September 24, 2015: I don’t Know You From A Can Of Paint


The day starts and goes as it normally does. I have a few deliveries and keep everything caught up. I leave at four thirty. I was going to take Charles to town with me, but he tells me that Clayton is letting him use his truck to work.

No sooner than I get to Memory Lane than I get I text asking when I’m going. I let him know I’m already in town and he tells me about how the area coach yelled at him for just coming in. I get the only two books that came out for me this week and head over to meet Clay for dinner.

We have ourselves some buffalo wild wings and chat chat for a while. After dinner I text Charles to see what’s up. He’s done with the dough and they aren’t letting him drive. I head back to the shop and pick him up. We go back into town and stop at Halloween and more first. I see a hat that I can get if I don’t win the one on eBay.

From there we hit up Target and then Walmart on the way back to Hampstead. I drop Charles off and go home. At the house I go straight to my room and fall asleep to TruTV.


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