February 5, 2017: Death Robot Loves You 

Today is broken into two things. Dungeons & Dragons and the Superbowl.

At ten thirty I head out and pick Taylor up to play. On the way back we hit Walmart for snacks. 

Today the crew manages to finish the dungeon they had been in when we last played and from there, with some coaxing from me (actually much more coaxing than I should I done as the dungeon master) they talk to some people around town and find some new side quests. Before leaving town the buy a wagon and since supplies. Along the way to the next part of the main quest they accomplish they goal of two of the side quests before we have to call it quits for the day. 

After we play Nathan heads to work and Taylor gets picked up. Sean sticks around to have lunch. After he leaves it’s just chilling out till Robin and Johnny come out to watch the game. I actually end up watching a fair amount of the game myself between reading some comics.  The very end of the game kind of caught me by surprise. Even being someone who doesn’t watch sportsball I find myself drawn into the last quarter. But with that another day ends. 


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