January 30, 2017: Wiffcraft

I start my day early with the first episode of Riverdale. It’s a new CW show that is based on the Archie comics. But from the opening on it becomes obvious that it is a much more adult Archie. In the first episode alone someone dies, you see that Archie and a teacher had a fling over the summer, Moose propositions Betty’s gay friend for sex, and you learn that Archie and Jughead had a fallout at some point. The last thing obviously isn’t as scandalous as the rest, but it’s still pretty odd. 

At nine I’m at work and it’s just another slow January day. Honestly it is only worth mentioning because of the fact that it takes up most of my day. 

After work I head home. Sean comes over and he, Greg, and myself go to Hardee’s for dinner. Back at the house we watch the new Steven Universe episodes before watching Jeopardy. After that Sean heads home and shortly thereafter I head off to bed where I watch Adult Swim till I fall asleep. 


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