April 11, 2016: 13th Floor of TESD


I wake up at seven and watch a few episodes of American Dad until I can actually focus on the world around me. Once my brain is working I switch over to Hulu and watch the newest episodes of Simpsons  (1) and Bob’s Burgers (2) that I haven’t seen yet. Bob’s Burgers keeps getting better and Simpsons keeps going.

With nothing else new to watch (without going to get Chris’ laptop) I go back to Netflix. I finish the last season of Inbetweeners. I’ll miss this series when I get through the movies. Before leaving for work I start the British version (original) of Being Human. A werewolf, vampire, and a ghost share an apartment, how is that not perfect for me?

After stopping for drinks I arrive at work by ten fifteen. I do my best effort of doing a journal to catch up on the last week before heading in. Work is usual for a Monday, boring and slow. I gave very little that needs to be done and only two deliveries all day. By the time Trent comes in I’m ready to bail. I head straight home.

Back at the house I finish the last of the Edumacation I had been listening to and put on the Drowning Pool “Sinner” album while I finish volume one of Gotham Academy. What can I say? I’m hooked on both right now. Hopefully I make enough in tips this week to pick up volume two.

With nothing new left to I read I finish off the last journal to get up to date and switch over to Netflix. I delve back into Being Human. I only make it through the first episode before Chris wants to go to the store. The hope of food makes me go along with him.

When we get back, Calie is streaming Hulu to the TV, so I watch what she had on for a while. Around nine I take over the stream and watch four our five episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After a dinner of Fruity Pebbles, I turn to Netflix and Brickle Berry to go to bed.


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