December 6, 2015: Buzz McAllister


I’m awake by seven and can’t go back to sleep no matter how much I’d like to, so I just lie in bed for an hour before getting up and preparing for the day. My mom texts me to let me know she’ll be ready to head into town around noon. In the meantime I chill out on the living room watching SNL and other shows. Shortly after twelve I get a text that she’s about to leave and I head on down to McDonald’s myself.

She arrives not long after I  park and Caroline lights up when she sees me. We ride into town and to Taylor’s place go get her. For the first time ever I go into my little sisters home and meet her new cat that she says is an asshole, but he has me fooled seeing as he’s nothing but sweet while I hold him. From Taylor’s we head over to Mayfair for a Red Robin lunch. We get seated at what may be the worst table and the entire staff seems to all be disgruntled, but hell, my burger was damn good.

Next up we head over to the Shriner’s place (where my Nana gives me the Harley Quinn Christmas hat I asked for for my birthday) for the little Christmas thing they do. It doesn’t seem as festive as when I was a kid, but they did have a magician who was pretty entertaining for the kids and even had a few bits that had adults laughing aswell. After his show they brought in Santa. While there were other kids around Caroline was fine, but after a train ride the other kids had dispersed and when one on one with the old elf she was not having it. So we call it a loss and hope that her distaste for the old bearded jolly man will be something she grows out of.

From there we take Caroline home and spend some time at Morgan’s new place. She shows us around and we chat for a while until it’s time to take Taylor home and continue on. After dropping Taylor off we stop at Barnes and Noble. They have the Suicide Squad Empire mag, but not the Harley Quinn cover. If anyone knows where I can find it is be very grateful.

We stop at J Michaels to grab dinner got my dad before my mom drops me back off at McDonald’s. I grab a nugget ten piece for my own dinner before heading home. I watch Greg play smite with Bucky and Chris as I eat and on into the night until he switches to Fallout and I watch that till around eleven thirty. At that point I head to bed for some King of the Hill and Cleveland Show.


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