July 24, 2016: Enigmatic Mr E

I start my day with Netflix. I watch Leroy and Stitch. It’snot as good as the original movie, but still fun. I also try and start Stranger Things, but I don’t get ten minutes in before it’s time to go. Chris, Clay and I go to taco bell for lunch joined by Sean and Traviswho had already eaten. 

From there we go back to Smith Creek Park. Clay borrowed another kayak so today all five of us go out for hours of paddling around and swimming. When we get back to shore we grab or phones and hit the Pokéstops before leaving.  I also manage to catch another Charmander. 

After getting showered I try again to start Stranger Things. Again, I get maybe five minutes in before Sean and tennis come over. We order pizza for dinner and try a game Clay head learned to play. Archipelago is an interesting game. I think I’d enjoy it more the fourth or fifth time playing when I understand what I’m doing better. That being said, I somehow won. 

After everyone heads out and to bed, I again start Stranger Things. I get through the first episode before it’s time I go to sleep myself, but I really really think I’m digging it. Didn’t hurt that they start by playing D&D, even if figures didn’t come into play for many years to come. 


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