November 29, 2015: The Invasion


I wake up after ten, but lie in bed until noon. At that point o get up, make a cup of coffee and watch the Lip Sync Battle Christmas Episode. Probably the best thing they’ve ever done and maybe ever will do. The Seth on a shelf part, Run DMC and just all out awesome performances from Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s an awesome way to start my day and finish up old journals.

Around one thirty I head up to Chris’ room to bury myself in a few Smodco podcasts and fallout. I think by the start of the day I had already decided to go with the Institute, but by the time I finish it’s all but certain. Everyone tells me how much if jerks they are, but u go out of my way to not ask to many questions so they don’t come off that way. Through the day I only take a few breaks to eat and such.

Sometime after eight I stop for the night and Chris and I watch the new Ash vs the evil dead. It’s a good episode, not as good as the ones before, but still good. When it ends I had downstairs to watch the Simpsons and the last three Marceline episodes of Adventure Time. It ends pretty much like I knew it would and that’s still very satisfying.

At ten I head up to my room. I turn on impractical jokers and watch episode after episode until I fall asleep.


November 28, 2015: Shattered Reality


I wake up a bit after eight and start making plans to hang out with Charles. We meet up at McDonald’s around nine forty-five and head to Walmart to hit the coinstar. Then it’s on to Memory Lane for Local Comic Shop day/Small Business Saturday. We chat with the guys a bit and I get my box as well as some other things I’ve been wanting.

They had the double size Invader Zim so I had to grab that. I also stick the three Zim’s that are already out in my box and add it to my pull list. My first tattoo was the symbol of the Irken empire, so it’s pretty obvious that Zim and Vasquez are very important to me.

Next up we head to Toys ‘R’ Us. Charles grabs a few things and I just browse around. I’m not ashamed to admit that this is still one of my favorite stores. When we leave Charles takes me back to my car and I get home by noon.

I play Fallout for the duration of Tell ’em Steve-Dave 161. I find the railroad and have them mess with the chip. Normally I’d try and do every quest I could for them, but instead I move along for now.

Around two I head out to go to my parents. I spend a couple hours visiting before going back home and back to fallout. I listen to another TESD  as well as some SModcast and Edumacation. I only take a break long enough to eat some thanksgiving leftovers.

From five to eleven I finish Nick’s quest before moving on and going to the institute. I had known something about the leader, but I thought it involved him being a synth. Turns out I was wrong and I’m actually a little bit sad about it. I know the game has been out for a few weeks, but I’m still going to try not to spoil it for anyone.

At eleven I head to bed where I watch adult swim.

November 27, 2015: Altermorphs #2


I wake up at eight, go downstairs, make some coffee and watch DVR’d shows. I start off with Drunk History. I’d like to do something like this, but with comic stories. While I catch up on yesterday’s journal I watch top 5 restaurants. Then I watch a few more parts of the Adventure Time Marceline “Stakes” mini series.

Marcy goes through a lot of work to, from what I can tell, just end up right back where she started. The stories that revolve around her are always the best ones.

At quarter to ten I leave for work and head in at ten. I start the day strong by getting a lot of breadstick sauce made and moving on to pastas. From eleven thirty to two I get a grouping of deliveries that keep me busy till two. Then from two to three I’m able to get some dishes done. I take a delivery at three and get started on sauces when I get back. At about twenty till I inquire as to where Keidra is and Clayton reminders that he was going to send me to get her.

I head out to pick her up and am ready to leave when I get back only to realize he had scheduled me to five. So instead of heading out I take two more deliveries first. All in all not a very bad work day if you ask me.

A bit after five I head into town. I hit Mayfair to look for the Empire magazine again and it’s still not in. Bucky, Calie, Chris, Clay and Greg meet me for dinner at Tokyo 101. I get a cheaper option than normal and two rolls with a coupon for give dollars off the rolls. I spend way more than I intended to, but it was super awesome.

From there we head over to the CHod house where Johnny, Robin and Sean are already waiting. Alicia, David and Kyle show up soon after me. We split into a few groups. I play a few rounds of Colt Express with Bucky, Greg, Kyle and Sean. Greg drops out and the rest of our group plays a round of Sheriff.

After that I’m not feeling 100% do I chill out and read Age of Apocalypse five. I help Clay’s group finish out a game I don’t know the name of before calling it quits for the night and heading home at midnight. Once home I watch since adult swim west till I manage to sleep.

November 26, 2015: Altermorphs #1


I wake up at eight and enjoy being able to just lay in bed for a while. After thirty minutes or so I decide to get up and get ready for the day. I have some coffee before leaving at ten. I stop by McDonald’s for a quick breakfast and head to the rents. Turns out I’m not picking up my grandad, so Taylor and I wait to eleven before heading out to bomb her house.

Morgan, Roy and Caroline show up a little bit before we leave. Caroline sits with me and watches as I play my street pass games. She’s isn’t happy at eleven when Taylor and I head out.

We take my mom’s suv to set off the flea bombs. On the way we stop at Port City Java for drinks and Walmart for a couple more things mom needs. From there we go to Taylor’s and then go on a quest for ice on the way back. The twice the ice machine at hilltop isn’t working so we have to go to the gas station on 210. After that we just have to go back to the house.

When we get there Nana, granddaddy and Cameron have already arrived. We all hang out for a bit as last minute cooking is being done. Thanksgiving dinner itself is nice. Everything that I eat (I’m not a fan of a lot of holiday foods my family has) is awesome and it’s always good to spend time with family.

We all hang out until around five. At that point Nana is off to take everyone granddaddy and Cameron home. Caroline tries not to let me leave and even tells Morgan bye while I’m holding her. I really love that kid. I’mnormally not a fan of little ones, but I’d die for her.

From my parents house I actually go back to Walmart to get a Christmas present for Caroline. There isn’t a line for the giant plushies, so I just sort of hang out by them until six. While I’m waiting Philip happens to come by. We chat for a while. It’s really nice to catch up and I find out he’s been banned from the cars and coffee group, which is just hilarious. Before he heads out he tells me of a pie contest/bbq/bonfire at his parents place on Saturday. I think if like to go and will see if maybe Sean wants to tag along.

After Philip leaves I watch more of the first episode of Jessica Jones that I never finished until about five til six. At that point I switch to Super Epic Pod till the Walmart employees give the go ahead. I get Caroline a Cheerbear care bear that is bigger than she is and a one and a half liter Pepsi for me and get out within five minutes of the start of “Black Friday”.

I head up to Clay and Calie’s next. We hang out and play many different board games until I have to leave. I head home and watch adult swim. I’m out around midnight.

November 25, 2015: The Ellimist Chronicles


I wake up at nine fifteen with out my alarm. I get up and drag myself to the living room to watch Gotham. I really like the use of the name M. Malone. It’s obviously a false name, but it’s nice hey threw in one of Bruce’s characters. I feel like they’re mixing the Court of Owls with the Order of Duma. It’s interesting, but why not keep both?

While I’m watching I get a text from Charles. Turns out he made a lucky find in the long boxes he’s been going through to sell. He first found a copy of Batman Adventures #12 (first appearance of Harley Quinn in the comics) and as we talked he found a whole stack. These books go for a good little bit. He just found himself something awesome.

I get to work at time and get busy taking the trash out, filing the buckets and making pastas. Up until noon it looks like it’s somehow going to be a slow day, but almost at twelve exactly everything goes crazy. From noon to four its pretty much non-stop deliveries. Makes things fly by but I wish I could have at least finished sauce before it was time for me to leave.

After work I has over to my parents to take Taylor to set off flea bombs at her place. Her roommates still haven’t left, so instead I hang out while she and my mom clean. I read Star Lord #1 while I’m there. Turns out this series will be a new telling of how Quill wound up in space. I’m totally okay with this. The writing is good and the art is nice, so all around it’s worth picking up.

At eight Taylor and I run up to Walmart to do last minute shopping. While there we look around for a few Christmas related ideas. After we finish I take her and the groceries back to the rents and then head home. On the way I grab some  McD’s.

At home I eat my chicken sandwiches while watching the new Tosh.0 episode. It’s episodes like this one that make me realize why I still watch. There are a few videos that are awesome and I wouldn’t have stumbled across without the show.

When the show ends I head up to Greg’s room for some Smite action. While I watch the boys play I also read All New Wolverine #1. Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is far more than I hoped for with this book, and Laura Kinney  (X-23, female clone of Logan, new wolverine, complete bad ass chick) is one of my favorite characters of all time, so I was expecting a lot.

I go to my room at midnight. King of the Hill leafs off my adult swim viewing. Sometime around two I finally fall asleep.

November 24, 2015: Visser


I let myself sleep in till eight. When I wake up my mom has sent me a picture of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back minifigures. They’re pretty cool, but not the ones I saw. I send her the ones I was talking about and get up and hurry to get ready for work. I leave at eight forty and sit outside the shop listening to the Get Old episode from last night.

By five after nine I’m in the store putting the truck away and by ten forty five I’m done with it. I get the basics done for the morning, which is good. From eleven thirty till about two I have four deliveries that keep me out of the store. Between that and my last delivery I make a double batch of marinara. After my last delivery Mia is already in the store. I knock out the trash, a full case of pizza sauce and a family of Alfredo pasta. I head out at three thirty.

I get home right behind Robin. She has a bunch of groceries. I get those in and have some tacos before heading up stairs. In Fallout I do a couple more minutemen missions before just following the railways for a bit. I get off the laptop and head for the desktop at six thirty. It didn’t take long to finish my notes for the podcast.

At seven we’re all on and recording shortly thereafter. I think it is a really good episode and everyone who listens should be pleased. We’re done after about two hours.

I grab a leftover taco and my bag of comics and head to Greg’s room. I read some new Guardians and Secret Wars before catching up with the journal. I retire to my room at eleven and watch family guy till I sleep.

November 23, 2015: The Hork-Bajir Chronicles


I get up at eight thirty and go straight to the living room to watch the new Walking Dead. Easiest thing to say about it without giving spoilers is to say I’m satisfied. This was one of the best episodes of the season. I also watch new Simpsons and Family Guy before work.

Work is a blur of delivery after delivery, but it’s nice to actually make a little bit of cash. I think the rest of the week, and maybe even year,  will be like this and I’m fine with that. A bit after four I get off work. Charles (the jerk) shows me something he ordered that I can now wish I had. Then I give Wyatt a ride home before heading into town.

I got Trader Joe’s still in search of an advent calendar, but the quest is still incomplete. Afterwards I sit in the lot and listen to the first episode of Edumacation while I wait for traffic to die a bit.

Next up I head over yo Toys ‘R Us just to browse. On the way in I happen to browse the holiday stuff and my quest comes to an end. For the first time since I was eight I now have an advent calendar. I wander through the rest of the aisles and at the far end of the second to last aisle I find Jay and Silent Bob figures. I shoot my mom a text and let her know about them and head on.

I hit up Mission BBQ for dinner. If you like smoked brisket, and live near one of these joints, it’s a must hit. The food is awesome and they have a nice variety of different sauces. While I eat I listen to an old Get Old.

My last stop on my way home is Walmart in Porter’s neck. It’s finally becoming infested with the weird people, I mean hell, I ran into Courtney and Angel. But really I did run into them and also saw a lot of the weirder types of people you’ll find in a Walmart.

I scour the DVD’s looking for a thanksgiving flick I had heard about a few years back and just never got around to watching. It takes a while but I finally find a copy of Free Birds (a flick produced by Scott Mosier) that comes with a little plush turkey. At fussy I thought it was thirty bucks, but it was just misplaced. I grab it and a monster and head home.

When I get to the house I watch Greg play smite while I catch up on the journal. Then it’s time again for some Fallout fun. I spend about two hours running more missions for the Minutemen before calling it a night.

I head to my room and sack out on the bed. I watch everything from Cleveland Show to Squidbillies before I finally fall asleep.

November 22, 2015: The Andalite Chronicles


I wake up at ten and get a text from my mom about maybe meeting later, so I get up and get ready for the day. Around eleven I get another text letting me know she has a migraine and won’t be leaving the house. At that point I chill out in the living room with leftover Chinese, SNL and comics (the newest Batman Beyond and Batman number 50) for a while before going to play Fallout.

I go for a few hours doing more quests for the Minutemen until about two thirty. Then I go lead the dishwasher before going back to the living room. I read Batman 51 while Johnny and Robin watch the Panthers.

At four I leave to go to Clay and Calie’s for Calie’s birthday. I stop and get her a bottle of wine on the way. I hope the bottle I got is good, it looked pretty cool and was called the zen of zin.

It always amuses and amazes how very different Calie’s family and Clay’s family can be, but the two groups can come together and get along. It’s a pretty awesome thing.

For dinner Clay and Calie made Chicken Parm. One of Calie’s sisters brought salad and Robin brought drinks, cake and brownies. David and Alicia made some killer canolies. All in all it was a great night with great people.

I took a salad home with me. I first stop at Harris Teeter, but decide to go to Walmart when I can’t find anything in actually looking for. At Walmart I get salad dressing, sugar, k cups and cookie butter. My quest for an advent calendar will have to continue another day.

From Walmart I head home and continue on with minutemen stuff. I listen to Jay and Silent Bob get old while I play and make it through all but the last thirty minutes before calling it quits. Chris and I watch the newest episode of Ash vs the Evil Dead. They’ve made it easy to predict things that are going on, but it doesn’t take away from the show.

After Ash I head to my room. I fall asleep to King of the Hill.

November 21, 2015: Back to Before


I’m on the road home at about twelve thirty and finish TESD 156 a matter of feet from my driveway. I choose to finish the last bit in silence. Because of this they actually catch me off guard with a bit. After about fifteen to thirty seconds of silence Walt suddenly comes back out of nowhere. It actually startled me.

As soon as I get in the house I head to my room and turn on the TV. I hit the bathroom before going back to my room and setting up the three Bear-bots. I flip to adult swim and watch Super jail (last bit), Metalocalypse and family guy (intro) while I polish off the journal for Friday. I then lie in bed awake for a while trying to stop thinking so I can go to sleep.

When Black Jesus comes on I switch to MTV for South Park, but it’s the episode where Brittany Spears is going around without a head. I hate that episode so I instead switch to comedy central and watch Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay until I finally manage to fall asleep.


I wake up at ten and lie awake in bed looking through Instagram and Facebook. I realize that someone that sent me a friend request was part of “Is That Your Kid?” (A podcast I’ve been listening to for a few months now. I add him and we end up talking a bit about podcasts and how I heard about his.

Around eleven I get up and head downstairs. As I open my door I hear the alarm on the coffee pot go off. I grab my cup from the living room where I left it and wash it so I can have some coffee. While I drink it I watch Into the Badlands with Johnny. I have no idea what the show is, but damn is it intense.

By noon I’ve made my way to Chris’ room and am playing Fallout. I play all day taking very few breaks. One is to have biscuits and gravy, next is to go to the bathroom and the last is to get Chinese food and watch some Adventure Time. The rest of my day is filled with looking for “my son”, going to a Brotherhood of Steel flying fortress and taking control of a castle.

At one I retire to my room. I turn on adult swim and start the process of trying to fall asleep with American Dad. At two family guy comes on and I’m out shortly after that.

November 20, 2015: Elfangor’s Secret


At seven I drag myself or of bed and head to the living room for DVR catch up. Before starting my morning I make a pot of coffee. While it brews I watch the newest episode of Comic book men. It’s a really good episode. They have a wookie call competition with Mr.  Peter Mayhew as the judge. It also helps to fuel my desire to take my pilgrimage as soon as possible.

When the episode wraps up I go grab myself a cup of coffee and then check out the new ep of Drunk History. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the episode was about past Vegas. While it was on I was checking out my social media accounts.

At eight thirty I head out for work. Before Clayton gets there I hit DG for a Monster and Pepsi. He gets there pretty close to on time today and I go straight into getting the truck situated. While I’m getting the day started I get a text from my mom. Turns out there has been another death in the family. My second cousin Ryan passed away early in the morning from heart complications.

I text Charles to see if he could come in early enough for me to have lunch with my Nana before she heads off to Gastonia and go back to work. From there in turns out to be a pretty busy day. From the time we open until Charles shows up at two it’s nonstop, which is actually nice for a day like today. I didn’t know Ryan super well, but it’s still upsetting to hear he passed away so young.

Not long after I leave I find out the fam has already had lunch, so I head Mayfair. I wander through Barnes & Noble for a while contemplating getting another Gundam Bear and I make plans to meet up with my Nana somewhere after she gets done with a massage. I get myself a butter beer latté and sit down go write some journal entries and listen to TESD 156.

While I’m still sitting at a table writing I get a call from Nana. She’s on her way to pick up her car. We make plans to meet in Mayfair and I grab the blue and yellow Petitgguy models (the only two they have left) on my way out. I go back to my car to wait for her and continue my writing.

When she gets closer Nana calls again to see if I want to go to Longhorn. It sounds delicious so I say yes and walk over. During dinner we talk about a lot of things  that’ve been going on recently and what happened to Ryan.

After dinner I hag over to Clay’s and get there just before they head out to eat. I opt to stay behind to wait for Sean while they get food. I start off by watching Futurama and putting together one of the models, but shortly after Sean shows up I remember Jessica Jones came out today. I flip over to that and make it through about half an episode before Calie, Clay, Chris and Kyle get back.

We start game night with Zombiecide. This is a game I’ve been super stoked to play, but it ended up being much longer than expected and Alicia, David and Alicia’s coworker arrive before we get done. It’s pretty obvious that we won’t be done any time soon, so we call it quits for some games that are more fit for larger groups.

The first one is far more active then something I’m interested in. It involves bouncing rubber eggs, rolling dice and running around the table. Instead I decide to sit this one out and put together my other little bear-bot.

The next game is about splitting into two teams and having each team captain try and have their team figure out as the most cards through word clues. It’s to much thinking, over thinking and just plain weird thinking. After one round I’m done with that game.

Instead I read the second issue of I Hate Fairyland. Goddamn can Skottie Young write the perfect story for me. I’m going to hate to see this series end and would actually love to see more fucked up adventures in Fairyland after Gertrude finishes her quest. Maybe something with another character or Gert herself in her early stages of the quest. No matter what though, this is a comic series I can’t recommend enough. If it comes out on a trade or hardbound edition after wrapping up I’ll be getting it that way as well.

Our next game was drawing based. One person will take a card and describe the picture on it in as much detail as they can and the others will try and draw as close to what they decide as possible until the timer runs out. At that point the person with the card pouts the red “decoder” sheet over the other side of the card and reads the details that needed to be drawn. This game can be very difficult, but really fun too.

Next up we try something Alicia’s coworker (I think his name is Nate,but I’m not one hundred percent on that and I feel bad for i) suggests. You each take a piece of paper and fold it into as many sections as people that are participating. In the top section you start drawing the top part of the head and extended the lines just far enough into the next section that the next person has something to go on and fold the rest back over and pass it on. By the time it gets back to you the results are very bizarre and can cause a lot of laughter.

The last game of the night is about being part of the mafia. The first player can take up to five diamonds from the box and pass it around. Each player after than can take a roll of diamonds. You have mobsters that win if the boss wins, drivers that win if the person to the right wins, cops that win if the boss thinks they stole diamonds, urchins that win if the thieves win and the thieves that win if they don’t get caught. We play quite a few rounds of this before everyone slowly begins to disperse. I’m on the road home at midnight.