June 23, 2016: Pandanomicon


As soon as I wake up I check Hulu for anything new. So first on my viewing list for the day is Wayward Pines. It’s always weird when a show becomes something completely different in the second season. I think I liked season one better, but that’s not to say this season isn’t good, just not AS good.

After Wayward Pines I watch some Adventure Time. After eight episodes, a playlist of Marceline songs, a playlist of Steven Universe Songs, and the the last two issues of the I Hate Fairyland trade I’m on my way to starting the day in earnest.

Work sucks. I have two deliveries all day. Between delivery fees and tips I only make five dollars and a dollar of that came from my friend Steven coming in to get food. By three thirty I have everything done. It’s so slow that Nathan doesn’t need to borrow the I Hate Fairyland trade.

As soon as Mia comes in I head out. I head to the house and wait for Charles to come pick me up for a adventure. When he picks me up we go to Books-A-Million, Cape Fear Games (where I look into a Pathfinder players handbook and get a couple dice), Memory Lane (where I get my books for the week), Gamestop, and MovieStop. Then it’s back to the house.

Johnny is scrolling through the “continue watching” section of Netflix. Turns out he had no idea where the random stuff came from any more than I do, I had thought it was him. For dinner we have some meatloaf, mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes. We watch Futurama while we eat and I continue while I read a few comics.

Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything 4 was pretty good though it says to be concluded instead of continued at the end. I had thought it was going to be six issues. Flash 1 wasn’t as good as Flash Rebirth, but they are using it to build the new story. Harley Quinn was more random than anything. I think they’re tying up loose ends with the last two issues, but it seems random.

Around ten I watch an episode of the Cleveland Show and Archer. Then I switch to American Dad for bed.


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