December: Suck Less


So about tht journals for the last month… or lack there of…

The day Robin went in for her surgery, she found a letter about when we had to be out of the house by. It was postmarked for on the third and said we had until the twenty-ninth. Not only was it never thirty days, but when she found itit left us with less than two weeks.

Since then we’ve beeen packing, Robin has gone back to Duke (Turns out nothing was wrong, but better safe than sorry), the alternator in Silverbolt died, the road became an all but impassable mess, and we’ve a hell of a time with moving. Most of our boxxes are in Clay’s attic and garage, we got a Uhaul (for some reason”an” doesn’t feel right there) down the road and filled it with most of the furiture and appliances. We managed to get it back up the road and get evertyhthig into a storage unit with sixless squre footage with room to spare for the washer, drier and a few other things.

Once the move is completed I intend to get back into journaling daily. Hopefully the move will be done today and I can get Silverbolt back on the road this weekend.


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