February 27, 2016: The Future is Creepy


The day of the Raleigh adventure colon Pokémon’s twentieth anniversary.

I wake up at seven, get a shower, and start the fourth season of The Guild. I get a text from Charles asking if I’m almost ready to go. He said we were leaving at nine, but he’s already in town. Within fifteen minutes of the text we’re on the road.

We pull into the parking lot of Ultimate comics, realizing it’s the same parking lot as Grand Asian Market, at quarter to ten. UC doesn’t open till ten, so we wait. Life is full if waiting. Did you not know that? What’s wrong with you?

Anyways, the shop is very different than any I’ve been to before. It’s spacious and has a really nice floor plan layout, but in my opinion they aren’t using it to its full potential. As you walk in they have one room that has the counter to the right and a display case full of statues directly to the left. Straight ahead is a room where the new releases and other figures can be found. To the left and back is a hallway that has framed art on the wall and three doors. The first to the left is into the new release room, the next is to a massive storage room and then directly across from that is a room they were using for the liquidation sale. Not an awful store layout, but it felt barren and lacking.

I don’t find much of anything at the sale. I actually gave up after five boxes, but I did grab a Cryptozoicman and a Kazar. After the shop we head over to Grand Asian Market and I get a sprinkle roll for later. Next we hit a Toys ‘R’ Us that’s across the highway. We wander around looking at stuff and I get the free Pokémon cards.

Charles and I grab lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Then we go up to the mall. We hit Barnes and Noble, Disney Store, Lego Store, Best buy and Popalops. I only get candy and a charger cable, Charles gets a record and a couple things from best buy. After that we head back east.

We hit our mall, only because the one in Raleigh didn’t have a hot topic, but our HT didn’t have the exclusive Harley Quinn pop. From there Charles takes me home. I watch some 3rd Rock From the Sun until I get Chinese food. Then Clay, Johnny and I watch Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s exactly what I expected. Not bad, but not great. It does offer some laughs.

After that I try to watch Netflix, but apparently to many people are watching. Instead I stream Drawn Together on Hulu.


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