January 28, 2017: Draziw

You’d think I’d sleep in later than eight for the first day of my weekend, but you’d be wrong. When I get up I watch some TV with Johnny, including some undercover boss which leaves me craving Moe’s. 

At eleven I head out to moe’s for lunch and am kind of let down. After having Burrito Shak, moe’s doesn’t quite stack up. After eating I roam around the mall for an hour or so before heading home. 

Today everyone shows up for pathfinder. It doesn’t last as long as it normally would because we manage to finish the campaign. To end it off I retire my awful druid Brand and have him go off to annoy a npc witch till Chris decides to kill him and Zabu off. From here there will be a three year gap between stories and I’ll bring in a new character. 

After pathfinder, Johnny sends me to KFC to get dinner. While eating, and until I head to bed around nine, I hang out in the living room watching TV. I go to sleep watching adult swim. 


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