December 10, 2015: Howard Langston


I get up sometime after eight and head downstairs to watch the new South Park. When it’s over I finish Tuesdays journal and start on Wednesdays while watching Bobby Flay Barbecue Addiction. I also see on Facebook that Robin will probably be having her surgery early in the afternoon. It’s good to see that they are mashing it a priority to get it find asap,but not so dire that they’re rushing it.

Before I can get to much done on the Wednesday journal the door bell rings. The elliptical that Robin ordered has shown up, so I get that in and get ready for for. At ten fifteen I’m out the door and on my way.

Work is a standard boring day. Very few deliveries and not much more than normal to do in store. I’m out at four.

I head home to grab a poster I’d been meaning to get framed before heading into town. Around five I’m parked outside Sean’s. The two of us hit the road shortly after. Our first stop is at Memory Lane where I grab my books for the week.

Next up is Hallmark. I grab some cards and a gift for someone before we head on again. For dinner we go to Bdobo and have an awesome waitress. Someone at another table was asking if they could get a salad instead of rice and without missing a beat she told them “Chinese people don’t eat salad, we eat rice”. She also joked about Sean stopping at one plate. “Your friend, he no tap, but you tap out”. She made it the best trip to the Mongolian grill yet.

After we’re done eating we continue on with our adventure by going to Michael’s. I grab my frame and we head over to the models. Sean points out that they actually have some General Lee models, but when I inspect them I see that they’ve removed the flag. I’m going to sound ignorant here, but I think that’s seriously stupid.

After Michael’s I had nowhere else I needed to go, but we weren’t ready to stop, so we head on to Toys ‘R Us to explore as well as grab a couple little things each. We also see a Star Wars Tech Deck set, but not the individual ones. So from there we head over to Walmart in hopes that they’ll have them. They sadly don’t, but I do find the gift for my mom and Sean finds his gift for me.

By that time it’s around eight so we head back to his place and I head home from there. As soon as I get home I frame the poster only to realize that, even though it matched up against a poster Sean had, my poster wasn’t the standard size. I’ll have to get it mated, but it should still look good.

For the rest of the night I watch the Smiting before heading to my room. I fall asleep to the Cleveland Show.


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