whatever she could think of. It’s always the most random things that turn out the best and are hardest to replicate. To go to bed I put on Netflix. 

August 20, 2016: Devil Sticks 100 Meter 

Today I slept in. I wake up around nine thirty or ten as Calie is heading out the door. I watch a Power Rangers for a while. Calie apparently went for a walk. When she gets back I ask if she or Clay is ready for a bike ride. I asked more as a joke, I had intended to ride alone, but the joined me. 

We rode from the house up by the park to college road and back. Not a bad little 5k bike ride with a couple Pokéstops along the way. We’re back home a little after noon. Then around one or so I’m on my way to the rents for a party for my dad and Caroline. 

It’s a nice afternoon with family, food, and swimming. Really a great way to spend part of the day. Around seven I head home.

For dinner I get Chinese. Everyone else gets home around eight. Tonight we are joined by Lindzy and Mark. Games are played. Chris sleeps downstairs. Cats and dogs getting along. It’s total chaos. 

August 19, 2016: Metal Detecting Goldmedalist

I wake up at seven like I had to work, but I have today off. Instead I start my day with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. I recently watched the episodes of the series where the Rangers got the ninja powers needed to watch her movie. As cheesy as it may be, I still love it and think it’s better than the four episode arc of the show. 

After the movie, I get dressed for the day and head out for my bonus day off adventure. My first stop is Hugh Macrae Park. I hike my way around the park catching pokémon. Before I leave I’ve caught my first three Machops as well as many more Pidgeys and such. 

Next up, I head down to Carolina Beach. My goal is to go to another park and then get donuts, but the shop I’m looking for isn’t nearly as far as I thought. I hit the nearby Walgreens first and get the exclusive unmasked Spider-Gwen Pop! Then I go across the lot to Wake N Bake. It’s my first time there so I take a little while to make my selections, but I end up leaving with six awesome donuts. 

From there I head on up into Monkey Junction. I roll by the gamestop on my way to Walmart to hit a Pokéstop and notice a BBQ joint. After walmart I stop back in at Dickey’s for a late lunch. Is pretty awesome. I just wish we head one closer to the house. 

After eating, I go to Memory Lane to hang out for a bit. While I’m there I go ahead and get my Spider-Gwen giant Pop! of layaway. Then it’s back home to watch a little tv before game night. We have meatball subs for dinner. 

When Sean comes over we start game night off with Mystic Vale. It’s a game where you’re a druid and you’re tending your land. Even in a card game I’m not the best druid. Must suck to be my Pathfinder team. 

Our next game is Sonar or Captain Sonar. Not sure which. This game seems really complicated and it might be if you play with all eight players in real time mode. As it was, I actually ended up enjoying it. Turns out Clay and I were chasing Chris and Sean around and didn’t even know it. Chris and Sean wound up winning, but it was pretty close. 

For our third game of the night, Kyle and Calie join us. We play Doctor Panic. Such a silly game. You split into teams and do little mini games to see who can save the patient first. Nice goofy fun. 

Our fourth game is Quickwits. It’s a game of matching cards and being the first to come up with something for the other players card. I’m pretty awful at these sorts of games. Not very good at thinking on the spot. That being said, a lot of the cards are things Chris, Clay, abs Kyle wouldn’t know like types of different alcohols. After this game Calie goes to bed. 

The last game of the night is Rick and Morty: Total Rickall. The goal is to only have really characters in the middle. You okay your cards to try and figure out who’s a parasite and kill them. This is easier said than done. Then we play a round with the advanced rules that give the players a character she a chance to also be a parasite. A lot of fun.

At midnight everyone heads out. I go to bed watching Netflix. 

August 18, 2016: Mystery BBQing

Busy day at work. Many deliveries taken. Since pastas and sauces almost not made. A couple Monsters consumed. Normal busy day things. Only thing that’s different than the last few Thursdays is that Nathan is the opener instead of Kate. Because of this I leave with more comics to read. 

At the house I read comics and watch TV. This is maybe the only day of the week I don’t have anything planned. The end?