January 31 – February 3, 2017: Street Drugs

During the week I work, obviously. I have one day that’s kind of busy, but otherwise it’s another slow week. 

I watch the rest of the new episodes of Steven Universe, which were great. They had a few options to end the problem of gems coming to earth, but that could have just ended the series. 

The new episodes of Adventure time were really good, but I feel like I’ve missed some big stuff somewhere. How did Fern come to be? Where did Finn get the metal arm? 

For game night Sean, Clay, Chris, and i played three new games. The first was League of legends: Mechs vs. Minions, which was only new to me. It’s a really fun game and the play can end up very random. I still would want an Annie Figure though. She could ride on Tibbers! It could work! 

The next game was Escape the Room. Really an easy game, but our wheel was misaligned and made us think it was harder to begin with. Be sure to check the holes on your wheel of you get this game. Other than that it was fun even though it was really simple. Putting everything away was more of a challenge than the game. 

The last game of the night was Block Party. For this game you get two cards of four different value decks that range from five to eight points each. To play you pick a teammate each round. One will be the builder while the other is the architect who explains to the builder which blocks to use and how. For each round you also have a rules card that will change how you’re able to build. 

To get points at all you have to follow the rules cards. First team to complete the build flips a timer and the other teams have 30 seconds to finish from there. If you complete your build you get the value of the card you built plus the points for the rule card. 


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