September 22, 2015: Send The Cutest Delivery Boi


I get up at eight and get ready to go and leave by eight thirty. After getting my drinks I wait around for Maricela. She’s shows up around quarter after nine or so and doesn’t have a key. After getting up with Clayton it turns out he hid it and didn’t tell me to get it.

I head back and grab the key. So after all is said and done we’re in the store by by nine thirty. The truck proves to be a bit more challenging with my body in pain. Just serves as a reminder why ultimate frisbee is bad for me, though I did have some fun. By the end of the day I had only taken three deliveries, but I got in store stuff done.

A little before four I pick Patrick up from Danny’s pawn and take him to work. Then I drive Charles up to the bank and back. With all that done I head to town. My first stop is Good Will, but they don’t have a XXL black button up shirt. From there I head over to Spirit and get the makeup I’ll need for my Carl Grimes costume. I’ll still need a black shirt, revolver, maybe Michone’s sword and a sheriff’s hat, but I’ve made a good start.

Next I head over to Mayfair. I park near gamestop and head in to check on my pre-order. The app says I still owe, but the stores computers confirm I am paid off. With that settled I check out Halloween and more, but they have next to nothing. My next stop is Barnes and Noble. I wander around a bit and find some Goosebumps. It takes everything I have not to get Werewolf of Fever Swamp.

From there I continue wandering. Next to World Market then Michaels before hitting Red Robin for dinner. I order the Cheesy Brat. Turns out it was taken off the menu over the weekend (though it’s still on the insert), but they still have the stuff to make it. Because it’s not in the system anymore they only charge me for the drink.

I walk back to the civic and drive home. I head up to my room and lie in bed watching Impractical Jokers and Adult Swim till I fall asleep.


September 16, 2015: Racoon-Based Lifeform Is Conscious


At eight I get up watch DVR’d Tosh.0 and Drunk History. Then I watch the last half of an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and the first half of an episode of South Park before heading out for work.

On my way to work I begin to think about things. I realize that I love my job and the people I work with, but I hate the corporate overhead and the wear it puts on my car. It’ll be hard to find another job that I can get anything near what I have here as far as a schedule goes, but it might be worth actually getting out there and looking for something.

I find out at noon that it’s a half day for the schools and from there it gets pretty steady. Through the next few hours I have somewhere between eight and ten deliveries back to back. Luckily it slowed down by four thirty and I’m able to get off the road and head over to Charles’ place.

Sean is out front wording on Charles’ car, but the bolt he needs to get out is striped. The thing is completely round and, with no way to cut it, they have to call it for the day. The three of us head in and do the review part of my Comicblock video and Charles comes up with an idea for a concept video.

After shooting Sean takes Charles to Food Lion and I run over and park at Lowe’s. While I wait for Sean I run down to the dollar tree and grab a couple eight ounce monsters. When Sean picks me up we head over to his mom’s and have his sister start making chicken salad. She starts boiling the water and realizes she hadn’t put the eggs in. We tell her to just put them in then.  Turns out that was a mistake.

Sean calls his mom and has her grab more eggs and then sets up the DVR to record Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. We start the fries and then wait. When Sean’s mom gets home she starts a new batch of eggs and throws some cheese on the fries. From there is smooth sailing and we’re soon having dinner and watching the wheel.

We watch Jeopardy after we eat and then Triple D when that’s over. We head out around nine thirty. We into Lowe’s for beverages and then head our spate ways. When I get home I go straight to my room and watch South Park and King of the Hill until I’m out.

September 15, 2015: Let’s Eat It


At seven thirty I get up and watch the new Whose Line before heading out for work. As per usual, I’m there at quarter till and my shift leader is there at quarter after. Other than that the morning is pretty simple. I get in, or the truck away and start my day. Throughout the day I make some pizza sauce and pasta as well as keeping up with the dishes and taking the trash out.

Junius and Mia both show up a few minutes before four and I rush down to AC’s only to find out that he didn’t have a tire for me, but says he will at ten thirty in the morning. From there I head home and get ready to pod. I go through the news articles I found and take some notes.

As soon as we get on Skype it starts cutting out on me, so there are times I may have had something to add, but don’t know what is really being said.  We’re done around eight and I grad downstairs and have a few slices of za before heading to my room. I watch Impractical Jokers and adult swim until I fall asleep.

September 14, 2015: To Louie


Most of Monday was a very chill day. Very little to watch on the DVR, not much to do at work. The day kind of ticks by. At four thirty instead of going home, I just sorry of lose track of time hanging out at the store. I head home with a pizza concoction of my own at five thirty.

I mainly watch TV until around eight when I see on Facebook that Krispy Kreme has dozens of glazed donuts for $3.99. I talk myself into going and am there around nine. I get two dozen and head home, eat a few and head to bed. I crash out watching Impractical Jokers on TruTV.

September 13, 2015: You Can Only Come Out In The Form Of Tiny Rick’s Teen Angst


I get up at ten and watch TV till about one. At that point I head up to McDonald’s to meet my mom. We head to town and meet Taylor and Jay at Applebee’s for lunch.

We eat and hang out for a while. In the parking lot my mom calls my grandad to get his shopping list. Since we’re so close to the market street Walmart we do all the shopping there before heading to his place downtown. We sirens a while with him before my mom takes me back to McDonald’s.

I’m home by about five. I watch TV mostly, but also drive the blood beast down to Angel’s and walk back home listening to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. I had intended to go out for Chinese, but on my walk I somehow talked myself out of leaving. Instead I order from MJ’s.

Chris and Greg are brought home by Clay at about eight. Robin and Johnny follow by quite a bit arriving home at about ten thirty. Not long after that I’m in my bed watching adult swim.

September 12, 2015: Know What I’m Sayin?


I get up at eleven and bum around for a while. I watch TV until about one. At that point I head out for an adventure.

My guest stop is at the cotton exchange downtown. I grab myself a fresh fruit bubble tea and get back on the road.

Every time I’ve gone to an aquarium in the last few years it’s been rainy, so that makes it appropriate for that to be my main goal of the day. I head to Fort Fisher and am surprised by the amount of people that are also there. I wander through, but due to the human traffic it’s pretty hard to really take everything in. Overall I still enjoy myself.

From the aquarium I head back to Wilmington to get dinner. I decide to give Hibachi Buffet another shot. It’s still not great, but it’s right next door to Spirit Halloween. I don’t make it two aisles down before I run into Taylor and Jay. I roam with them till they leave and then make a full round of my own. While I’m there I come up with my idea for a Halloween costume. I’m going to do my own take on Carl Grimes (Comics not tv show) as an adult.

From Spirit I head home. Once there I mostly crash on the couch watching TV. Around midnight or one I fall asleep to Comedy Central.