July 16, 2016: Project Killicorn

As soon as I wake up I get going. I get dressed and head to Walmart to get a bike lock and some water. Then I  head back to the house to throw Johnny’s wagon in the back of the Green Ranger and then head back out. I meet my mom, Nana and Caroline at Jimbo’s for breakfast. 

After breakfast I meet Kyle and Maria at UNCW for some pokémon fun. Sadly it turns out the servers are down world wide. We keep trying for a bit, but nothing is happening. Kyle and Maria let me take the cooler they brought before they take off. Nathan shows up as I’m about to leave and we end up chatting for a bit before also leaving. 

From the college I go to Target and browse around a bit before heading over to Nana’s house and spending some more time with the fam. While there I read through the newest issues of All New X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot, and Dungeons & Dragons. They’re all really good. I was a bit worried about Rocket and Groot since it’s not done by Skottie Young anymore, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry at all. 

Around three or so I head back out to UNCW and meet back up with Nathan. I put the Cooler in the wagon and we set out. I have trouble with the servers off and on, but I still get some kilometers in and hand or a few waters while I’m at it. Somewhere between four thirty and five I head home. 

Robin has dinner ready when I get there so I chow down. After eating I lie down on the couch to watch Archer, but end up falling asleep. I sleep of and on most of the late afternoon. Around ten I wake up and watch Little Monsters. I still love this flick. 


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