Pokémon Go Journal 3: Monstrous Manual 

Day 9 – I hit a lot of Pokéstops early in the day, but I’m not getting many potions. Because of this I’m unable to take the work gym. Later in the day though I happen to notice it’s been taken for Instinct, so I throw a Flareon in there. 

After work I swing by Mayfair to see what they’ve got going. There are only two gyms and two Pokéstops from what I see. Not a good place to hit if you’re looking for a lot of stuff. 
Day 10 – I mainly just hit a couple Pokéstops today. Some on my way into work, some afterwards and some when I go to dinner. 
Day 11 – I head out for an adventure around ten, but someone has put up a road block keeping me from getting into the path I was going for. I hang out and keep an eye on the news and finally around three I’m able to head back out. I roam the campus of UNCW with Nathan and hand out some waters while hitting some Pokéstops and catching some cool pokémon. By the time I head home I’ve hatched a few eggs as well. 
Day 12 – I stay at home mostly today. Around noon I do take a walk around the neighborhood, but there aren’t many pokémon out. I’m able to hatch a handful of eggs though. 

Around four I get an invite to hit the Smith Creek Park, but when I get there they have a roadblock up. Seems like Team Rocket is up to no good again. 

At six my friend Chris and I go grab dinner from Hardee’s. On the way there and back I help him catch his first few pokémon. I also catch a Ryhorn for myself. 

Just a glimpse at what I’m working with right now. 


July 17, 2016: God Garden 

I wake up and start my day with the first Futurama movie and part of the second. After a while I decide to move on to some Power Rangers. Around noon I head out for a walk around the neighborhood. I don’t catch many pokémon, but I do hatch a few eggs. 
Back home I rest for a while until Kyle texts me letting me know he’s going to Smith Creek Park. When Chris and I get there the servers are down again. We hang out for a while, but nothing is changing so we part ways. I give the cooler back to Kyle and Maria. Then it’s back to the house. 

Around six or so Chris and I ride up to Hardee’s to get dinner. On the way in double fisting phones to catch some pokémon for Chris. On the way back a Ryhorn pops up on my screen, but not his.

Back home I eat my burger and watch Back to the Future. After the movie I watch an episode of Malcom in the Middle and a couple of Archer. Between shows I find time to read swamp thing two and three. The muck encrusted man will always hold a special place in my heart. As a kid my grandmother introduced me to comicblock things through the movies without even knowing it. I go to bed watching Futurama. 

July 16, 2016: Project Killicorn

As soon as I wake up I get going. I get dressed and head to Walmart to get a bike lock and some water. Then I  head back to the house to throw Johnny’s wagon in the back of the Green Ranger and then head back out. I meet my mom, Nana and Caroline at Jimbo’s for breakfast. 

After breakfast I meet Kyle and Maria at UNCW for some pokémon fun. Sadly it turns out the servers are down world wide. We keep trying for a bit, but nothing is happening. Kyle and Maria let me take the cooler they brought before they take off. Nathan shows up as I’m about to leave and we end up chatting for a bit before also leaving. 

From the college I go to Target and browse around a bit before heading over to Nana’s house and spending some more time with the fam. While there I read through the newest issues of All New X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot, and Dungeons & Dragons. They’re all really good. I was a bit worried about Rocket and Groot since it’s not done by Skottie Young anymore, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry at all. 

Around three or so I head back out to UNCW and meet back up with Nathan. I put the Cooler in the wagon and we set out. I have trouble with the servers off and on, but I still get some kilometers in and hand or a few waters while I’m at it. Somewhere between four thirty and five I head home. 

Robin has dinner ready when I get there so I chow down. After eating I lie down on the couch to watch Archer, but end up falling asleep. I sleep of and on most of the late afternoon. Around ten I wake up and watch Little Monsters. I still love this flick. 

July 15, 2016: The Butt Goes Forever

Wake up in the morning and watch some Netflix before heading out to work. Nothing spectacular happens at work. It’s your everyday ordinary kind of day. After work I run into Morgan while I’m going around the village for Pokémon Go. We chat for a minute before I head out. 

On my way home I stop by Walmart and get a drink. When I get home we make plans for dinner at Red Robin. However when we meet up with Sean, Greg, Bucky and his girlfriend Kate, we find out there is a pretty long wait. We all head over to Five Guys instead. Is much quicker and still really good. 

Once back at the house we have a good game night. There’s some Batman Love Letter, some Masquerade, some Telestrations, and that new game A Fake Artist Goes to New York. The last one is pretty good and Clay was right, more people make it better. 

Around midnight everyone heads out. I hit the couch. For sleep time I watch some Futurama. 

July 14, 2016: Hannibal Montana 

As I wake up I put on another episode of Futurama. I watch a few before putting my clothes in the drier and moving on to Wayward Pines and then a few episodes of Rick and Morty. At ten I leave for work. 

It’s not a particularly busy day, so Clayton and I get a lot done. I don’t end up leaving until after five. After I leave I notice the blinker on the driver side is clicking fast. I can see the front reflected on the car in front of me which sucks since I have a spare bulb for the front. 

I head up to Advance, get bulbs and a crew driver and change them out. Then I head to town and swing by Mayfair. They don’t have nearly as much in the way of Pokémon stuff as I thought. I hit the two gyms and go by gamestop to see about a Harley Quinn variant Charles told me about. Of course he got the only one they had, but the guy took my name and number and will call if he can get anymore in. 

From there I head home. I put on Netflix and eat junk food. When I get kicked off of Netflix I watch some Rick and Morty first and then some South Park. Then I sleep. 

July 13, 2016: Guardians of Fairyland 

I start the day with some Archer before heading out at nine for an early work day. When I get to Hampstead I drive around the village to hit the Pokéstops a few times and then battle the gym before heading into the store. 

Walking in the heat hits me. It’s not bad yet, but it is warmer than it is outside. It seems like the heat is out. Work is almost unbearable, but because of the heat almost everyone tips us. 

After work I head home and get a shower. Then Sean picks me up and we head to his mom’s, hitting a few Pokéstops on the way. For dinner we make potato boats. While it cooks I read the newest Flash, Detective Comics, and Nightwing Rebirth. They’re all awesome! And dinner is delicious.  After diner we watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Impractical Jokers. 

We don’t end up heading out until after eleven. As so as I get home I go to bed. 

Pokémon Go Journal 2: Amish Wolves

Day 5 – On my way to work I hit a few Pokéstops. Nothing out of the way, just stuff that’s right there. After work I roam the little village across from work and hit the Pokéstops a few times. I catch a Jigglypuff and hatch a Clefairy.

Then I head over to Kiwanis park and enjoy a lure someone at up. Before I leave the gym has been taken for Instinct so I add a Radicate to help out. Then it’s home to rest. 

Day 6 – I leave early to go get some better shoes. On my way I spot a few funds that Instinct is holding down. Again, I hit Pokéstops on my way into work. When I get there I take the gym next door and Nathan adds a pokemon to help out. It’s a back and forth battle to keep the gym through the day. 

On a delivery I catch a Cubone. Before leaving work for the day I take the gym for one last time. Then it’s home to get ready for another adventure. Nathan picks me up and we head downtown. Of course it starts to rain, but it doesn’t stop us. 

More pokémon are caught. More Pokéstops are hit. We end up not getting near any gyms on our path, but that’s okay. I fill my bag and catch many Eevees. Then we head back home. 

Day 7 – The early part of the day I hit some Pokéstops and take the gym near work and hold it down. Later I take a gym by the sushi restaurant I like, but use more potions than I should have. Through the night I hang out with a bunch of trainers at the Comic shop. 

Day 8 – I do my daily spots for the day early on. In the afternoon I ride out to Sean’s mom’s with him and we both catch a few cool pokémon. 

July 12, 2016: Deathtose Intolerant

Another day that’s normal in the morning and normal through work. Before I leave for the day I take the gym. After work I head to the comic shop and chat with Eric for a while. 

A few other people join us and around seven a lure is dropped. They’re supposed to be closed, but Eric let’s us stay thirty more minutes. At one point Keith is walking in circles around the store. Shortly after that we’re all doubt the same. I don’t think it got us anything towards our eggs, but whatever. 

From Memory Lane I head over to Blue Asia and have myself a nice sushi dinner. Then I take a nearby gym and waste far more potions than I should have. After that I head back to the parking lot outside Memory Lane and let my phone charge as I listen to Nerd Poker. 

Nathan walks up a little later and I grab the new tablet (got it this morning from Robin) that also plays Pokémon Go and join him for a few laps around the outside of the building. After a few laps I go back to my podcast listening. 

Around ten Charles joins us and we all wait at the Green Ranger for the event to begin. Around ten forty we start the line, but are let in almost instantly. The rest of the night is spent with a big group of nerds hanging out in the comic shop playing pokémon and waiting for the midnight release of Civil War II #3.

At a quarter till they let us read it. I knew someone was going to die. What I didn’t know is that it would be him, or that he would have been killed by who he was and for the reason he was. It’s pretty crazy and worth a read. From the shop I head to the house and go straight to bed. 

July 11, 2016: Silk Ice

I wake up and go about my morning and work day as I usually do. Go in, get things done, and then leave. Only now I have the addition of Pokémon Go. I do my best to keep control of the gym behind work. I hit the local Pokéstops whenever is not out of the way. Then after work I go downtown with Nathan. 

The two of us do our best to catch everything we can and hit all the stops in our path. It rains for the first little bit, so that was uncomfortable, but it goes away and things get better. By the time we leave I have a full bag of items. 

When I get home I warm up some pizza and sit down to solve Netflix. Pokémon has found a way to make simple things more enjoyable. 

July 10, 2016: Nashorn

I wake up at eight and watch Simpsons until it’s time to head out to work. My blister doesn’t seem any smaller, so today could be interesting. 

The day isn’t to bad. It’s only three hours and most of that is spent on the road. After work I spend a while coasting around the village across the highway from work. I hit the three Pokéstops and then creep around at ten miles an hour. Anything that pops up I  catch. I do this for a few laps before heading to Kiwanis. 

Someone set a lure in the park, so I sit there til it runs out. Before I leave, someone captures the gym for yellow and I add my Radicate. From there I head to Walmart and then home. The rest of my day is just chilling out to Netflix.