September 23, 2015: Whoooaaa… We’re Not Dead Anymore


I get up at nine, watch a little DVR action and get ready for work. At ten fifteen I leave and head on up to the shop. After grabbing since liquid refreshments I’m ready to stay my day.

I only have two deliveries all day. I also see that Emily is covering down for Mia. I text her up and tell her that she can come in early for more hours if she wants.

For lunch I get myself a burrito. Then by three I have everything done, which is cool because Emily comes in at three thirty. I text Sean and let him know I’m off before heading over to Charles’ place. He helps me find a hat for my Carl costume before Sean shows up. We record a double unboxing video of nerdblock and the welcomeblock Charles got for signing back up.

After filming Sean and I ride over to his mom’s. Britney is home and keeps us company while we cook what I can only describe as a deconstructed chicken casserole. We make some corn and mac and cheese to go with it. It’s done a little after his mom gets home and we sit down to eat while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

After diner we watch some Mythbusters till nine thirty. From there we go to Lowe’s. I grab some Halloween cotton candy and a 32oz smirnoff. Sean drops me of at the the car and I head home.

I go up to Greg’s room and watch the last thirty of Brides maids woke I drink my malt beverage. I share the cotton candy with him and we both are instantly shocked. Turns out it was sour green apple flavor. It was delicious, but surprising.

After that I head to bed. I watch adult swim till I fall asleep.


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