Song Played at Your Wedding

What can I say? That’s just not a thing that’s going to happen.


September 12, 2017: L is for…

Another work day of starting off by weed eating and hiding from the rain. After work was just sitting around the house relaxing.

D&D challenge – Favorite Trap/Puzzle

None. I’m just super terrible at them and I hate it. I’ve had times I felt my character might get it, but I never can.

September 11, 2017: K is for…

Another Monday. We were done with the normal work just before the rain comes in. After work I head back to the house and chill.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge – Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

I think the best for me has to be the ones that are just out in the middle of nowhere and only exist for the players to find random loot. Just something to explore for no actual reason.

September 10, 2017: J is for…

A mostly uneventful day. All I did was go to Golden Corral with my mom and Caroline for brunch. Then we got A.C. More where I got an inking set. Then I went home and walked the neighborhood.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge- Favorite Adventure You’ve Run

Seeing as I’m new to DMing I only have experience with one adventure so far. Lost Mines of Phandelver. It was a great learning experience, but now I’m exited to get started with Storm King’s Thunder and some things I’m writing.

I also had an idea I was really interested in when I was a teenager if like to revisit. It revolved around people from modern times being transported into a mishmash world of different mythology across human history. I think if I was to try it again it might actually work best in White Wolf’s style.

September 9, 2017: I is for…

Early in the morning I take the green ranger over to my Nana’s old house to get a table out of the building in the back yard. When Taylor gets to town I take it up the road to her and load it into the uhaul. After her storage unit is loaded into the truck we head to Cracker Barrell with my mom and niece to meet Nana for lunch.

Dungeons and Dragons challenge- Craziest In-Game Experience

I guess that would have to be a story best honestly. To end the first story Arc of our campaign we resurrected a dragon God. Otherwise it’s just a combination of interesting choices one of our players makes. He tends to disguise himself as a pregnant woman to try and infiltrate just about any situation.

“Obviously I do a backflip!”