July 22, 2016: Dirkable Dog

Around seven thirty I wake up and start my day with the new Ghostbusters. Honestly, not as bad as the trailers made it look. If I’m being completely honest, I actually enjoyed it for the most part. Patty might have been my favorite character. I do miss the simplicity of the old trap compared to the one they used. It made no sense that she would throw it at random and the pedal would shoot off and land exactly where she needed it. 

Some of the other new gadgets were neat though. I liked the idea of the ghost grenade. It would also have been awesome if they could have gotten Rick Moranis to come back to screen acting for this. He would have actually been great for the big bad. The proton pistols/Lazer whips are also neat. 

Before I leave for work I also have time to watch an episode of the Simpsons and catch up on some Journaling. On my way in I have enough time to stop in at the village. The work shift isn’t to bad. Everything gets done and I have a few deliveries. 

After work I hit the village again fora few laps before going to Walmart and then home. At the house, Robin make taco stuff for dinner and Sean and Travis come over for game night. We played a good handful, but I don’t remember the names of any of the new ones. 

One was about escaping a black hole and that was fun. There was Batman Love Letter and Villa. I feel like there was more, but I’m blanking out on them right now. We played until one thirty or so. Alcohol may have also been involved on my part, would explain not remembering exactly what we played. 

After everyone leaves, Chris throws my stuff down and I hit the couch. To go to sleep I throw on some Futurama. 


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