May 30, 2015: Lazy

I wake up a few times, but manage to go back to sleep until something like quarter till noon. It’s so very wonderful. I head downstairs to flop on the couch to watch DVR. While I’m starting an episode of pretend time Chris comes in and tells me my coffee is in the way. I go to the kitchen to see what he’s talking about. He’s coming sausages, biscuits and eggs.

I finish the rest of Pretend Time while eating breakfast. It has bits that still make me laugh, but it’s easy to see why it got canceled. I go through a few of the shows I record off of Food Network. I then flip over to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while I read the Walking Dead.

Robin comes in and asks if I can grab Chris and get the groceries. She’s making burgers for dinner. While she’s cooking  (and after, while I’m eating) I watch an episode of the Simpsons and a couple episodes of Hanger 1. I then turn over to Old school around the time Johnny gets home. Clay slips in at some point. He’s brought a few games with him. I play a few rounds of Batman Love Letter before heading up to my room to get my twitch account figured out.  From what I can tell my old account just doesn’t exist now, yet I can’t use the same name. So now I’m SixPiecesOfBaccon on twitch. With that worked out I hit the bed. I’m out around midnight.


May 29, 2015: Back to Game Night

I get up at seven and watch some DVR. They’re replaying “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” in anticipation for his new special. I remember this show being hit or miss when it was on. It feels more miss to me now.

I head out for my morning routine before work and get to the hut at quarter till nine. Clayton arrives at quarter after. Looks like we have a new truck driver. Everything is in the back of the store and there isn’t a order list. It’s a little more annoying than it should be, but I get it all situated out and we double check everything before receiving the order.

I don’t get my first delivery until after noon, which is odd for a Friday, but I end up getting a few before four. I also manage to listen to the newest episode of Cool Domain (Collin, Sean and my podcast), the new Fatman on Batman, and an old Tell ’em Steve-Dave.

After work I head to Clay’s to make dinner plans. We decide on Applebee’s and Sean heads over so we can all rise comfortably. I get the new pork sandwich with a side of beer cheese. It’s actually really good, the beer cheese is a bit strong though.

After diner it’s time for board games. We start with Lebertaria. It’s a game where you’re all pirates trying to get as much booty as possible through card actions and order of rank. It was really fun. Next we play Blockus. If I’m being completely honest, watching other play before, I thought I was going to hate it. My first game I just copy what clay does as far as I can. He starts to use me to hurt a chris. The first game ends with Clay and Chris tied. The second game I literally just throw pieces down randomly and manage to win. And in the last game Clay copies till I block him from being able to, then he tries to knock me out of the game early.

Kyle shows up and we play Settlers of Catan. Sean has never played before and this is his learning game. He still does very well and was one turn from being able to win. Chris won by having Two victory point cards.

It’s already after midnight and Chris is tired so we head home.  I hit the bed at quarter after one and an asleep before two.

May 28, 2015: Screwed

I manage to sleep till eight for once. It’s a glorious feeling, but I still need myself some coffee. I mess around with the keurig to make myself a quick cup before sitting down to watch some TV before work.

I walk into work to find a twenty-four pie delivery order to the high school and I started putting them trough the oven. Janette finishes the deposit and I run it up to the bank for her. When I get back I start to load the bags into the truck and head out to the school. They pay by check that is for the exact amount of the order and don’t even begin to offer me a cash tip for a $200 order that we saved them over a hundred dollars on. Once again my high school has screwed me.

Luckily the rest of my drivers are much better. I have four more deliveries throughout the day and end up making $25. After I get off I grab a big dipper for dinner and head home. Calie texts me to see if we’re going to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I had completely forgotten it was Thursday. I assure her we’ll start going back next week.

Around eight I get a craving for something ice cream like and head up to the grub kitty. I grab some fudge sicles, Gelato bars and some cheerwine dreamsicles. I have one of the Gelato bars and it’s delicious. I then notice that iZombie is almost done recording and decide to go ahead and watch it. The story is finally getting good, but it could just be because she eats the brain of a crazy person. She does something I’ve been waiting for all season, but it’s all a delusion. Instead, as I had foreseen, Major decides to become a zombie hunter. I still have hopes for this series and, if this episode is an indicator, I’m in luck.

I hit the bed around nine thirty and am out by ten.

Ep. 15 Spooky Dookie and/or Ghost Poops

Cool Domain talks about upcoming podcast goodness, The Witcher 3, E3, and gaming nostalgia. Oh, and lazers. lasers. <a href="
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May 27, 2015: Spooky Dokey

I wake up at seven, and instead of resetting my alarm for eight, I just get up. The only thing recorded is the Tosh.0 season finale. It’s not a great episode, but they hardly ever are. After it’s over I switch over to cartoon network west to watch the west of adult swim.

I decide to leave for work about an hour and a half early. My first stop is the post office to pick up a package I’ve been waiting on. It contains the majority of Kevin Smith’s special edition DVDs.  I then grab my Monsters and a Surge before hitting several of the Ingress points near the hut. Even making several stops I still arrive at work at nine thirty. I switch from podcasts to Bo Burnham and pull out the Walking Dead. I get through about two or three comics worth before I head inside to lay out the DVDs and such for an Instagram picture.  I pack it all back in the box and get clocked in.

I listen to a single episode of Smodcast before Kimmie and I start a game where we name characters, movies or whatever based off a letter rolled on my twenty sided letter die. We start with comic characters. We last an hour or so on that topic before going to Disney which lasts maybe thirty minutes before we realize it’s much harder than it should be. We then go for famous people and stick with that for the rest of the day. I have literally no deliveries all day.

I go home and talk to Georgie for a while. She let’s me know that dinner should be ready around five thirty so I watch TV while I wait. We have meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a broccoli/coli flower/carrot mix. After diner I watch a few videos Collin shared about E3. I then look up some info on what certain companies have revealed at past years and what things are possible for this year. With my prep ready I wait for Sean and Collin to be ready to record.

We start recording the podcast around ten with far less prep than has gone into recent episodes. I’m my opinion it’s a much more fun episode to do. After an hour we go from E3 and other news to simply sucking Sony’s nob. We discuss how they got everything right with the ps2 and how the initial poor sales on the ps3 (due to high prices) has given them humility.

Once we realize that we’re only rambling at the point we abruptly end the recording. With the nest episode of Cool Domain finished I hit the bed at about eleven thirty and am asleep by twelve thirty. Lasers!

May 26, 2015

Alarm goes off at seven, this time because I actually have to be at work by nine. I lie in bed for about forty-five minutes before I pull myself up to get ready for work and watch some TV. The only thing that is on the DVR today is a new American Dad. It’s an especially weak episode, especially following the return of Jeff.

I leave the house at eight thirty and get my Monsters and Surge. I’ll need then this morning more than any other seeing as I haven’t done the truck in over a week. I arrive at the hut at a quarter to nine to wait on Kimmie. While I wait I finish “Tough Shit” and go back to podcasts, starting with Fatman on Batman.

Kimmie shows up at nine thirty. On time for her, but thirty minutes late for me. It’s fine though, I’m used to managers being late on truck days. I hurry in to get clocked in and start the truck. They’ve forced stuff on us for new pizzas, so instead of just needing to reorganize everything from being away I also get to try and find a way to make room for all of it too.

I have to fight with Beyondpod to get the newest episode of Tell em Steve Dave to download. Once it does I make a Playlist with it, new Hollywood Babble-on and an old episode of Smodcast. With my Playlist ready I start getting everything situated with the truck. Luckily we don’t have any string cheese or pepperoni in the freezer, so putting eight cases of something (not sure how much I’m supposed to say about the new pizzas yet, just know Japan did it first and Michelangelo would love it) where they normally go isn’t an issue.

After getting most of the truck put away I start on some pastas and suddenly back to back orders start coming in. I’m barley off the phone long enough to finish the Alfredo pasta. The last order in the rush is an almost eighty dollar order. As in leaving with the first delivery another comes in. As soon as I get back from the first is time to leave with the second and the same for the third. After my delivery rush I manged to finish the last of the truck and the meaty pasta before heading back out.

When I get back I knock out some of the basic everyday stuff like trash and dishes before making up some pizza sauce so I can fit the two new cases (that we didn’t need) on the shelf. By this point it’s already three o’clock and it becomes a waiting game to see if Ashley shows up on time (it’s her first four o’clock shift). She calls around three thirty to see if she comes in at four thirty or five. Seems there is a good chance she could be late.

Two more delivery orders come in around quarter till, but they are pretty close together so I take both together. Charles is pulling up as I load the hot bags in the car. I let him know that he’s at at least thirty minutes early. He’s usually the four o’clock driver on Mondays and Tuesdays. The deliveries take longer than the should have since one had been a declined card and I had to have them call the store and rerun it.

Once back at the store I quickly get myself off the road and clocked out. Charles and I talk about Retrocon plans for a bit and I head to the house. I find Clay’s truck in the yard and when I get in he tells me to test drive the civic. She’s running fine again. Turns out it was the ignition control switch, something I wouldn’t have ever thought about. Now all that’s left is to get the exhaust welded back on and have her inspected.

Robin then has Chris and I go to the store for stuff for meatloaf and mashed potatoes tomorrow. While at Food Lion I see someone I had accidentally been rude to Saturday night at AZ and I apologize. She says she completely understands as she had had a few drinks herself. Chris and I quickly gather everything from our list and get back home.

I start Clerks 2 I had recorded over the weekend and order Alfredo from work under the name Dante Hicks with instructions for the driver to write a Clerks quote on the box. They send Ashley, who I doubt has ever seen a Kevin Smith flick, but Charles had seen the instructions. He quoted Jay’s “I love women” scene in its entirety and I have a good laugh.

I text Sean to see if he wants to do the Clerks 2 outfits for our Jay and Silent Bob costumes at next year’s Animazement. Really it doesn’t matter which movie we do for him as Silent Bob wears essentially the same thing in ecru move but Mallrats (which may be the Jay outfit I go with if I can find the shirt). I then ask Charles if he’d want to accompany us as Dante or Randall and he chooses Dante if he ends up going. After diner and the movie are over I head to bed and adult swim.

May 25, 2015: Back to the real world

My alarm goes off at seven even though I don’t have to be at work till quarter till eleven. I pull myself out of bed and head downstairs to watch some DVR. Unsupervised, Hanger 1: The UFO Files and Cutthroat Kitchen recorded last night so I have plenty to watch.

Unsupervised is yet another episode I’ve seen. At this point I think I’ve seen them all. Cutthroat Kitchen is a fun episode but nothing special. Then there is Hanger 1. I’m loving this show, which is weird seeing as it’s a history channel show. It’s all about different UFO and UFO related files that MUFON has collected and researched over the years. Last night was all about sightings and events throughout Texas.

With my recorded shows done I grab the key to the truck from Chris and make sure he’s okay with me going to my parents house after work. I then head up to Hess for my Monsters and Surge. I have to get back to the day to day after all. I hit a few portals in Ingress before hitting the hut.

When I pull in I see Kimmie’s car but when I get inside she’s gone. Turns out she went to the bank. Turns out she forgot it was Memorial day. I give her a run down of my weekend before getting started for the day. Once I get my first delivery I’m in and it for the next hour and a half. While driving I finish an old episode of Tell Em Steve Dave before going back to Tough Shit. Throughout the day I listen to chapters nine through fifteen. I hear since stories I’ve heard before, but also get life lessons Smith has learned from these stories at the same time.

After work I head to my parents for my Nana’s birthday. My dad has grilled dinner and everyone is here. It’s very nice. They give Caroline a corn cob and she is very vocal about it.

After we eat everyone spends some time just hanging out and relaxing. Around six thirty I head back to the house to find that Robin and Georgie are back from Ohio. They had a nice time but are tired from the long car ride back.

I call it a day and lie down to watch some King of the Hill and continue watching adult swim until I fall asleep around eleven.

May 24 , 2015: Final day of Animazament

Sean wakes me up sometime around seven thirty. It’s the first time anyone had woke me up in as long as I can remember. He let’s me know that Collin is on his way over and that he’s starting to pack up. I get up and clean up after I wake up enough to function somewhat. I get my bags packed and ready to go while Sean finishes up with Travis’ stuff.

Collin shows up and questions a bag of chips Sean had bought Friday. Sean gives the chips to Collin and we have one less thing to deal with. We take the rest of the bags down to the car before getting breakfast. It’s no where near as good as it had been on the first morning, but it’s food. When we’re done eating we go back to the room for a final sweep and Collin tells us some ideas he has for the next episode of Cool Domain before heading out for the last day of the convention far earlier than we’ve ever gone before. I ride with Collin to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep and die.

We arrive at the convention center around eight thirty. Most years we don’t even leave the hotel until ten, so seeing everything so dead is pretty weird. We run into Bucky as the Collector on his way to cosplay chess (why do they put something so awesome on Sunday morning when everyone is dead tired?) and he let’s us know Travis is in Salty’s room. We don’t really know where that is so all we let Travis sleep as long as he can, he’ll show up sometime.

We head over to the Marriott for Starbucks but the line is to long and we just relax in the lobby for a while and watch as people start waking up and flooding back out of the hotel. While we’re talking a large group of Indians start to fill the lobby as well. It seems for a wedding. You would think people would look into what is happening in an area before planning wedding things there. I mean animazament is scheduled a year in advance at the same venue every year.

Megan texts Collin to let him know that she is parking and will be out front soon. We head back over and by this point Collin is already tired of the chips. He keeps offering them to people who don’t want them. We talk to Megan while she waits for Zatch to show up to put his stuff in her car. The three of us hear off for another pass at the dealers room since Sean has still not gotten to the right side of the room. Afterwards we go hang out at Megan’s table again. Collin starts forming an idea of something he could make and sell on etsy while also trying, in his own way, to help Megan sell her wares.

Travis shows up and asks if he reeks of vomit, but none of us can smell it. Turns out he had thrown up in Salty’s room and doesn’t remember it. I give him some of my green tea to try and help him recover from the previous night. Megan wants to make a pass around the con so we watch her table and Collin continues his sales man gimmick. He’s making it rain business cards on anyone and everyone who stops by the table for a moment.

When Megan comes back Sean, Travis and I let her know that we want to go back to the dealers room so Travis can look for a Tallgese model. We head straight to the far wall that Travis and I had only glanced at on the first day. Sean manages to find another Asuka he has previously never seen before and has to get it. On the table behind us Travis spies his desired model. The owner tells us is $58, which is actually a good price for the size, and Travis walls away with his Gundam.

Purchases made it’s time to head back out to the font of the building for street meat since Travis hadn’t gotten any last night. While eating our dogs we see more friends and get to say our goodbyes. When we finish eating we go back to the game room to see how bad the line is for Initial D is. We don’t get to play yet again. Bucky is looking for us so we head back down to the lobby only to pass him on the escalators. He meets us at the bottom and we head back outside for a while.

All being tired we head back into the lobby to find a place to sit down. Madeleine happens to have a bouncy ball that we all end up playing with for far longer than you would expect. Around three Sean, Travis and I head back to artist alley to help Megan pack and carry things to her car. Sean and Travis head out to get Travis to his car while I wait and hang out with Megan, Zatch, Bucky and Madeleine.

I get to say goodbye to friend, new and old, as I wait for Sean to get back. I collect the last puzzle piece in street passing and now have to wait for more to be released. I hop in the RX8 when Sean roles around and we are headed to Wilmington before four o’clock.

I play some talisman on my phone to pass the time. We get to Sean’s house a little after five and unpack his stuff and transfer mine into his dad’s SUV. We are back on the road to Hampstead and I’m home at around six. In standard lazy American fashion I deep my stuff at the door and crash on the couch to watch some DVR’d stuff from the weekend. The first Simpsons episode is Nascar and the second is Family Guy. Way to fuck up Fox. The newest episode of Adventure Time is quite possibly the worst ever.

I watch some other DVR’d stuff with Chris while he eats pizza. He gives me what is left and I watch Dinners, drive-ins and dives. Afterward I start reading the second compendium of the walking dead. It’s pretty obvious that as large as it is, it still isn’t going to last me long. Kirkman is such a good writer that it’s hard to stop reading.

I finish the night by setting my alarm for stud and passing out to adult swim.

May 23, 2015: Day 2 of AZ.

Got up around seven thirty to get breakfast. Travis was also awake so I asked if he wanted to join me. We tried to wake Sean up, but he wasn’t having it so Travis and I headed down.

Breakfast wasn’t as good as yesterday.  We all lounge around the room making our plans to hit a few stores before going to the convention center.

I have some GPS issues trying to get to the ABC, but we end up finding one next to a gas station. I grab a bottle of UV blue, some cool blue Gatorade and pixie sticks.

In the parking garage I make some mana potions and we head into the madness that is Animazament. Our first stop is Megan’s booth to hang out and see who’s here. I get a text from Charles letting me know he’s in line to get his badge. He makes it through fairly quickly and meets us at Megan’s table. After a while of hanging out we start our way through the dealers room again. We make it maybe two aisles before deciding to get a late lunch at the Chinese place. 

After eating we have take food to Megan and quickly make our way to a room we have never been to for Maid Cafe. We wait in line for an hour and a half to be seated with two other guys and we end up with a butler instead of a maid.  I get the Chai latte and some little bean cakes. They’re good but the show wasn’t. One redeeming point was that one of the guys we got seated with didn’t even like tea.

We meet back up with Charles to do an Unboxing video of lootcrate. The decision is made that artist alley may be the quietest place, so it’s back to Megan. We figure out how best to do the video and knock it out. Hopefully Sean can work some magic and get the audio quality to work out. If not we can always reshoot Wednesday at Charles’ apartment.

Charles heads home after the video and we head back to the car to refill our not water. We meet up with Bucky in front of the convention center and wait for one of his friends before hitting up Starbucks for a coffee for Megan. Sean takes the coffee to Megan while Travis and I chill out in the bar with some new friends.

Sean comes back and we hang out a while longer before he and I had out to see if the game room is still open. It is, but the Initial D machines have a line. With our hopes dashed we settle on getting our Saturday night street meat before seeing if Travis is ready to head out.

Travis is far more gone than we realized and wants to stay. After a whole of drunk negotiation I manage to at least get his keys so we can pack his car for him. With him under the watch of Bucky and others we head back to the hotel where I pass out watching “A Million ways to die in the west”.

May 22, 2015: First day of Animazament

Woke up around seven twenty, about ten minutes before Sean’s alarm went off letting us know it was time to get some hotel breakfast. It was your standard continental breakfast except it all actually tasted pretty good. I had eggs with melted cheddar, sausage links and half waffle.

Sean and I hung out in the room getting a plan for our trip to the con. When we left we went to Gamestop to get a 3DS charger (I forgot mine and my phone charger at home). The guy running the shop asked where we were from and what we were in town for. When I said animazament he told us he should have guessed based on my Jay & Silent Bob/ Batman & Robin shirt. I guess that’s a sign I’m going to an anime convention based on the fact that when we get to the convention center I find a Jay and Silent Bob cosplay duo leaning against the wall.

We head down to artist alley one we arrive at the convention center to look for Megan. She offers to let us try her Lemon Chello that she says is a little to angry for her. Turns out she didn’t bring any cups or anything. I crawl under the table and take a swig so no one will see a liquor bottle in the convention center. The stuff is delicious. It tastes like a slightly more sour version of a lemon head. I let Sean know he needs to try it and while he’s under the table I crack open my Surge. The combination of flavors is awesome so I poor half the can in the bottle and Table Drinks are born.

I end up drinking enough to give myself a nice warm feeling that over the next hour will become a decent buzz. While we are hanging out Bucky and his friend Allie show as the Collector and the pink chick from the collectors collection. We’re going to call her Chrissy, Sean says she looks like like a Chrissy. They look amazing.

They chill out at the table with us and we try and help Megan sell stuff. After a while we all decide to roam as a group through the convention center. We barley make it five feet at a time without people stopping us to get a picture, but this is to be expected when you’re with good cosplayers.

We go to the Chinese place for lunch. I get the generals chicken with lo mein and fried rice. After lunch it’s back to Megan to take her a Jimmy Johns sandwich and to get table drinks. Zatch is at the table now and I get him to draw a Harley Quinn for me, he does a pretty damn god job.

Our friend Travis texts Sean to let him know he’s in line. We head up and somehow he’s already made it through the insane line and is waiting for us. We run into Cory, Amanda and Chris and talk for a while before taking Travis for table drinks. I go sit in a corner to try and charge my electronics for a little while before heading through the dealers room.

I see a lot of stuff I want and a lot I can point out to Sean, but I manage to not buy anything until I find a Harley Quinn poster that is awesome. After buying it I turn to the next booth that had the same poster for two bucks cheaper. If that doesn’t sum up my life I don’t know what does.

We continue on our walk through and come across a mystery bag labeled “Boner time? Grab bag?” with a picture of a clock with the minute hand on thirty-four and the dick on twelve. I offer that we should get it to make a video of us opening it. Sean agrees and I end up carrying it around.

At five thirty they make an announcement that the dealers room is closing at six this year. Sean heads back to a few tables he has found things he wanted some Travis and I finish the walk through.

The three of us go over to the Marriott to find Bucky’s crew hanging out while Bucky, in his black outfit Daredevil costume, gets bloodied up. I offer that we would have a better video of opening the Boner bag if we do it here. It was three different hentai dvds. Everyone in the room has a good time inspecting the cases and discussing the characters from well known animes defiling each other.

Once Bucky is ready for his photo shoot Sean, Travis and I head to the car to drop off our purchases before wandering place to place looking from Travis’ friend. Once we find him and his girlfriend we had over to Jimmy Johns to get dinner before Anime Hell. Turns out that there is a showing off Ghostbusters on an inflatable imax screen in the middle of the street. If it wasn’t at such a conflicting time I would stay and watch, but Anime Hell has been bumped to Friday at nine instead of Saturday at ten as it had been in previous years.

While eating Bucky meets back up with us. After everyone is fine eating we head over to get in line for Hell only to be informed that the line is cut off and no one else is getting in, but you don’t keep us out of Hell. We head up to the top floor and while everyone in line is walking in we simply walk through the other door. Hell is full of some very fun, very weird and in one case very off putting videos.

When all is said and done we make our way back to the hotel and I fall asleep watching a Tosh stand-up special.