July 21, 2016: Apocalypse Traffic 

Up at seven I start my day with Impractical Jokers. At nine I leave to get an early start to the day. On my way to Hampstead I grab some breakfast from Burger King and then head to the village. I spend an hour going around hatching eggs and hitting Pokéstops. I also sit and read Snotgirl. I didn’t expect that ending.

From eleven to five I’m at work. It starts slow and between Clayton and myself we’re able to get everything done and get a start towards the Friday tasks. Around three it picks up a little and I’m able to take a few deliveries. After work I tackle the gym behind work. It takes twenty minutes or so, I waste a lot of potions,  and then I’m only the gym leader for ten to twenty minutes. 

Taylor tells me that MovieStop now has a closing date and that toys are 60% off, so I run by and grab the Randal figure they have. Then I meet up with Calie and Clay for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

After dinner I pick Chris up and we hit Hugh Macrae Park for some Pokémon go fun. I try for a gym, but it turns out Team Mystic are worse than Team Valor. Everytime I’d take they gym they’d snipe it. It’s one thing to beat me and take it back, but if you’re a sniper then you’re scum. Plain and simple. 

Back at the house, Clay and Robin are doing yoga when we get there. I send some pokémon off while I chill and realize I couldn’t do yoga. Then when they’re done I try and watch South Park, but Chromecast keeps restarting. Then I try and watch Netflix, but to many people are on. So it’s back to Hulu and falling asleep as quickly as possible. 


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