February 13, 2017: Surgically Applied Working Gills

I’m up at seven. I head into the living room to find Chris, Johnny, and Robin all up. Johnny is watching the news, so I wait till he leaves for the day so I can watch the new episode of Bob’s Burgers. At eight I head off for another Monday at work. 

I don’t have a very extensive list of things to do at work today, so of course the water heater has to start leaking to make the day interesting. By two thirty I’ve gotten everything but the dishes done and I’m left waiting for a plumber to come in so I could possibly finish up the rest of the dishes before heading out. Shortly after that I get my first and only delivery of the day. By the time I leave for the day there is still no sign of a plumber. 
From work I head to the comic shop and grab my books. I hang out with Eric and Jason until Jason heads out. I stay till close and Eric and I end up having real talk about depression. It really feels good to talk about things and know other people get exactly what you mean. 

At seven I head home and dinner is ready. I eat, watch TV, do some laundry and then head to bed around ten. 


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