March 7, 2016: Trans-dimensional Orange Juice


My day begins with an episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun. Once I’m fully awake I turn on the new Walking Dead. I don’t remember any of this from the comics. It’s not bad, but the comics has such a great story. I don’t see why you’d deviant from something so good.

I, of course, follow the Walking Dead with Comic Book Men. As far as things being brought in, this is one of my favorite episodes. Seriously, Great Scott!

Before heading off to work, I catch up on a few journals and watch an episode of Psych. Work is slow. I get there at ten thirty and don’t have a delivery until after noon and then another around two. By four I have everything done and am ready to bail. At four twenty another delivery comes in and then I take another after that. I finally leave around five thirty.

On the way to town I stop to get gas before meeting up with everyone at Olive garden. Chris’ birthday is next Tuesday and he’s leaving this Friday, so Calie, Clay, Greg, Johnny, Kyle, Maria, Robin, Sean and I get together for dinner. It’s a very nice time. Afterward we head home.

I play some Fire Emblem Fates Birthright while watching adult swim and then family guy on Netflix. Around eleven I finally get tired. I gather my bed up and fall asleep to more family guy.


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