June 29, 2015:Chicken Huntin

I wake up at eight and chill out in my room till somewhere around nine. I then go to the kitchen to get some coffee and talk with everyone a bit before leaving for work at ten thirty. When I walk in the store I’m instantly greeted by glaringly obvious reorganization. It works now, but I’m just waiting for the truck tomorrow where I’ll have no place to put anything.

Work wise it’s a very slow and boring day, so around two I clock out for a lunch, just in time for Darlene to show up. She’s not pleased with how the store looks and says it doesn’t look like anything has been done. The amount of drama and such in this little store is getting pretty annoying.

Charles comes in at four and we talk about future plans for videos and conventions before I head home. When I get to the house I decide to grab my bat and chase El Diablo  (the demon rooster from next door). I usually live all animals, but I hate this little satanic bastard.

I spend the rest of the day hanging out with everyone and chasing the rooster. I head up to my room at ten and fall asleep at about eleven thirty or so.


June 28, 2015: Walmart Adventure

I get up at nine thirty to find everyone gathering up cans of paint and sheet rock to take up Clay’s. My mom invites me to go to town with her for the day and let let her know I just need to straighten up the living room before I go.

I meet my mom at McDonald’s and from there we go to Red Robin for lunch. I get a freckled lemonade and banzai, but our waitress manages to get me a new drink by the time I finish one and I fill up on strawberries and lemonade. Which is fine, just means I have a teriyaki burger for later.

After lunch we manage to get ahold of Taylor and she says she’ll be ready to go by the time we pick up my grandad and get back to her place. So we head over to his apartment, help him into the car and head back to get Taylor. From there it’s off to Walmart so he can do his shopping.

I grab him one of the motorized carts and at first it seems like the battery is dead, but after cutting it off and turning it back on it doesn’t give him any trouble. I’m fact he up and leaves us behind as soon as we get in the door. I wander with my mom and sister for a while before deciding to go find him and make sure the cart is still working.

Once I find him I follow him to get a frame and then to electronics so he can get a new phone system. Then he wants to find my mom, so we head to the grocery side and I spot Taylor’s bright blue/green hair. He asks my mom since questions about his new phone plan before riding off to continue his shopping.

When he’s done shopping my mom is taking Taylor to the car because she isn’t feeling well and I help him at the checkout. As he goes to the front of the store while I check out the lady behind me thanks me for helping him. She says it’s pretty rare these days, which I find to be pretty messed up. From there I help him back into the car and we’re off to take him and Taylor home before heading back to Hampstead.

I’m home by five o’clock and decide to lie down to watch some TV. The rest of the day goes by quick and before I know it Tyler, Kristen and the kids are showing up at nine, as I’m heading up to my room. I’m asleep by midnight.

June 27, 2015: Solo Disc Golf Adventure

I wake up sometime around eleven and catch up with everything social media before heading downstairs. Greg asks for the controller so he can try it with New Vegas, so I go back up to my room and grab it for him. Once back downstairs I sit down and watch some Amazing World of Gumball.

I watch TV for a while and very back to reading Kevin Smith’s ‘My Boring Ass Life’. I read through a few days worth of journal entries before one thirty. At that point I decide to head up to Mayfair to check out the new Dick’s.

I get to Mayfair around two and realize the little area I thought only housed Dick’s has actually grown into a full on strip mall in it’s own rights. While strolling through the sporting goods store it begins apparent to me that being a tubby guy, as I am, if one person looks at you sideways, it feels like everyone around is looking at you in a “what is this fat piece of shit doing here?” sort of way.

After a while of walking through I find the disc golf… end cap maybe?  They have the smallest rack possible of discs, but I find one I like and grab it. After Dick’s I walk over to the new PetSmart next door and stroll through looking at everything, which doesn’t take long, it’s pretty tiny for what it is.

From there I get back in the car, turn on some Jay and Silent Bob get old, and poor in the address to a disc golf course that is nearby. I make a detour to KFC for lunch before heading to the park. Once there I wander aimlessly looking for the first hole and happen across a friend I haven’t seen since he worked at Sam’s five years ago. We chat for a bit before I keep up my search for the first hole.

I ask a couple guys, who I happen to see coming out by a goal, where how one starts. They show me how to get there and we talk disc golf for a little bit. I think the nine holes that are actually open only take me about forty-five minutes to complete, and that’s only because the entire course is up and down sandy hills. Each hole is rather short and easy, even with the massive amounts of scrawny trees. I leave just in time to beat the rain and race the storm all the way home.

I eat leftover KFC for dinner when I get home. After I eat Chris wants to go up to Dunkin. I go, because well, who can argue with getting donuts? We watch cartoon network for a while. When Chris goes upstairs I watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one before going up to my room a but before ten. I watch Adult swim until I fall asleep after midnight.

June 26, 2015: Stitch Day!

At seven o’clock my alarm goes off and I lie in bed for thirty minutes before going down to the living room to catch the end of China IL. and The Cleveland Show. I leave for the hut at eight thirty. I play some Mario Kart 7 outside while listening to Smodco podcasts until nice.

The truck is the worst ice ever seen. The man stacked stuff on the little ramp in the cooler so it fell over as I opened the door. In the freezer he didn’t even bother to put anything on a shelf. To put everything away I literally had to downstack everything out of the freezer into the cooler. I finally finish right at eleven and clock out for a lunch.

While on lunch I play more Mario Kart. I clock back in for my first delivery and overall have a pretty slow day. I have six deliveries, and have to bring one of them back.

I clock out and leave by three thirty and head home to wait for Chris. When he gets home he says the truck is having some kind of problem, so Robin lets us use her car for the night. We head off to clays around five and when we get there the door is unlocked, but we don’t see anyone at first. We sit down to watch some Psych and hear someone in the guest room.

Turns out Clay and Calie were doing some remodel shopping, and Tyler and Kristen were talking a nap. When Clay and Calie get back she goes to babysit, trading Kristen and the kids with her, and we plan for Taco Bell. I text Sean and have him meet us at the apartment. We are on our way to taco bell by six thirty.

After diner Sean and I go to Walgreens for game night fuel. Throughout the night Kyle joins us and Calie and Kristen come back. We play a lot of board games,  including Blokus, Telestrations, Wits and Wagers, and Hanabi. We play until about one, which is when Chris and I head home. I play a little bit more of Mario Kart before heading up to bed at two.

June 25: What’s in this BlindBox?

I woke up at eight and read some more comics for a little while. Before work I went to Hess to get some drinks. Once I get to work I make my daily list and wait for ten forty-five to clock in. For the first part of the day I listen to mainly podcasts, but I get in the mood for some music around two. The mood doesn’t last long as I’m back to podcasts around two thirty.

For the most part my work day was petty standard. Only delivery that was out of the ordinary was the forest one. It was to a church’s youth building. I have two little girls lead me through the building to the elevator. I have to make two trips and they tip me $15. Other than that nothing special happened, as I said before.

After work I hurry to the post office before they close to grab a video card (that apparently came with a free copy of the broken ass Batman: Arkham Knight) and diploma for Chris. After taking them back to the house I head into town. My first stop is Memory Lane Comics. Eric gives me all the promotional stuff that DC has sent them in the last week or so.

Holy crap DC! It’s awesome to make little promo things like masks, tattoos, id cards, stickers, newspaper pages, ect., but seriously, you don’t need to release them all at the same time! Most comic shops won’t have a place to keep them all.

Anyways, I had nothing new in my box, but Jake gives me the two issues of Batman and the Green Hornet 66 that have been in my box for months on the house. The distributor never sent him the second, fifth or sixth issues.  I grab a few things off the shelf and add some of them to my pull list. I put a few issues of Guardians team-up in my box and walk out with Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy – Best Story Ever,and TMNT Casey & April (all first issues). At the register they have some DC minifug blind boxes (which I love) so I grab one hoping for Harley Quinn, but knowing if be happy with anything but Superman.

I get the 1/36 White lantern Hal Jordan. With that great of luck on my first pick I feel like I have to try again. I actually get Harley Quinn. I leave the store completely satisfied with myself. From there I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings. I wait outside and play some a Mario Kart 7. When Clay gets there the two of us grab a table and talk about renovations on his house and such. After diner I go to Walmart. I grab a wild cherry Pepsi, red white and blue twizlers, and a couple cups of fruit.

In the way out the door I stop at the Redbox and grab The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water. Which Chris and I watch. It’s pretty much everything you expect in a SpongeBob move. Not an exceptional movie, but it’s fun and silly. After the movie is over its up to bed for adult swim and sleep.

June 24, 2015: Sometimes you just don’t have anything clever to say

I get up at eight and start my day by reading some of my comics I picked up Thursday. After a while I go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and end up taking a stroll down memory lane with Robin. We take about friends and ex’s of Clay and Kyle.

I leave for work much later than I usually would and show up exactly on time.  Work is pretty average over all. We do have one thing pop up towards the end of the day, which I hope resolves itself. Sean picks me up a few minutes after four and we head to Charles’ apartment to film a Nerdblock Unboxing. After that we go to his mom’s got dinner.

She made chicken salad, which is delicious. After diner it starts to storm, so we play Uno. Luckily the storm clears up enough that we can watch Jeopardy. We leave her house around nine and go to Lowe’s, where I get some Gelato. Sean them drops me back off at the hut.

I talk to Clayton for a bit about stuff that’s going on with work before going home. Once home I sit down for some Regular Show and Gelato before going to bed at ten thirty.

June 23, 2015: Cool Domain E3

I get up at seven, watch top 5 restaurants and then some adult swim. I read some Walking Dead until I leave for work at eight thirty. I head straight to the store and finish the second compendium right before Kimmie shows up.

I go in and quickly check that we received everything. I watch the new Disturbed video,which I love,  before putting everything away. After finishing with the truck I sit down and want the first third of Heavenly Creatures. So far it hasn’t captured my imagination, not sure if I’ll finish it or not.

I go back to podcasts, starting with Hollywood Babble-on. My first delivery order comes in around noon and from there I don’t have many, but they are steady enough for it to be a nice day.

After work I cram in as much E3 info as I can before six. Around six thirty Sean and Collin get on Skype and we record a new episode. I don’t have to much trouble from the Internet until the end when Chris gets on Netflix.

After recording I plan to get some Chinese food, but opt to have some leftovers from yesterday. While eating I watch the newest Regular show. After that it’s up to bed.

June 22, 2015: Title Goes Here

I wake up just about every hour on the hour throughout the night, but somehow I still manage to get up when my alarm goes off at six. I go start a load of shirts and watch China IL. I set the DVR up to record the new and final Aqua Teen series.

I watch a few more things on the DVR before heading out for work at ten fifteen. As busy as all of last week was, today is the polar opposite. By quarter till three I had only taken three deliveries, the last of which being to Andrew who ordered every day last week. It looks like I have a new regular. Realizing this makes me start wondering what ever happened to Ms. Sims who used to order every day, and just so happened to be the lady who read my fortune one day. I hope she’s okay.

I have one last delivery at three thirty. Charles shows up late because he thought they had changed his Monday schedule to five. We talk about some future plans before I head home. As soon as I get home I cut up some velveta queso blanco and make some rotel cheese. Which goes perfect with the dinner had just happened to have made.

I watch some cartoon network while eating done nacho casserole stuff. I head up to bed around nine thirty and go to sleep sometime around midnight.