Pokémon Go Journal 5: Deathballers

Day 17 – Not a big day for Pokémoning. I do hatch a few eggs and hit some stops, but today was more about work and game night. 

Day 18 – While out with my mom I hit some Pokéstops, catch some of the more common monsters and hatch a couple Ghastly. 

Later she drops me off at the park to meet up with friends. While they’re in the water I take their bags to hit a few Pokéstops and catch little monsters. I find a few Charmanders among some other more common pokémon. 

After they they get out of the water we do a lap around the pond and catch some more. 

Day 19 – Clay, Chris, Sean, Travis, and I head back out to the Smith Creek Park for a day of water and pokémon fun. We kayak, we swim and we catch some pokémon. I catch enough Charmanders to evolve the strongest into a Charmelion. Great day. 
Day 20 – Back to work and therfore back little in the ways of my Pokémon adventure. Mostly I catch a ton of Pidgeys and Weedles.


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