August 15-17, 2017: I Can’t Down My Demons, They Know How To Swim

Tuesday- I head to the back of the plant and weed eat some flower beds and around a ramp. Then I spray poison to kill the weeds off.

Wednesday- I go back to the same area and start weed eating my way up through the plant. I make it halfway through before the end of the day.

Thursday- I mow half the part of the plant that’s left. I also helped with another set up. Around one it started raining or I would have kept mowing.

August 13, 2017: I Know He Knows My Name Probably

On Sunday I went up to Fayetteville with my mom, Nana and Caroline to visit Taylor. We had lunch at dinner restaurant that’s supposed to be pretty good. The food was good, but it took about an hour to get it.

After lunch we went to the mall and roamed around. We found a Build-A-Bear and made one for Caroline it took everything I had to resist the Toothless, Rocket and Eevee. At six we were back on the road home.

August 12, 2017: I Love Crispies

Today I went to Cape Fear Comic Con with Morgan. Shortly after we got there her friend Brittany joined us. The con wasn’t very big. It was sort of like the old school church basement shows that is trying to be more like a modern con. Not bad, just needs work. Really it was just nice to hang out with my sister.

August 11, 2017: Tastes Like Radioactive Urine

Reggie has the day off, so I go around all day checking the recycling cans and such. Early in the morning I run into someone who got hired in when I did and we chat for a moment. He’s got me considering moving to night crew in air craft of a position opens up.

After work I head to the comic shop to hang out for a bit and pick up some of my books. Then I head to Walmart before going home and finding out they need me to go to Walmart.

Game night is good this week. We play a few new games that I can’t remember right now as well as Ticket to Ride with the with and dinosaur add on. They can be fun or very annoying. If you aren’t paying attention they can hurt you bad. But like I said, good game night.

August 10, 2017: Whamdango!

I begin my work day by weed eating the old cemetery out in the woods. It’s a real interesting historical area, but can also be pretty creepy when you’re out there alone.

After first break I join everyone at J building to pull weeds and such. That’s how the rest of my time at work is spent, getting ready for a CEO visit.

At home I just chill out and watch TV. Nothing special, just a little bit of relaxing.

August 9, 2017: Give Me That Good Good Death

Today was another rainy day at work. Practically all day there was a mist. After first break we had to wait an extra thirty minutes for the rain to shack off. Then it starts in earnest just before lunch and didn’t stop till it was time to leave.

Flash forward a few hours and you would find me with Sean and his mom at Hwy 55 getting burgers for dinner. And then we go to her house from there to watch our weekly shows before heading back to the house.

August 7, 2017: Magic Cactus

Back to work today. I woke up in perfect time, but spent longer playing on my phone than I should have. So at five ten I get up and hurry along with my morning routine. I’m on the road by five thirty-five.

At work we do the normal Monday cutting in reverse. We would’ve been done with it, but shortly after lunch it started raining. The rain stopped with almost an hour to spare, but by then the ravine of a ditch we had left was too wet to think about cutting.

After work I go home and just rest until going to dinner with Calie, Clay, Georgie, Johnny and Robin at Kick Back Jack’s. I get the Cajun Shrimp Alfredo and it is awesome. While there we play some trivia. We got every question right in round one (even if I don’t know sportsballers names and spelled it wrong), but the questions got exponentially harder for round two. It was time to head home anyways.

(Picture drawn by Careydraws on Tumblr)

August 6, 2017: Grant Andrews, Cop

Sunday. It was a good Sunday. A day of D&D.

Early during the day I reread through some of the Wave Echo Cave stuff to prepare for the days session. I also flipped through the monster manual to try and come up with some things for between modules and after the next. I came up with something to do with hunting, something about fishing and maybe even a nice stroll through a labyrinth.

As far as the session for the day goes, the party spent three hours shopping, traveling and resting between four rooms of the old mine. After they blew through the Cragmaw Castle, I anticipated the same. But instead, three players managed pretty well through a couple of larger battles on a short time.