December 9, 2015: Buddy


I get up early enough to watch the new Flash and iZombie. I also make coffee and let Robin know. Before I leave for work we chat about her aneurysm and her going to see a neurosurgeon.

Work goes mostly as it usually does with the big difference being that I got a group message from Robin about the doctor being worried the aneurysm may be leaking. He sent her for a couple CTs, one with and one without contrast, and let her know she may be going to Duke before the end of the day.

After work Sean picks me up and we go to Charles’ place to film a comicblock unboxing video. Then we stop at Lowe’s to grab salad stuff on the way to his mom’s. For dinner we have Pork chops, mac and cheese, corn, peas and salad while watching Wheel of Fortune. After diner we watch Jeopardy and some magic show until nine.

Around the time we leave I find out that Robin is being taken to Duke by land instead of helicopter, so at least it isn’t so dire as it could be. When Sean drops me off at the store I head in and talk to Clayton till about ten before heading home.

I watch videos in Greg’s room until almost midnight. I fall asleep to either King of the Hill or Cleveland Show.


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