July 20, 2016: Zenon Bloom

The day is started off with Whose Line Is It Anyways and some Simpsons. I leave extra early to go in and put the truck away. Getting the cooler and freezer organizing went without a problem, but from the time we opened until almost five I didn’t stop going. I was so busy that Nathan ended up having to do the pastas and wings. 

After work I ran by Memory Lane to pick up my books, then I head to the house. Sean picks me up and we meet his mom at Southern Girls. Great sandwiches are had before we head to her house. We make it in time to watch the last half of Jeopardy. Before we head home we also watch Family Feud and Impractical Jokers, and I read almost all the comics I got today. 

Batman 3 was really good and gives you an idea of where Gotham and Gotham girl came from. Wonder Woman Rebirth and 1 were burgh pretty good. They leave me intrigued to see where they go with the story. All New Wolverine 10 is an outstanding set up for the next few books, I just hope it isn’t a connecting story with Old Man Logan. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 5 was good. They’re really adding a lot of great stuff to the history of the Rangers. And of course I Hate Fairyland was genius as always. I’m left wondering if Duncan will be able to tell Gert anything new about our world since she’s been gone. 

Around eleven we head out. As soon as I get to the house I put the couch together and lie down. I put on Futurama and am out. 


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