September 28, 2015: I Might Be Over Reacting


I get up at eight thirty and watch Fear The Walking Dead, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Rick and Morty before heading off for work. I have a pretty slow day, even have time to frogger a delivery across the highway. 

I pick Charles up on my last delivery so he doesn’t have to walk to the store in the rain. At four I head straight home. I’m only there for a bit before Johnny gets a call about how Courtney is stuck in the road in front of her house. I get the keys to the Ranger from Chris and Greg, Johnny and I head down the road.

We first try and push the car, but she’s so stuck the wheel isn’t even turning. Johnny jump starts the red Durango and hooks it up to her car to pull her out. Greg and I head up to Lowe’s from there. I get stuff to make tacos and we head home.

I cook dinner and watch Gotham while I eat. This guy would play a good Joker if only they weren’t trying to give him a full origin.  At eleven I go to bed and watch adult swim till I sleep.


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