August 5, 2017: Grant Andrews, Twenty Something Cop

Other than being mostly lazy today, I did do a few things. For instance, I walked around the neighborhood for an hour and a half. Yeap, that’s right, I was off work, my bikes back tire was flat and yet I still did something active.

I didn’t do much what until around six. That’s when I went and had dinner and shopping with my mom and niece. Then I went to Clay’s and played Coal Baron with Clay, Kyle and Sean. Coal Baron is a worker placement game. You sure your workers to get, fill, and ship coal orders. You can think you’re doing well and with one dumb move ruin everything. You can also think you have no clue what you’re doing and pull ahead. I did both in reverse order. Afterwards I went back home and watched Family Guy for the rest of the night.

August 4, 2017: Grant Andrews, Teen Cop

Of course the one weekday I could sleep in I wake up at four. Instead of getting up and about that early I just watch adult swim until almost six. Then I get up, get coffee and get dressed. I do a lot of getting I guess.

At seven I head out for the day. First I stop at Walmart to get cash before heading downtown. I of course go to the wrong courthouse first. By eight I get to the right one and they open the doors. They start the day on time at eight thirty. By eight forty I’m on my way out with the charges dropped.

From the courthouse I walk over to the library. It’s been years since I’ve had a library card, so I go right ahead and get myself one and check some”Mercy Thompson” books while I’m at it. Then I walk back to the Durango and head up the road to the Cape Fear museum.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been and I’m shocked. They have such a huge variety of stuff and it’s all just from the history of Wilmington. I’ll definitely be going back sometime.

After the museum I go to McDonald’s to get some lunch. Then it’s back home to chill out and watch TV. Around four I head back out to buy stuff to cook, then at six I start dinner.

Sean and Clay come to the house to eat before we go to Clay’s for game night. Through the night we play three new games. I forgot the name of the first one, which is sad because I enjoyed it the most. It’s only the second game I’ve played where you customize your dice as you go. I’m looking forward to playing it again.

The second game we played was Attack on Titan: Last Stand. Annoying, annoying, annoyingly difficult game. That being said, I still enjoyed it. One person is the Titan and the rest are characters from the show with different abilities. To win you have to roll your dice to get the things you need to kill the Titan… Numerous times. Like I said, annoying but fun. Kyle showed up in time to play this one.

Apparently I lied… I don’t remember a third game now… But after that we all headed out. I came back home and went to bed. It was one o’clock.

August 3, 2017: Grant Andrews, Kid Cop

Today I wake up at four thirty and instead of going back to sleep I lie in bed messing with the Futurama game until getting up at five. This morning is much less of a rush. I have plenty of time to get my clothes, get dressed, get coffee, and feed Maui before heading out.

At work Randy and I hedge some bushes for most of the day. Towards the end of the day I help him with the trash compactor. Then I’m off work until Monday.

Back home I relax on the couch and watch murder porn (ID Channel) with Georgie for a bit. Around four I take a shower and shave before heading out to get my hair cut and braided. From there I go have a solo dinner at Olive Garden. Years ago I wouldn’t even dream of going by myself. Instead I would’ve just gotten fast food and been done with it.

After dinner it’s back to the house to watch more the in the living room. Around seven I headed to my bed room and watched Malcolm in the Middle until about eight thirty. That’s about the time I fell asleep watching American Dad.

August 2, 2017 : Shwarmagical

My eyes open to see the red numbers on the clock reading five eleven. That’s forty-one minutes after I intend to wake up and only nineteen before I need to leave. I quickly drag myself up and to the coffee maker before running to the Durango to get my uniform pants and shirt for the day. After getting dressed and chugging down my coffee, I hurry out to the backyard to feed Maui (my pet rabbit) before grabbing my keys and getting on the road to work at five thirty-five.

By the time I park and clock in it’s five fifty something, so I cut it pretty close. I head to the shop and hang out till six before we start loading up the tools and head to the guard shack and then on into our work area for the day. I would call it by name, but I’m not sure how much info I’m really supposed to share or if it would mean anything anyways.

A little before seven I stop what I’m doing and head over to help Reggie with a set up. Turns out they don’t need much from us and I’m back to swinging a weed eater by seven thirty.

By first break I’m caught back up to where I was by the same time last week, even with stopping for half an hour and hitting a spot we tend to forget. By lunch we only have the back road of the area left before the next area. By the end of the day the area is finished.

Towards the end of the day Morgan texts me and let’s me know Taylor got in an accident. She and my mom were on their way to Fayetteville to her. As of the writing of this she had to get stitches and her elbow may be broken. For getting in an accident on a bike that doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it could’ve been.

I’m home by three and just relax and listen to some podcasts until Sean comes over to get me. I finish the newest “The Adventure Zone” and start the newest “Nerd Poker”. With the story coming to it’s end, Griffin is going all out on the feels and giving me chills.

At five Sean comes over and we head to Taco Bell to meet his mom. I get the double chalupa and potato-rito. Both are good, the latter tastes just like the griller only un-grilled. After that it’s over to his mom’s for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before heading home.

As soon as I get to the house I try and go to bed. Well,I do go to bed, but it’s at least an hour before I manage to fall asleep.

(Picture by Paticmak on Tumblr)

Voring the Heart

I’m sorry I keep letting this go. Instead of playing catch up again I’m just going to write a journal for today and post it in the morning. I’ll also write my little review of Spider-Man Homecoming today or tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write little stories or something in the future? Who knows, all I know for sure is I got bored just writing the same old same old every day and posting it. To alleviate myself of that boredom I’ll be trying new things in-between journal entries to amuse myself.

(Picture by Ylimes on DeviantArt)

July 3-9, 2017: Maybe We Like Mass Hysteria

On Monday and Tuesday I don’t do a whole lot of anything. Mostly I just catch up with a few of my comics. By a few I mean about fifteen or so. On Wednesday, it’s back to work for three ten hour days. After work Wednesday Sean and I go to taco bell with his mom before going to her house to watch tv. 

Thursday is another long work day that I just sort of crash once I get home. By Friday we’re all but done with the weeks work. We finish with a few hours to spare even. After work I go home with intentions to go to game night, but I’m far more tired than I realized and just go to bed after dinner. 

Saturday starts off by going to pick n pull with Clay. My intention was to get the headlight and grille for the ranger. Clay talks me into getting everything we can, so we leave with the bumper, hood, headlight and the piece that’s behind the headlights and grille. After we get back I head to lunch and a movie with my mom with intentions to switch out the parts with Clay afterwards, but he and Johnny do it while we’re gone. 

Sunday I try a few times to get the right bulbs I need for the truck, but somehow I end up with every bulb but the one I need. I also head downtown to Memory Lane to hang out and get my books. I realize I owe little enough on my layaway of a Harley Quinn statue, so I go ahead and take her home with me. Then back at the house I cook sausage and potatoes for dinner. 

Lilith Dark

So I just found this today. It’s a new miniseries being released by a new company (Alterna comics) that is putting books out in an old school format. Opening this book to find newspaper printed pages took me back to some of the first comics I ever read. Not only is it nostalgic, but it also puts the books at a lower price point. Story wise it was even better than the cover made me hope.

Essentially, without spoiling anything, it’s about a little girl who is a hero and fights beasties. Truly a very fun read and worth seeking out. 

Not every shop is carrying Alterna yet, so set out on a quest of your own for one of their titles! 

Mangled Mess and a Police Report

I sit here on July third watching an episode of season four of American Horror Story and the notion to get this going again hits me, so let’s begin. My life has changed since the last entry. I’ve got a new job that I’ve been at for over ninety days now. I’m part of the lawn crew at GE in town. I run a weedeater mostly, but any other task that needs doing is something I usually get put on. The job is this biggest thing really. Other than that I’ve still been playing Pathfinder, D&D, and boardgames. I’ve gotten Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia Echoes and beat it. Really great game. Also I’ve gotten back into riding my bike and lost fifteen pounds. That really sums it all up. Hopefully I keep this going. 

February 12, 2017: Annual Crime Day

I sleep in till ten today. After I finally wake up I get an invite to lunch with my mom via text and my day is set. She picks me up around noon and we go get Taylor before meeting my Nana at K&W.

After lunch we go to my Nana’s and hang out for a while. While I’m there I try and get back into Pok√©mon Sun, but I may have spent to much time trying to go back and catch everything to get back to the story now. I’ll get there though. 

From Nana’s we head over to one of my mom’s friends house to get a bunny for Caroline. Before we leave she names him Maui. Next is Walmart to get the things that will be needed for a bunny until a hutch is built. Then it’s back to the house. I make sausages and potatoes for dinner then I just watch TV till going to bed and watching more tv. 

February 13, 2017: Surgically Applied Working Gills

I’m up at seven. I head into the living room to find Chris, Johnny, and Robin all up. Johnny is watching the news, so I wait till he leaves for the day so I can watch the new episode of Bob’s Burgers. At eight I head off for another Monday at work. 

I don’t have a very extensive list of things to do at work today, so of course the water heater has to start leaking to make the day interesting. By two thirty I’ve gotten everything but the dishes done and I’m left waiting for a plumber to come in so I could possibly finish up the rest of the dishes before heading out. Shortly after that I get my first and only delivery of the day. By the time I leave for the day there is still no sign of a plumber. 
From work I head to the comic shop and grab my books. I hang out with Eric and Jason until Jason heads out. I stay till close and Eric and I end up having real talk about depression. It really feels good to talk about things and know other people get exactly what you mean. 

At seven I head home and dinner is ready. I eat, watch TV, do some laundry and then head to bed around ten.