August 3, 2015: A Good Day, A Busy Day


I get up at and start my day with the DVR.  I watch Rick and Morty, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, The Carbonaro Effect and Cutthroat Kitchen before leaving for work ten minutes after the point I should have left. Leaving late means I of course get there late. So instead of instantly getting myself since drinks, I start getting the store ready to go before running over.

It’s a pretty busy day. I have plenty of deliveries, but manage to keep up with the things I need to do. I take one last delivery before heading home. I get to the road and notice the address doesn’t exist. So I try caning the lady, who I’ve been warned was a little weird, and get no answer. With no way to deliver the food, I head back to the store with my dinner.

Once I get home I break out the 3DS and realize that I beat Fossil Fighter Frontier the night before, but didn’t finish the dialog. So I go through the end of the story before going back to the daily tournaments. After that I watch some more Carbonaro Effect and Impractical Jokers before heading up to Greg’s room. I watch him play Paths of Exile until the servers go down for a patch. Then Chris joins us and we watch the new Dragon Ball Super.

With that over they set about nagging meatless spaghetti and I go back to the DVR. I watch another Impractical Jokers while they cook and we all watch the new Who’s Line is it Anyways once they’re done. Then I watch a few more Impractical Jokers episodes and even give the new Alvinnnnn!!! And the chipmunks show a try. It isn’t great, but for what it is it’s okay.

After that I head up to my room and watch King of the Hill. A few hours and a couple adult swim shows later and I’m out.


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